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[Reading] ➸ Tim Crouch  By Tim Crouch – Torrentindir.co chapter 1 Tim Crouch , meaning Tim Crouch , genre Tim Crouch , book cover Tim Crouch , flies Tim Crouch , Tim Crouch 9f76a4fa3ecdb This New Collection Pulls Together, For The First Time, The Finest Work From Award Winning English Dramatist Tim Crouch Includes The Author, Joint Winner Of The John Whiting Award And Winner Of A Total Theatre Award For Innovation England An Oak Tree, Winner Of A Village Voice Obie And My Arm

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    The foreword to this book does a better job of explaining why Tim Crouch is possibly the first great new playwright of the 21st Century, so I ll point you towards that I was fortunate enough to see My Arm at the Edinburgh Fringe, and An Oak Tree the following year In both cases Crouch had created pieces that experimented with the theatrical form in a original and fascinating way, but not so that the pieces became what might be stereotypically considered experimental or difficult In fact quite the opposite An Oak Tree, for example, is mesmerising in performance, using as it does a second performer who has never seen or read the play Not only is this a marvel to watch, as Crouch s hypnotist persona performs the spellbinding trick of coaxing a non actor into delivering a performance, but it ties in so brilliantly into the subject and themes of the play itself.Of course that s me talking about having seen it in performance, and for me reading the play is merely a way of re capturing what I saw, so I can t entirely speak for how it reads as a script My Arm, however, stands up very well simply as a monologue, even without the trick of using borrowed objects from the audience in the place of characters again, I will point you to the foreword to explain why this is such a brilliant staging device, all I can say is that in performance it totally works The other two plays in this volume ENGLAND and The Author I did not get to see in performance, so I have only read them in this book, and they appear to stand up pretty well nonetheless I d say that ENGLAND probably loses the most in transition to page as you can t really capture the effect of the lines alternating between the two performers, nor the sound design described in the script, but in both cases there s still a clear narrative and the questions raised by the pieces are apparent.These plays aren t really likely to be performed by other companies as they re quite specific to the persona of the author I think although I believe An Oak Tree has been performed around the world so reading these is probably your only way to experience these plays now Although I do think that Crouch is one of the best current playwrights about, he s not as well known as he should be because his work is very much geared towards fringe venues and hence doesn t reach wide audiences I would without doubt recommend these plays to anyone with an interest in theatre.