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Caine's Law txt Caine's Law, text ebook Caine's Law, adobe reader Caine's Law, chapter 2 Caine's Law, Caine's Law 34dcb4 SOME LAWS YOU BREAK SOME BREAK YOUD THEN THERE S CAINE S LAW From The Moment Caine First Appeared In The Pages Of Heroes Die, Two Things Were Clear First, That Matthew Stover Was One Of The Most Gifted Fantasy Writers Of His Generation And Second, That Caine Was A Hero Whose Peers Go By Such Names As Conan And Elric Like Them, Caine Was Something New A Civilized Man Who Embraced Savagery, An Actor Whose Life Was A Lie, A Force Of Destruction So Potent That Even Gods Thought Twice About Crossing Him Now Stover Brings Back His Greatest Creation For His Most Stunning Performance YetCaine Is Washed Up And Hung Out To Dry, A Crippled Husk Kept Isolated And Restrained By The Studio That Exploited Him Now They Have Dragged Him Back For One Last Deal But Caine Has Other Plans Those Plans Take Him Back To Overworld, The Alternate Reality Where Gods Are Real And Magic Is The Ultimate Weapon There, In A Violent Odyssey Through Time And Space, Caine Will Face The Demons Of His Past, Find True Love, And Just Possibly Destroy The Universe Hey, It S A Crappy Job, But Somebody S Got To Do It

About the Author: Matthew Woodring Stover

Matthew Woodring Stover is an American fantasy and science fiction author He is perhaps best known for his Star Wars novels Traitor, Shatterpoint, Revenge of the Sith and Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor He has also published several pieces of original work, such as Heroes Die, which Stover described as a piece of violent entertainment that is a meditation on violent entertainment.

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    This latest novel that just came out a few years ago is still a high quality Caine adventure, but there s a new twist.He s being ridden by a god He s still the badass that everyone fears and respects , but he prefers to go by other names and live by his own slightly milder agenda He wants to be left alone He wants to not need to kill people.Of course, he has the gratitude of a god and near unlimited power to wield in the name of chaos and pure severing, all of which he doesn t want, so in all real effects, this novel is the tale of a wandering reluctant cleric, and NOT of the master assassin that just doesn t give a fuck about who he kills as long as he saves the ones he loves.Don t get me wrong This is also a novel of growing up even after you re past age 50 It also happens to be another of a great revenge novel, a smite your ass novel, and the trickling after effects of a GENOCIDE from the previous novel.It also happens to be full of fantastic revelations like the first two, rife with not just fantasy and SF worlds, but also a ton of time travel and that peculiar black oil that makes people s heads explode on command Gotta love that shit This old man still knows how to kill gods.My only complaint, strangely enough, is that I think I might have preferred to read a clever editing of both the 3rd and 4th novels combined as one That way we can have the full force of the great fighting scenes, the rising tension and genocide, right up against the wall of Caine s becoming Sure, it would be one hell of a long novel, but that s not too different from the first two, and together, 3 and 4 make an explosively awesome tale that yet again outdoes the predecessors in scale and implication.I love fulfilled expectations This is doing it Totally cool shit.I won t lie and say it s the end all of all SF and Fantasy, because it isn t But it is a relatively quiet exploration of good and evil, forgiveness and permission, the wounds that make up a person, memory, and justice It s still smart as hell and doesn t flinch at asking the really hard questions It s not just good action and plot and characters It s philosophical in just the right tone as to not get pedantic.Okay, let s face it, Caine can t get pedantic He d probably kill your ass before he finished trying to make his point I absolutely loved seeing the dragon fly over the studios Righteous Oh yeah, and horse witch Yeah I love her loads What a character she is What romance I kept thinking of the timey wimey stuff from Doctor Who and Dr River Song.

