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    Oh My God.Sorry for the fan girl squealing you hear in the background That s just me trying to explain, in actual words, how much I love this book and why I ll try my best here goes First of all, this story reminded me of Narnia, The Never Ending Story, the movie Labyrinth the main character, Cara, brings to mind Labyrinth s Sara, and not just because the name rhymes , and for some reason, The World of David the Gnome television cartoon Did I mention the book pairs perfectly with The Last Unicorn It s an incredibly well rounded tale The pacing is fast The dialogue is witty It alternates between moments of aching tenderness, death defying action, and laugh out loudness The secondary characters are so lively and inventive, I m surprised they didn t pop out from between the pages.But I think what I loved most about Into the Land of the Unicorns was the sense of enchantment, awe, and just plain wonderment so often missing from children s literature today I only wish I d read this book years ago when it was first published, and I was a wee thing But if you ll excuse me, I can t be dilly dallying all day writing this review I have to run out and get the next book in the series I suggest you save yourself the hassle and just procure all four at once.

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    Ths is a really lovely story, creating the imaginary world of Luster peopled or should that be beinged by recognizably imaginary creatures such as Unicorns, Dragons, Dwarves and then assorted creations from the imagination of Bruce Coville These include sinister large eyed nightmares called Delvers, large gorilla men called Dimblethum and then a monkey like creature called a Squijim This latter animal is a bit annoying He strikes me as the amusing character that the modern Walt Disney films have a tendency to insert into the action or children s cartoons are festooned with They are unnecesary and serve no real purpose other than to be cutesy poo thanks MM and simply get in the way of the story telling.That having been said, the main thrust of the story is of Cara, a human girl, who is sent into the land to warn the Unicorns that they are in great danger from the return of the Beloved and her hunters These are the sworn enemies of the Unicorns as a result of historical interactions Coville introduces the character of the baddie , Beloved, and explains how she came to be so hateful and loathing of the Unicorns It is a clever and itself logical progression through fear to hate showing how received positions, unsupported by evidence, can still become accepted and entrenched Cara, possessing one of the five amulets of the Queen of the Unicorns, is given the role of returning this amulet to the Monarch which can act as a gateway into Luster and therefore is a dangerous tool for her enemies This journey accounts for the story The descriptions of the places she visits and the creatures with whom she visits are imaginative and original The incorporation of myth and legend are weaved beautifully into the story to the extent that i am not totally certain where ancient myth and Coville imagination begin and end The Dragon, perfectly named as Lady Firethroat, protects herself by the enchantment of her heart kept safe in a golden casket, Three drops of her hot blood dropped in a jewelled chalice shares her gift of the gift of tongues, of knowledge of the languages of all creatures , the unicorn s horn heals physical ills and wounds and involves the unicorn giving of him herself in the act He She can heal physical wounds but not spiritual ones These, Coville is saying, are deeper and involve than just patching or tending, they need to be uncovered, faced and understood There is a wisdom in these stories because they speak of heroism and sacrifice, alliance and friendship, fear and predjudice Once again i could see how an interested teacher or even parent could use these stories in reflection or discussion about what we are called to be ourselves He describes simply but emotively She was small and slender, as luminous as a rainbow, as fragile as a promise You could see through her, as if you were seeing tomorrow His huge paw rested against her cheek, it lay as delicately as a butterfly That piece of horn was now lodged in her heart, which was doomed to be forever wounded, forever healing, both in the same instant.Lovely first volume of an enthralling series Had i known about this when my first nephews and nieces were children I would definitely have given them this story As it is the younger ones and my great nephews may well get them in a few years.

