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Acorna summary Acorna, series Acorna, book Acorna, pdf Acorna, Acorna 18f51bbcaf She Was Just A Little Girl, With A Tiny Horn In The Center Of Her Forehead, Funny Looking Feet, Beautiful Silver Hair, And Several Curious Powers The Ability To Purify Air And Water, Make Plants Grow, And Heal Scars And Broken Bones A Trio Of Grizzled Prospectors Found Her Drifting In An Escape Pod Amid The Asteroids, Adopted Her, And Took Her To The Bandit Planet Kezdet, A Place Where No Questions Are Asked And The Girl Might Grow Up FreeBut Kezdet Has Its Own Dark Secret The Prosperity Of The Planet Is Based On A Hideous Trade In Child Slave Labor, Administered By The Piper A Mystery Man With Special Plans For Acorna And Her Powers But Free Little Girls Have A Way Of Growing Into Freedom Loving Young Women, And Acorna Has Special Plans All Her Own

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    I read this as part of a big cleaning out of the many books I ve purchased since my teen years, but never actually read I expected it to be an earnest story about a unicorn girl named Acorna nonetheless and as such possibly humorously bad One mark in its favor is that there was a very definite wry tone to the narrative, so most silliness seems intentional But that s pretty much the only mark in its favor.Sadly, this book is justbad It s badly written and badly structured, with constant POV changes, often from one paragraph to the next, a plodding pace, and a complete lack of rising action or climax.It s as if the authors forgot that in a book things not only need to happen, but need to happen in a way that s interesting and engaging Instead, the characters all quite shallow just sort of wander about and do stuff with little to no competent resistance or drama There s never any suspense or sense of danger despite the fact that the characters are ostensibly attempting very dangerous things Every antagonist either turns out to mean them no harm and becomes a massively powerful ally or is instantly and easily dispatched by aforementioned massively powerful allies So, instead of anything remotely entertaining you re basically just reading a dull account of how some dudes easily accomplished a thing.This is the part where I would usually complain about the relationships, but there s not much to complain about There are a couple of people who appear to vaguely like each other and in the end maybe move in together or get married or something with no actual development leading into this There are a couple of other people who like each other in an even vague manner than the previous couple, one of whom suddenly confronts the other about it 3 4 of the way through the book They proceed to have a brief conversation in which no conclusions are reached and absolutely nothing is resolved, and then it s completely forgotten about for the rest of the book I suppose it would be disappointing if you had any reason to care about any of these people I don t know.At any rate, I expected this book to be bad, but it was surprising in the way that it was bad Instead of earnest, melodramatic cheese bad, it was shoddily thrown together, barely a story bad.0 5

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    Magical and dazzling, this peculiar fantasy novel about a girl who is part unicorn is one of the most interesting books I ve read so far this year Although at times I thought it was veering off the path of imaginative and becoming typical, I still really enjoyed it.

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    Synopsis When their demise is imminent, a mother and father jettison their newborn daughter from their spaceship to save her life When she is found by three guys in a mining ship, they name her Acorna, but know nothing about the alien race from which she hails Acorna develops both physically and mentally faster than expected, and shows both intelligence and healing powers When a threat is made on her life, it s up to Acorna and her three caretakers to keep her from harm.The first in a long series The Good The writing here is spot on, for one Also, the plot is engaging, and most of the characters especially Acorna herself are likable It s great to see a character whose superpower is to heal, and not to destroy or obliterate everything in sight, like many popular sci fi fantasy characters This is a wonderful start to the series I can only hope the rest of the books stack up to this one The Bad Unfortunately, the authors felt the need to add some crude and profane content into the mix D words and b words are thrown around a few times, as are sexual references, including ones to prostitution Granted, that latter subject is vilified, as it should be, but it s still there You may want to think twice about handing this to a child or young teenager Conclusion The late Anne McCaffrey was and still is a legend when it comes to science fiction Not only have her books sold into the millions and continue to be in print decades after their initial release, but some of her stories have even been made into computer games I wouldn t be surprised if there s a movie based on the Pern books scheduled to come out sometime in the next few years Some purists may find issue with her co writing a book with someone else, but, I really enjoyed this one, even though it was my third time reading it Sci fi fantasy fans in general should check this series out minus the obscene content, it s a good one Score 3.75 5

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    Okay, this is going to be of a review for the entire series of Acorna books because, well, there are alot of them and I would get carpal tunnel if I wrote an individual review of each book.Basically this is the story of 2 asteroid miners who come across a strange space pod that has a little girl that resembles a unicorn inside of it As she is only a baby and there is no one to care for her, they quickly adopt her This creates all sorts of problems as she is highly sought after as proof of alien life So the three miners head to the planet Kezdet, where they have heard that with enough money, one can live without being bothered.However Kezdet has its own problems, namely that its entire economy relies on children working as literal slaves The 3 miners, along with Acorna, work to end this terrible tragedy.In later books, the story of searching for acorna s people takes place, along with her finding a boyfriend who is physically and emotionally scarred, and finding out that her people are at war with a bug like race, the Khleevi who are responsible for not only her being an orphan but also for her boyfriends scars as well.Up until this point the story is pretty straightforward and easy to understand and really quite enjoyable Anne McCaffrey once again is able to create a world that is easily understandable, with characters you can identify with.However, eventually as the series wore on, i think she ran out of plot developments and the story just turns downright well, bizarre Acorna s boyfriend finds a way to travel back in time and he tries to change history so that he is never captured by the khleevi and tortured can t really blame the guy but still meanwhile while doing this he somehow traps acorna in a time loop so that she isn t in the past with him or in the present with everyone else but somewhere else altogether At this point the story got so incredibly technical, hard to follow and really just unbelievable that I stopped reading before finding out how they fixed it But I assume they did, becasue there is apparently another series entirely that follows thier children and it is somewhat difficult to have kids if you are stuck in some sort of time vortex

