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Claire... The Unleashed Series pdf Claire... The Unleashed Series , ebook Claire... The Unleashed Series , epub Claire... The Unleashed Series , doc Claire... The Unleashed Series , e-pub Claire... The Unleashed Series , Claire... The Unleashed Series d61b016fcf9 Warning This Is A Vivien Sparx Story Like You Have Never Read Before It Contains Explicit Sex Scenes And Graphic Language It Is For Adult Only Readers Who Like Their Action Sweaty, Steamy And Super Hot Claire Is The Third Story In The Unleashed SeriesAlso Available In The Unleashed Series Are Alicia , Becky , Debbie And EveA Story Of Approx Words

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    Each day from Friday March 15th Tuesday March 19th this author is releasing a new series of short stories The Unleashed Collection is like nothing she has written before These stories are no holds barred sex fests, featuring one common denominator Julia, the narrator of the stories.Julia inherited a house from her father while still very young, and she allows other young women to stay for various reasons, and for as long as they require In order to stay, however, they need to pass 5 tests These are all sex based, ranging from orgies and lesbian sex to BDSM and public sex.This is the third story in the series Claire arrives at Julia s with her husband, which is unusual for visitors Her main purpose for wanting to be accepted is totally different to those who have been before.Julia arranges tests based on Claire s specific needs, but discovers quickly that Claire may not be as prim and proper as she first appears There is a minx waiting to be let out, and boy does she let it out in abundance Again Julia shows her softer side, arranging the final test with a special guest, someone who is pivotal in the reasons behind Claire being there.I am slowly falling in love with Alistair He is Julia s constant companion, always arranging clothes, accommodation, tests He literally runs the house and Julia s life for her.Another great instalment in what is proving to be a series which gets better and better.

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    The Unleashed Collection by author Vivien Sparx is deliciously naughty and positively sublime in its eroticism I mean blush inducing, toe curling, panty dropping HOT Obviously this style of writing engages the senses on a very different level to her previously published work, but even without romance taking centre stage Vivien Sparx has still managed to create a full and intriguing storyline based on multi dimensional characters that make the reader desperate to unearth all their dirty little secrets.Not for the faint of heart but if you can stand the heat you will definitely enjoy the ride.In this delectably racy Unleashed tale Claire is determined to not only slake her sexual hunger but to obtain one of life s greatest treasures along the way.At first even Julia is somewhat taken aback by the unique motive in which Claire and her husband Julian have sought her assistance Julian accompanies his wife to the mansion knowingly giving her permission to take part in 5 days of sexy challenges in exchange for a place to stay this task is one that Julia takes on with relish orchestrating an equally inimitable set of challenges The final twist crafted by Julia s very kinky imagination will alter Claire s entire existence and leave you gasping for air.

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    I had the pleasure of reading Claire and WOW My first reaction was a mix of shock and excitement It certainly was not what I was expecting This is not your average erotic novel This is in your face, no holds barred, hardcore debauchery at its best When it comes to Julia and her rules there are no ifs, ands or butsbutts, YES buts, no Even though this was a short story, the characters were so well developed that it felt like I had read a full length novel by the time I got to the end And even though this story is not centered around romance, it had a wonderful surprise ending which will speak to the romantic in all of us This series may not speak to everyone, even if you do like the occasional erotic story, but if you are looking for something unique and naughty grab a copy of each book in The Unleashed Series.

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    Julia is a woman who has started her own revolutionThe story of Claire is sexually charged to the extreme Some couples try artificial insemination, some adoptand then there are couples like Claire and Julian who seek out the assistance of Julia and her kinky challenges to conceive a child The question is can Claire go through with it Can she successfully pass Julia s challenges And at what cost Viven has taken her erotic writing to a whole new levelbeware this writing is descriptive in a way that may not appeal to everyone My tip is open your mind and enjoy the fantasy.

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    With no surprise Vivien has hit another story right out of the park Never did I doubt the talent of the wonderful talented Ms V This story is so well written and definitely without a doubt a must read The story is so steamy hot that the pages will literally melt in your hands Don t forget this is book 3 in the Unleashed Series Get book 1 Alicia book 2 Becky now ready for book 4 to be released tomorrow.

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    4stars The first test was a lot easier than the 1st book in my opinion

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    This is a fabulous read If you like your books down and dirty than check out Vivien s unleashed series It is hot and Claire and Julia bring sex alive

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    Hot Vivien Sparx has done it again with her unleashed series. The Unleashed Collection is like nothing she has written before.Different from her other books, but oh so good Hot Hot Hot

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    HOT Never thought that Vivien had this kinds of stories very well written going to read

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