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Unicorn Bait pdf Unicorn Bait, ebook Unicorn Bait, epub Unicorn Bait, doc Unicorn Bait, e-pub Unicorn Bait, Unicorn Bait 3147d0d17eb There Is An Alternate Cover Edition For This ASIN Here She Wants To Go Home And All She Needs Is A Unicorn When Naomi Discovers A Unicorn Horn In Her Late Grandfather S Belongings, She Doesn T Actually Believe It S Real, But Her Grandfather Had Meant For Her To Have It, So She Takes It Home While Cleaning It, She Accidentally Pricks Herself On The Horn S Point And Is Magically Transported To Another Planet That Is Filled With Strange And Dangerous Creatures The Most Dangerous Being Her Brand New Husband Lord Tavik Naomi Doesn T Know Much About Her Brand New Husband, Not Even What He Looks Like, And He Assures Her That If She Tries To Sneak A Peek At His Face, He Ll Kill Her Needless To Say, Naomi Desperately Wants To Go Home, But That Poses A Problem Because The Only Way She Knows How Is By Unicorn Horn, And The One She Had, Stayed On Earth Her Best Hope Is A Crazy Witch Named Agatha, But Agatha Is The One Who Tricked Her Into Marrying Tavik And Then RAN OFF Naomi Must Find A Way To Ditch Her Husband, Find The Witch, And Get A Unicorn To Send Her Back Home It Shouldn T Be That Hard To Find A Virgin, Right

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    Aw Seriously Aw This was such a cute book I could just cuddle it The lead male is a feared warlord who reminded me of Darth Vader that is how I pictured him in my head, full face mask, billowing cape, and all Grumpy and mean, his name is Tavik, and he decides Lady Naomi is to be his wife So he brands her with his symbol declaring her well and truly conquered Naturally, he falls for her and as you learn about him you see he s really just a big old softie inside who needs his face to be fixed Naomi is a spritely protagonist She s gusty, and fun, and takes dramatic events in her stride, got to admire that in a female She deals with her new husband in spectacular fashion and manages to deflower him and steal his loyalty away from a dreadful war god he bound himself to when he was young.What I liked most about this book is that Naomi and Tavik have to learn to love each other despite the fact they drive each other crazy, and, they don t trust each other to be honest, I wouldn t be too fond of the guy who burnt his face into my skin either I like that she didn t lose her marbles the second she found The One, and continued to want to return home to her family She sticks to her guns, and when she realizes her family will be just fine without her she wastes no time in getting back to her man.I have to say though, some parts of the story were too convenient It was effortless for Naomi to do some of the things she pulls off when it shouldn t have been And her family reaction to her leaving was ridiculous If I told my mother I was leaving and never coming back she would chain my ass to radiator and demand I explain myself.In closing, I grabbed this on a whim because of the title unique, quirky , and was happy it was better than I expected If you ve got a free day, give it a try.3 skulls.http indiebookreview.blogspot.com

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    I stumbled onto this book while browsing for a free read on Kindle The premise is simple Naomi pricks her finger on what she thinks is a fake unicorn horn Of course its not, she gets transported to a different world Things get interesting after that She s forced to get married after being bamboozled by a witch Her new husband is no prince charming Naomi of course, begins to scheme to get home.I really enjoyed this one It was well written The heroine is cute but not TSTL The hero is not very nice, and you do get an explanation for this but it s not a white wash All said this fish out water story is an easy read, and I look forward to reading something else by this author.

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    I HAD to download this one since it had a unicorn on the cover Yes, I was one of those totally lost little girls who had unicorns on her bedspread it was a canopy and every cheap unicorn figurine I could get my hands on My love of fantasy and paranormal started early and not with the best of sensibilities giggle So when I started this book I really thought it was going to be a cutesy wootsey little unicorn story BOY WAS I WRONG This is a great fantasy book cover wrapped around a very adult story line The first chapters exposes you to a story entrance that is harsh and crude, but I beg of you to keep reading even if offended The author definitely had the sense to know that if it was going to draw in an adult audience that it would have to prove from the beginning that this was not a land of gumdrops and stuffed animals.This book has everything the little girl inside me wants witches, talking animals, castles, a prince, unicorns, magic But it also has all the things the grown women in me wants from a great book tense situations, realistic humorous responses, a strong female character, sexual tension and scenes that ignite you but never seem invasive to the story, a story line that is worth following I suggest this read to anyone that always wanted to be magically swept away to a world where a prince would desire your hand and your heart and your body too.All in all a total surprise read for me Not what I expected and so happy for that I love to be pleasantly pampered by a good story.