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    I found this book in my school library when I started grade 9, and I thought it sounded like the absolute most ridiculous book in the history of the world I spent the next three years making fun of it, and my friends and I even had a sort of inside joke about it I mean, come on This is a story about an orphaned girl who has a unicorn horn sticking out of her forehead Puh lease In grade 11, I finally read it, sort of as a joke, and it turned out to actually be pretty good, when it comes to science fiction If you overlook the fact that the main character has a horn in her head, it s a pretty good story line

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    Recently I watched a review for The Last Unicorn , it was based on a book, however when I went looking for the book I couldn t find it I found this book however Having read all of the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey I decided to give this series a try.This was an enjoyable book It seemed to lack somewhat in characterization and plot My memories of Dragonriders are a little fuzzy as it was several years ago I read them, but it seems they were much better written These books boil down to good vs evil The good being Acorna and her friends, the evil practically everyone else I say practically everyone because not everyone is evil, but it seems that everyone who is not a friend of Acorna, if they are not evil, they end up becoming her friends.The story starts with 3 space miners finding a floating escape pod and inside it is a little girl, human like, but not human Before they can back to their planet they take care of her, they become her uncles and as such decide to keep her and raise her as their own They discover she has some special abilities Upon returning to their planet they find things have changed, this leads to the first encounter with evil and they end up on the run and on a planet Kezdet, which uses child slave labor.What follows is Acorna trying to free the children and acting impulsively, which disrupts the carefully laid plans already in place to save the children.This could almost be considered a young adult book, but there is some violence and adult situations in it.

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    An interesting mashup of scifi fantasy The plot is really good and, overall, the book was an enjoyable read but, if I m being honest, it wasn t very well written and the execution of the story was fairly shoddy Things happened at unrealistic pacing and the character development was a little hasty Also, a few things came across as slightly sexist racist, but it was subtle and the author was born in another time, so I didn t read too much into it The story was very good, though, so no regrets reading it.

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    Surprisingly dark for what I thought would be a fun sci fi romp featuring a unicorn girl The writing was simplistic and uneven, and couldn t pull off what it attempted The plot had little direction and didn t manage to create any tension.

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    A very cool story It left me full of positive energy.

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    This is a re read of a series I first picked up in my early teens and have re read a couple of times since Acorna is the first book in that series I would describe the series as a sci fi fantasy mash up it has space travel, futuristic technology, and aliens, but it also has a unicorn girl with magical healing powers who is hailed as various goddesses incarnate and saves enslaved children from evil slavers Is it any good Well, let s just say I enjoyed bits of it than other parts.The first part of the book I ve always greatly enjoyed The comic dynamic of the trio of itinerant miners Rafik, Gill, and Calum who discover an alien unicorn girl works really well The interplay of the three off one another, the comedy of the situation, and there was a real sense of sci fi here as they travelled the stars undertaking their asteroid mining Their escape from Amalgamated Mining is always a part I ve found less thrilling It all just seems a little too silly and easy to pull off to be believable or gripping Nevertheless, the quartet goes on their way and now they re on the run The escapade with Rafik s uncle, Hafiz, is another section I ve always enjoyed It serves as an interlude from the previous action, the descriptions here are vivid and evocative, and the battle of wits is both an enjoyable read and adds some comedy into proceedings The planet hopping that follows as they struggle to keep afloat and one step ahead of their pursuers is semi enjoyable, but all the planets they visit are skimmed over too quickly, I felt, with not enough distinguishing description, events, or characters Finally, the quartet arrives on Kezdet, where Acorna gains a powerful new protector and joins the effort to end child slavery on the planet It s here where I felt the book suffers the most It seemed all too convenient for Acorna to become the ward of her powerful, wealthy, beneficent protector, and all too easy to uncover and bring down the child slavery ring Many of the characters seemed one note at this point, even previously established interesting characters such as Calum, Gill, and Rafik, as they each become focused on their individual tasks Pal Kendoro is just a stereotypical puppy love, his sisters general well meaning but lacking any really distinctive personality, and the antagonists just seem to be through and through evil without any redeeming features or deeper complexity It did begin to feel a little bit Mary Sueish, with Acorna the stunningly beautiful unicorn girl with magical healing powers rescuing the dirty children in rags, who of course immediately love her, from the soulless slavers.One confusing thing as well the book opens by stating that The space time coordinate system they used has no relationship to Earth, our sun, the Milky Way , yet throughout characters give distinct Earth backgrounds e.g Chinese, British , use modern idioms and reference historical events e.g the abdication of Edward VIII , and even refer to constellations that we know, such as Coma Berenices Not only was this somewhat confusing, given the initial information that the story is supposed to be set in a fantasy reality galaxy, but I also found it immensely distracting As a reader I want to be immersed in this fantasy universe, but every so often the book is reminding me of the real world, not the fictional world I m supposed to be losing myself in.I ve liked this series, over the years, but it s always seemed a little bit simplistic and not quite up to scratch as far as being an amazing read goes It s decent, it s reasonably enjoyable, but no I like it, but I don t love it.6 out of 10

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