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    Apotheosis also called divinization and deification is the glorification of a subject to divine level The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre In theology, apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature In art, the term refers to the treatment of any subject a figure, group, locale, motif, convention or melody in a particularly grand or exalted manner source wikipedia This is the final battle for actor Hari Michaelson, the second half of the story began in Caine Black Knife , and the stakes couldn t be higher Its not only Overworld that is threatened, or the people back home on our own planet It s the whole fabric of reality that is about to unravel because the Gods are no longer restrained by the Covenant of Pirichanthe a long ago treaty that forbids the Gods from intervening directly into the affairs of men And the person responsible for the whole mess is none other than Caine Now he wants to put Humpty Dumpty back together, but it may be than one man can carry on his shoulders, even one that is secretly ridden by one of the escaped Gods I m in awe He s killed people, and saved people He s fought monsters, and he s fought people who became monsters He s saved kingdoms and toppled empires Now he has set himself against the gods to save a universe I recommend reading this immediately after book 3 because there are a lot of references to past events, even from the first two books Mr Stover took a gamble here and experimented heavily with continuity and alternate realities, making the journey through this last episode a deliberately twisted path that only resolves in the last couple of pages Because one of the things Gods are good at is messing with the fabric of time See, the whole point of being a god is that there s no such things as consequences, right You don t like how something turned out, you reach into reality and stir it around until you get something you like better The solution to this paradox is for Caine to set up camp outside reality, in a virtual space that doesn t follow the established rules of physics or causality Think of it like the place a shaman visits in one of his out of body journeys If this isn t a dream or my afterlife, what is it Complicated I can t explain it Language fails The easiest way to think of it is that everything happens right now Even though it doesn t Consequences can precede causes There are causes that have effects only when they never happen Chaos also, What the hell are you talking about Powers have been loosed upon the world who would make the future frantic than a lunatic s nightmare, and make the past less than words you might write with your finger on the surface of this river Into this space Caine brings the people that are the most important to him his father, his former wife, his godlike adversary and a new mysterious woman called only by her occupation the horse witch They spend their time on a desolate plain debating philosophy and morality, metaphysics and the practicalities of assassination The best way I can describe these chapters that represent almost half of the novel the other half is a series of violent action involving one of Caine s avatars doing what he does best killing stuff and foul mouthing everybody is as a round table debate between Leto Atreides God Emperor of Dune , Gorgik Neveryona and Atticus Finch To Kill a Mockinbird Here s the thing this place is a real place, but it s also a metaphor, just like the sword is a metaphor but still a real sword Just like I am You need to understand that so are you We re each here to represent something Atticus Finch is actually in the story, not one of my quirky similes Caine blames him for why he has become a sobriquet for murder with prejudice, blaming his father for being a hopeless idealist unfit to face the realities of a dystopian society Atticus f ing Finch made him believe there are things important than winning he made my father believe that how you lose can change people, and that changing people changes the world Caine doesn t believe in the better side of our human nature He s seen us at our worst, both on Home and on Overworld For Caine, order is delusion a film of rationality we create to veil the random brutality of existence His narrative arc leads from one state of chaos to another And he s tired of the whole shebang, wondering if it isn t better to let the whole universe expire in a sea of flames The only people he cared about his father, his ex wife, his daughter, his former friend turned arch enemy have been brought down by the existing world order, often with a helping push from Caine himself Only the newcomer, the horse witch, seems to still believe there is another side to Caine s personality I know you, she repeats You re the walking knife The shapeshifter s echo The shadow cast by darkness and scars Caine and the Blind God that rides his soul are thus pitched in battle against chaos, against a corrupt order of Knights that enslaves his adopted tribe of oggrilloi and against the 1% of fat cats back on Earth that would exploit the resources of Overworld and export the politics of Home to this fantasy alternate universe To make a long and confusing story short Caine must travel back and forth through time and through potential turning points until he is in a position to reunite two superpowerful artifacts that are also metaphors for existence The Hand of Justice must meet the Blade of War Meaning that somehow Caine must make the ones in Power obey the rules of Ethics This, or kill the bastards and be done with it So if I understand the question, the choice is either to leave the world the universe, reality, whatever as it is, in all its darkness and despair, or to make, ah, mmm one thing happen the way I wish it had happened also, An Aspect is what we call a body created or taken by an Ideational Power a god like Khryl to express his will Autotheurgic is just a fancy way to say that you are the answer to your own prayer Caine and his several Avatars in this last novel achieve godlike status through this prayer thing to Ideational Powers Khryl is the god of Justice, the horse witch is something to do with healing and forgiveness You were what you were Now you can be what you are You did what you did Now you can do what you do , Pallas Ryll is about nature and rebirth, the Blind God is Chaos, Mael K oth is Order But the most important Aspect metaphor might be Caine s own father Duncan the wife beater, alcoholic loser that once subscribed to the Atticus Finch school of thought If anybody had given my father a choice, he would have lived and died a gentle man He believed he believes that the use of force degrades, and eventually destroys, civil society He believes that hands are for helping people up, not for knocking them down.You re probably aware that I do not share his opinion The novel heck, the whole series turns into a debate about our thirst for violent entertainment and our admiration for ruthless, venal people that equate success with power Caine, the avatar of destruction, is a mirror held out to our own psyche Just before I killed him, Purthin Khlaylock told me fear of God is the beginning of wisdom I think he was wrong I think the you fear God, the scarier God gets Fear His Anger, and He starts tossing thunderbolts and earthquakes and whatever Fear His punishment, and He gives you eternal damnation People need to know they don t have to be afraid It s God who needs to be afraid Replace God in this statement with the oppressive religion or autocratic government of your choice, and you can expand the discussion to current affairs, something most well written speculative fiction does To have better gods, be better people Right now, Caine is the god we deserve What about Caine s Law from the title At first you imagine is something like an eye for an eye , but don t get too comfortable in your assumptions Without giving away too much from this plotless, philosophical final novel, there s to Caine than his talent for killing You could say that he s doing it for Love in the abstract sense for the right to love, and the chance to be loved Not for himself For everyone He would deny this, angrily, because he thinks the abstract is where good things turn bad, and he may be right That is a matter too deep for me I can tell you that there is nothing abstract in his love his love is specific, and concrete Love is his law His only law