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    I really enjoyed this book I think I enjoyed it the further into it I got because I began to realize the scope of the book Also, because it s a series, I wasn t sure how much of the book would be self contained vs continuous I adored the way the fantasy world and how Coville described the various landscapes Ditto for the creatures of the fantasy world From both known fantastical creatures like unicorns to some new at least, I ve never heard of them before , delightful creatures I felt as though each character had a distinct personality even if it took me a little bit to figure them out And I felt invested in them all, which is a good feat for the book being only 150 pages.That s really my only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 There s really nothing wrong with the book that I can find to warrant only 4 stars but for me, I m used to in depth books with great detail to the plots This was the only thing I wanted of I felt there was enough plot and character back story that the book could have been expanded and delved into further Though, perhaps that wasn t the author s intent or it wasn t the intent of this book since it s a series.However, I would think this a great book to start out for younger readers And it s a delightful treat for those of us who adore fantasy books to read between tomes

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    I m not sure I could say anything bad about this book even if I wanted to It s certainly not perfect, but saying anything negative about this book seems wrong to me I can remember being eight years old and desperately waiting through class to get to the silent reading part of the day, where I would eagerly grab Into the Land of the Unicorns and disappear from my classroom entirely I devoured it and loved it immensely I reread it multiple times that year and loved it each time I can say that without a doubt this is the book that sparked my passion for fantasy After reading this I took my mom s copy of The Hobbit into my room and barely left until I had finished it So, what can I say If it weren t for this book I don t know if I would have become such a hardcore fan of the fantasy genre I think it s cute, clever, and a great first time fantasy novel I will definitely read it again as an adult.

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    This was the book of my childhood I was absolutely obsessed with it in third grade Looking back at it, I realize that it was probably a pretty corny book, but I can t let go of my fondness for it Preteen kids who enjoy fantasy should definitely read this one.

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    At first I wasn t 100% into the audiobook style and found it a bit jarring to go from the narrator Coville to the dialogue voices I think once Cara crossed over into the Luster though, the style smoothed out and it was pleasant to listen to The story was a bit darker than I was expecting, but I think the message that family is not always your blood relatives is an important one My favorite part might have been when we learned why unicorns had to escape to another world Overall this had a charm to it and I d like to read the next in the series.

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    Two stars for grown ups, but four stars if you re 12 or younger.I got this book from the library to read with my six year old because I was a huge unicorn fan when I was a kid I would have adored this book at her age at the ripe old age of 30 something, though, it was a tough slog.Shy, misunderstood Cara has lived most of her life with her mysterious, somewhat distant grandmother, Ivy Morris When she senses that they are in danger, Ivy whisks them away to a church for safety and gives Cara a magic amulet When Cara uses it, she is transported to Luster, the land of the unicorns.Coville s writing, as well as his mythology, are mediocre at best and eye rolling at worst It was difficult for me to say names like Arabella Skydancer with a straight face, and don t get me started on the hugely annoying comic relief character, the Squijum, Coville s version of Jar Jar Binks My daughter loved him, though Cara is an okay heroine, but she spends a lot of the story in fear, wonder, or tears and sometimes all three.There are plenty of wonderful children s novels out there For the amount of time it takes to read a book of this length aloud, I wish we had chosen something different.

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    Allow me to reminisce on the topic of Skydancers for a moment On a beautiful spring day, anywhere from 10 to 15 years ago, my sister and I were playing outside on the terrace We were delighted because we had recently been given a Sky Dancer each as a present After playing with them inside, where they could only fly so high before crashing into the ceiling or a wall, we took them outside My sister and I couldn t get them to work quite right but we were having fun trying to figure it out My dad, mightily confident in his own Sky Dancer flying abilities, stepped onto the terrace, took my Sky Dancer from me and declared This is how you do it right He balanced the Sky Dancer on her pedestal, grasped the pull ring, and launched the Sky Dancer several feet in the air The Dancer hovered and on her way gracefully to the ground, landed unceremoniously into the leaf and muck filled gutter on the roof My sister and I were stunned into an angry silence, which was broken by my dad s laughter and effusive apologies To this day, any mention of Sky Dancers sends everyone in the family into peals of hysterical laughter.Playing with Sky Dancers and reading this book not at the same time are two of my stronger childhood memories I remember reading this book and wishing that there was a sequel which there would be several years later I must have read this book half a dozen times And then I forgot about it completely, until a few months ago when my sister and I changed our topic of conversation from African warlords to unicorns and I vaguely remembered an amazing book with marvelous unicorn characters After a bit of research, we found it The book is just as wonderful as I remember it, but I did have to tell myself to slow down in reading it because I was so anxious to reconnect with the story This time, I plan on reading the entire series

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    What a great book From the beginning to the end I wish I could go back in time and read this when I was younger Sigh Very much looking forward to the rest of these books

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