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Spark Generators II pdf Spark Generators II, ebook Spark Generators II, epub Spark Generators II, doc Spark Generators II, e-pub Spark Generators II, Spark Generators II 0c0030a0c4e What A Great Idea Cartoonists Use Their Media Comics To Identify And Pay Tribute To The Influences And Inspirations Contributors Include Dick Ayers, Paige Braddock, Jeffrey Brown, Cnynna Clugston Major, Rick Geary, Sam Henderson, Lynn Johnston, John Kovalic, Carol Lay, Mark Martin, Tony Millionaire And Others

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    This review is for volumes one and two combined.In the two volumes of Spark Generators, a wide range of cartoonists identify their influences and inspirations Participants include Will Eisner, Donna Barr, Scott Morse, Trina Robbins, Jeff Smith, Jeffrey Brown, Matt Kindt, Roger Langridge, Tony Millionaire, and many others Sounds promising so far, at least to me.Unfortunately, most contributions provide little than blatant hero worship, lacking both entertainment value and in depth reflection on the creative process This is especially problematic in the numerous cases of obscure creators such as Jeff Bonivert, Brian Clopper, Jesse Hamm, Lisa Renee Jonte, Josh Sheppard, Barb Rausch etc how many readers really want to find out who their influences were My personal favorites are those contributions that do not take themselves all that seriously and at least make an effort to engage the reader instead of just assuming that the world naturally cannot wait to read about their artistic inspirations Tony Brandl s self deprecating strip about a serious case of hero worship, Andrew Farago s informative tribute to comic book historians, John Kovalic s funny and well thought out analysis of his relationship to the Peanuts, Josh Neufeld s commentary on the blurry line between artistic influence and plagiarism, and Chynna Clugston Major s ironic accusation that Charles Addams deprived her of a regular, well adjusted, healthy life None of the bigwigs among my favorites, go figure.

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    lynn for better or worse johnston does a really nice appreciation of a canadian artist i wasn t familar wth len norris also really enjoyable reads were gary chaloner tribute to jack cole and betsy and me and the piece by paul madonna i d no idea how versitile an artist he is paige braddock s work was wonderful for the same reason, so many styles she can do so well and last all the others are worth mentioning as well is rachel hartman s pilgrimage to lloyd alexander showing what the love of writing and an author can do.

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