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    I ve rated this book lower than the other books in the series The reason is not that in it s way it s not as good, but that simply as a novel it s not as good or as satisfying.This book is set in a shifting universe of temporal anomalies and philosophical epiphany It s in many ways far philosophical debate than it is a novel There is a story line buried within the points that are being made built upon what we ve seen go before and the events swirling around Caine Hari John here I found the story still interesting and I also found the debates interesting though didn t always agree with the conclusions being drawn I think if you found the other books interesting mainly for the conflict and action this one may leave you cold On the other hand if the main character s journey from who he s been to who he s being is the draw, then it will be to your taste.As for the book itselfsubjectively, I didn t find it quite as satisfying The Horse Witch mostly just annoyed me and I didn t find her much of a character The character of Caine Hari John et al still sounds and acts about the same but the shift in book style here makes some of that almost anticlimactic His vocabulary dialogue is still salted every second or third word with a profanity, obscenity or crudity but here it sort fell flat It didn t carry the gut wrench kick that it did earlier.In the end I thought the book in many ways went in a circle Of course dealing with as said temporal anomalies that may not be a big surprise It may in fact be the a point So3 stars but I m still willing to read others by the author The earlier installments of this series are very well done and recommended a bit than this one Of course if you re like me, you ll need to finish and tie said series up.

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    I didn t understand half of what happened in this book and I m not sure the half I did understand made any sense, but fuck me like a goat if I didn t enjoy it anyway.

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    Matthew Stover has, in this book, repudiated everything that made the first three so kickass Before this book Caine was powerful than some, less powerful than others, and absolutely ruled when he was in his element But he spends this whole book staging a cosmic coup and putting together a kind of Ultimate Power Committee in order to overthrow essentially every power structure and god in both worlds and redeem Caine in the eyes of some chickenshit liberal cocktail party crowd Stover s trying to impress.This book employs Stupid Time Travel If you do decide to read it, don t bother wasting effort trying to figure out who is who when or in what incarnation or from what universe, or which God is powerful than what God There s no logic or causality to it Things happened the way they needed to happen in order to get the ending Stover was looking for, and they happen in no other way Nothing happens naturally.This book reminds me of the Harry Potter series, where Rowling would introduce a completely new and unheard of aspect of magic in every book in order to get the plots to happen the way she wanted them to Stover turned the reality of this series on its head in order to make a happy ending I don t buy it.

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    This is another book that just came too late for me I remember loving the first Caine duology and also the first half of the duology ending here, but when I opened this one I realized that I kind of forgot most of what was about except in a vague sense I did a quick refresh and i realized that I simply cannot suspend disbelief any for the ultimate simplistic super hero taking revenge on an unjust society storyline which this series amounts too in the end yes, the hero is complicated, with dark impulses but when all is said and done there is very little depth and nuance anger, violence in droves but I couldn t find the magic of a few years ago and I simply did not care about the hero, the secondary characters or the the settingA four star for the first books, but this one on its own would have been a two star book as I felt I wasted my time with it