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    This story was defiantly on the scale of different, original, creative entertaining Noami is the main character is teleported to another planet There she is taken against her will made to marry Tavik Tavik is a Lord amongst his people but is greatly feared with good reason Noami is terrified by him the demon mask he wears 24 7 She makes friends with a mouse yes a mouse, haha that can talk leads her to someone who can help, a witch named Agatha Agatha is Tavik s least favorite person on the planet Noami needs Agatha s help desperately to find her way back home She also needs to find a unicorn which can be a bit tricky There are some twists turns along the way but all in all it was a nice read I could not put in down, I had to find out what happened next, secretly not knowing which way I really wanted the story to end Noami going home to her parents brother or staying on this planet with Tavik which whom she could love even after he forced a marriage upon her.

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    This wonderful, wonderful book is a must read for all fantasy lovers It will become a classic.The work s presentation is slightly blemished by a number of the kind of errors normally made only by illiterates you re instead of your and things of that kind However there is nothing even remotely illiterate about the writing, which flows beautifully, redolent with high drama, delicate humour and everything in between There is romance without pornography, talking animals without Disney vomitiness, combat without unnecessary grue, and all in all the book is an almost unqualified delight to read I suspect Ms Hunter may work by dictating and having her work typed by a secretary which would explain the errors Hopefully this will be corrected in future editions, because work this fine deserves the very best.

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    Unicorn Bait is one of the surprisingly good gems occasionally found on and free too Fun, original fantasy and not as fluffy as you would expect it is an adult book and deals with adult content.Naomi is transported to another world by a unicorn horn, to a world where magic abounds Soon after arriving she is tricked into marrying by a witch and her new husband is not only arrogant, but a feared warlord Naomi is determined to find the witch who tricked her and her way back home, by hook or crook.

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    Naomi is accidentally transported to another world via unicorn s horn She lands in the middle of a raid and the old woman she meets convinces Naomi that the only way to save her own life is to pretend to be the lady of the castle, also named Naomi, who has disappeared Little does Naomi know that the mark of a successful raid is for the invading leader to marry the lady of the castle Now Naomi is stuck in a crazy world with a mysterious, scary husband who never allows anyone to see his face Her only hope is to place her faith in the old woman who tricked her in the first place and who also happens to be a witch The witch has promised that she ll help Naomi escape so that they can catch a unicorn to send Naomi back to her world But the longer Naomi waits, the intriguing she begins to find her new husband.What I like best about this book is Naomi She is thrown into a whole lot of crazy with no hope of immediate escape and she handles it so well She goes with the flow and takes things in stride Magic no problem Talking animals now she finally has a friend Crazy scary husband who will kill anyone who see his face well, he might turn out to be kinda sexy Naomi takes on challenges and doesn t depend on anyone to rescue her while she sits around looking beautiful while crying.The world is weird, no doubt about that, but it s all coherent and well put together All the weird stuff makes sense in relation to all the other weird stuff The story unfolds nicely and turns out to be a lot than Naomi simply falling in love with her husband but still yearning to return to her own world Of course, that s a driving plot point but that s not the only thing happening which kept me interested until the very end.

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    I feel lousy Yeah, I gave the novel five stars But at two o clock I was only 80% finished and I couldn t leave the characters in such precarious positions Usually, 20% from the end means less than a half an hour But this was a fuller novel than those I have been reading lately.There will be no spoiler alert as I don t want to give anything away My tags tell too much fantasy, kindle, magick, read, sci fi, unicorns, young adult I can say that hard core sci fi fans may be disappointed Not a lot of deeply researched science, sorry.One thing that stands out is that this isn t a story about a high school teen This is an adult, twenty something dealing with adult life Yet strange fantasy pull her into quite a different life than she was quite happy in What kind of story starts with a female who is satisfied with her life Sure it isn t as happy as she would like, but it is a life full of love and independence But how refreshing to follow this person I admire and see how she handles a far different life.Who should read this I can t think of anyone who wouldn t find something here, if you read for pleasure and not realism Enjoy

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    If I could, I d rate this 3 1 2 stars Maybe even 3 3 4.I m not going to lie, Naomi Tailor is it Taylor Tailor Tailer There was at least two different spellings of her last name in there so, anyone s guess, really got on my nerves a bit I m not sure why Sometimes a character just rubs you wrong and Naomi was that girl for me.On the other hand The rest of the cast of characters BRAVO Mr Squibbles, a talking mouse who s a hoot, deserves 5 stars a standing ovation Seriously The mouse rocked Hunter, a book just about Mr Squibbles, please I ll fangirl the hell out of it.The love story between Naomi Tavik, a seemingly brutal warlord, was sweet Yeah I said it It was sweet and I kinda wanted to pet his bald head And Agatha His witchy mother She s a keeper In fact, let s forget all about Naomi Tavik unicorns let s just follow Agatha Mr Squibbles around for a couple of weeks I d read it Every night

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    The plot was original and interesting, with a few little twists The creatures the author created for this world made me laugh Very clever I also didn t have a hard time with her bring branded like some other reviewers, or falling in love with a man you might assume to be evil Yes, it was weird that she disappeared and no one really cared, but you ve suspended your belief in unicorn horns, so why not family relationships Although it description states that they agree not to have sex, the book still manages to contain some adult content.

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