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    Hmm..I read it while killing time waiting for my flight and then on my flight Coincidentally the story starts in airport Easy read though childish way of writing But well, that s what made me give it 3 stars The story was simple and easy to relate..best friends vs lovers vs best friends as lovers well, my best friend turned my boyfriend and is now my ex bf yet my best friendso yeah man, I could easily relate The author used his colloquial lingo of school where everyone tries to play smartass to describe the bumpy ride of life of two different teenagers with different lives but similar problems It sweetly shows the great feeling of camaraderie and trust between best friends, the joys and vulnerability of first love, the feeling that one can conquer anything for the one person, the tug of war between attraction and emotion, the dawning of the realization that whatever happens you do love your best friend, final decision to choose which love is greater and who you cannot absolutely live without The book left the decision to the reader Well, for me true friendship is much important than a relationship..as true love may be rare but true friends, my dear, are rarer still, especially in today s cutthroat world I will, however, always want my love to be a really good friend first But then, every situation is different, right

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    This is a tale of two best friends who navigate their way through their teenage years figuring out if they are just best friends or than that What they have between them is than a friendship and little less than a love Will they ever figure out the thing they share or will remain just friends The plot of the story is good but the storytelling could have been better It was really a tiring read The cover of the book is attractive and the blurb is intriguing but doesn t go with the writing style of the story There is a lot of scope for improvement If you are looking for a light hearted, young adult, teenage romance, one time read, you can give this a chance but do not expect too much and I don t promise you anything.https thereviewauthor.com

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    Picking this up wasn t a bad deal at all Sumrit has shown good potential with his debut novel JUST FRIENDS a story that revolves around the friendship between a girl and a boy The age old question of whether a girl and a guy can be friends seems to be answered almost perfectly by this teenager.The story is about the two youngsters Aaryan and Tanie and their growing up years in school and hostel Very relatable instances of the regular bunking, group studying, hostel tantrums, indulging in sports, examination fevers, friendships, crushes and first love add flavor and fragrance to his writing School life is an important part of a person s life Those are the days of carelessness and alertness all the same It somewhat leads you to your path ahead in life For some, those are the most wonderful days of growing up while for some a difficult road with hardships and bruises Filled with humorous incidents and decently intellectual conversations, the book overall is a breezy and a refreshing read.What prompted me to pick up the book was its blurb synopsis on the back page He knows everything about her, right from her favourite books to her favorite bra She knows everything about him, right from his favourite soccer club to his favourite x rated websites He will complete her English homework, even at three in the night She will arrange an Armani suit for him, even if it calls for flirting with ugly guys He has her picture in his wallet She has his number on speedial They talk to each other all the time They talk about each other when they don t talk to each other They discuss everything from periods to playstation They have tasted alcohol and then thrown up together They have bunked countless tuitions together They cant live without each other YET They don t love each other They are JUST FRIENDS Also, for me, most importantly, the correct usage of the language made it an enjoyable experience I m happy Sumrit did not disappoint me There is humor, wit, emotions, and an element of connectivity.

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    A very nice book, Just Friends I don t know if it explains whether a boy and a girl can be just friends or not, but i am sure it explains the bond created between two best friends A bond which is very strong and ineffable.P.S Why does the lead female character always get hit by a truck not a car or a two wheeler , at the corner of her street

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    I am a murderer.I murdered my friendship Well, to be frank, I d say that just friends isn t exactly the kind of book that left me craving for I mean from whay I remember I had first read about this book while reading an Indian novel which wad practically awesome back in 2011 And now it s 2014 Three months ago, I began reading the book snd three months ago, I finished it It took me around 5 days 3 than the usual to finish it, and no, not because it was extremely boring and I was going through hell trying to understand who exactly was the blurb written for I mean, was it Tanie and Sumer Or was it Aaryan and Boza Whay I didn t clearly understand was why on earth did Aaryan begin telling his life story to Tanie in the first place Okay, fine yeah the flight was late, and they will be getting bored, but surely that doesn t mean you can go around telling your life s greatest story, about your life s actual first love Yeah I figured it out Boza was unmistakingly Aaryan s first love If only he would be that sensible enough to realize it to the next stranger you see Fine maybe she bought that book But so How is that supposed to be destiny s meet I nean can t it be pure coincidential And for god s sake, the girl already HAS a book, why on earth are you bothering her with your story And that stupid girl was too happy to oblige Weirdos Lastly, Tanie already had the book with her Than why exactly did Aaryan have to give her the very same book That too which was a gift By Ishita One last line, the book wasn t ravishingly awesome or something, but neither was it hugely interestingly boring It lied somewhere in the middle So if you ask me, that I d say that yeah, you can read the book, but if you have the chance, try and avoid it.Regards,Ritika Chhabra

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    2 Purchased this book after reading so many reviews but frankly I didn t like the book Yes, one had to be patience to read this one like never before My verdict Started with 2 stars in between 3 n half stars and ended with 2 stars Don t go with description It s not about friendship It s about love There are 2 different love cum friendship stories, aryan s and Tanie s 3 for aryan s story and 1 for tanie s Seriously, such a boring story In many instances writer says we laughed But seriously, I stopped there to find the joke but did not found anything I would not recommend this book Completely waste of time Don t know how it comes to The Best seller list Must be because it s name and name and interesting plot But trust me Nothing is there according to the plot Disappointed Completely

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    nothing at all. writers like her think they can write anything.

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    Good book It took some time in the starting to take off, but afterwards its difficult to leave the book midway The last poem about friendship is awesome rest of them are okok Quite interesting book which revolves around love friendship and explaining the difference between the two.

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