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    Four and a half stars, really I ve been a fan of Matthew Stover for a very long time, and have read all his books set in his own worlds and most of the ones from SW or other book franchises I loved Heroes Die and Blade of Tyshalle, was slightly less enthralled with Caine Black Knife because that book felt like it was going for shock value and grotesqueness over plot at times But I m reviewing Caine s Law now You definitely want to be familiar with the other books in the Caine series before reading this one you ll need to know about the secondary characters and about past plot points This book avoided the pitfalls of falling too much into violence and bloodsplatter like the previous book did in fact fight scenes are surprisingly absent for a Caine book Not that they re entirely gone, though no worries.The back page says that Matthew Stover thinks that pretty much all there is to know about him can be found in his books maybe not an exact quote To me, this means that the author has changed his philosophy about writing He s always been an excellent writer he can move a plot, write an action scene, make a vivid and fascinating setting, and portray psychologically complex characters Either his personal or his writing philosophy has changed this book is much about the power of love and friendship, where previous books were about survival of self and family at all costs This book is about metaphysics and metaphor, not nearly as Nietzschian and grim I thought about what this book was saying during and after the reading of it The author wants to entertain, but I also think that he wants to leave you with something after you re done munching the popcorn I know there were layers that I didn t get and references that I didn t catch, but I still think the premise was much about self acceptance and less about whistling in the dark.The minus half star is because I m not sure how all the vignettes in the the hung together Don t know what was real and what wasn t, and I m not sure I m supposed to know It felt a bit like this book was written in many different parts and then pieced together, and I m not sure all the scenes really happened or were necessary to the plot although the plot of this book is almost impossible to explain And plot isn t the point, the interior journey of the hero is the point I also think I lost some nuances because it s been too long since I ve read the previous books in the series it would be good to reread them before getting into this book, hardly an onerous chore with Stover books I wish I knew if Stover was going to write books His website seems to be down any other fans know the score It would be a real shame not to get anything from this author.

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    As what will probably be the final book in the series, what could easily have been a bittersweet book by any standards ends up being a surprisingly heartwarming affair Of course, seeing as this is a book about Caine by Matthew Stover, one must remember that everything is relative One of the most heartwarming and tender moments of the entire series is framed with the story of a person who suffered even than Hari Caine.Caine s Law continues the non linear approach from Caine Black Knife, but cranks it up to 11 with at least five different threads and a few one or two chapter fibres that don t necessarily converge There is a reason that the most used phrase in the book is It s complicated.Does Caine s Law provide true closure to the story we have read over the years No, there are lot s of unresolved issues at the end of the book And that s okay Because this isn t a series about Home or Earth Hell This isn t even a series about the adventures of Caine.This is a series about Hari Caine Fist Shade himself, and Caine s Law definitely resolves that Hari Caine Fist Shade, and the reader, finally understand him, as much as anyone could.And bonus points for managing to introduce a character who is even better at the Role of Caine as of Heroes Die than Caine himself was.

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    Two stars only due to how much I loved the previous books I felt like I was on a 5 day LSD crank binge of time travel dimensional hallucinatory reading Literally I had no idea what the f % was even going on After finishing it I felt like an average weekend morning from my twenties Little to no understanding of what happened the night before and completely unsure of whether I had a good time or not.

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    Po kolejnej ods onie serii mog powiedzie tylko jedno Uwielbiam Caine a Ta posta jest wr cz genialna najwi kszy twardziel w historii literatury jakiego spotka em, chocia ju zdeczko podstarza y i jak wiedz Ci, kt rzy czytali poprzednie cz ci , do mocno sfatygowany, ale jak wida to mu wcale nie przeszkadza Caine a ci ko jest zaklasyfikowa to nie jest posta ani dobra ani z a Cho robi takie rzeczy w yciu, e mog oby to wype ni biografi niejednego czarnego charakteru Jest w nim te sporo pozytyw w, szczeg lnie dba o tych, kt rych kocha, a ka demu kto b dzie pr bowa zrobi im krzywd jest w stanie zgotowa prawdziwe piek o Niew tpliwie, g wny bohater jest najmocniejsz stron tej serii.A o czym jest sama ksi ka Okre li bym j jako kolejn ods on konfliktu pomi dzy dwoma wiatami Ziemi z bardzo odleg ej przysz o ci i Nad wiatem, krain typowo fantasy magia, inne rasy, bogowie, itp Relacje pomi dzy tymi wiatami, dawno ju odbieg y od tych przedstawionych w pierwszej cz ci, gdzie wydawa o si , e Nad wiat jest tylko miejscem, kt re dostarcza Ziemianom rozrywki, nie wiadomym istnienia innej rzeczywisto ci Konflikt szaleje na ca ego, a teraz do zabawy w czaj si jeszcze bogowieno i oczywi cie Caine.Zmieni si te spos b opowiadania historii Autor pomiesza troch w chronologii, dorzuci mn stwo w tk w oraz pewien do popularny w sci fi motyw, kt rego jednak nie zdradz ahh te spoilery To co pozosta o, to wartka akcja,ciekawe postacie i wietne dialogi uwaga du o aciny , jak kto nie lubi. , a wysz a z tego ca o , od kt rej ci ko si oderwa.

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