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➹ Dark Moon Free ➯ Author Meredith Ann Pierce – Torrentindir.co chapter 1 Dark Moon, meaning Dark Moon, genre Dark Moon, book cover Dark Moon, flies Dark Moon, Dark Moon 72878dd86d9c2 Volume Two Of The Firebringer Trilogy Carefully Plotted, With Satisfying Action And Fully Developed, Intriguing Characters, This Is Sure To Please Fantasy Lovers Booklist He Was The Youngest Prince The Unicorns Had Ever Known Aljan Son Of Korr, Dark Moon A Silver Crescent On His Brow And A White Star On His Heel Were Tokens That One Day He Was Destined To Become The Legendary Firebringer But Jan Had No Knowledge Of Fire, Nor Of Where To Find It Swept Out To Sea While Defending The Unicorns, Jan Is Washed Up On A Distant Shore, Only To Find Himself The Revered Captive Of A Strange Race Of Two Foots Who Treat Him With Awe, Even As They Hold Him Against His Will It Is Here That He Witnesses The Magic Of Fire For The First Time And, Even Importantly, Discovers How He Himself Can Create It But Can He Escape And Bring The Knowledge Back To The Unicorns In Time To Save Them

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    Book two of the Firebringer Trilogy is a heart pounding continuation of Jan s adventures Pierce s writing continues to inspire The characters and the world feel, if anything, real as the plot thickens This does not feel like a typical book 2, a placeholder novel no, it s a fully realized book that comes to a satisfying conclusion Jan, the prince of the unicorns, explores a foreign world and through his travels, his knowledge about his own unicorn people deepens Relationships between characters are pushed to their limits Readers will love the drama, adventure, and magic of this wonderful book.I highly recommend this trilogy and I m excited to begin the third and final installment

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    My Rating 5 stars Book Series Book 2 of the Firebringer series 3 books My Thoughts I can t analyze this book because I read it so long ago I m giving it 5 stars because I loved it every time I read it Conclusion Hard core fantasy about unicorns Not for everyone, but I loved it.

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    Fantastic The action ramps up in this sequel to the Firebringer Our two main characters, the dark one horned stallion himself and his mate the fierce mare, Tek, srtuggle through many trials and tribulations that left me on the edge of my seat the whole time I m so disappointed that there is only one book in this series And why didn t she write unicorn books She s a wonderful author Onto the last book Five out of five stars to Dark Moon.

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    I read many reviews for this book that gave me a sense of dread, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be even better than the first book.It s worth noting that there are two stories going on at once in this novel, and for the most part they mirror each other, alternating chapters The story of Tek and the unicorns so interestingly mirrors the culture of the humans in subtle ways that both sides seem to build off one another, and you don t spend the next chapter wishing you could skip back to the story you re actually invested in Jan s character develops in many ways, and seeing them all in their adult roles is very interesting Even the romantic elements work well.I ve already recommended it to several friends, and purchased hard copies of the series in addition to the kindle copies, because of the quality of these first two books.Well, that and there doesn t appear to be an ebook version of the final novel, and having a hard copy of only the third seems silly.

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    This book took me about 50 60 pages to fully become reabsorbed into the world of the Firebringer, but once I reached that point the plot sped up greatly and there was never a dull moment I liked the addition of a few new characters, and I am eager to see of the gryphons in the final book of the series A well written novel for sure, with beautiful, lyrical language that will take the reader right into the world of unicorns, pans, gryphons and .

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    Even Better Than The First I had read the first book in the trilogy over 20 years ago and I finally found it and devoured it The second one was even better It kept my attention from the beginning to the end As in the first, the use of horsey type terms was amazing and delighted me I am thoroughly invested in Jan and all of his friends Can t wait to read the third

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    Book two is not as amazing as book 1, but still thrilling none the less Loved it just as much as I did when I was 10.

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    This was fabulous Everything was great Jan s journey, all the characters old and new, the story and it was just focused than the first book.

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    As with the first, I read this book aloud to my partner on a long road trip It s still damn good.

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    While this book certainly suffers from middle of the trilogy syndrome, it is still a worthy continuation of the story of Aljan, the unicorn prince The second book in a trilogy is tricky The first book is all about introducing the world and setting up the plot, and the third is about resolving the major conflict and tying everything else up As a result, the middle book is usually the one where the characters are stalled out, waiting for the final battle in the last book That is the case a little bit in Dark Moon.While spending the summer courting on the shores of the sea, Jan and his companions are attacked by gryphons and Jan is swept out into sea When he reaches land again, he cannot remember who he is He stumbles upon strange two footed creatures humans and ends up spending the winter in their mysterious city The humans worship him as their god, but soon he learns the city is of a prison than a sanctuary.Meanwhile, Jan s friends Tek and Dagg return to the Vale of the Unicorns believing he has died Korr, Jan s father and the king, goes insane because of the news and begins ruling the herd like a cruel dictator His disastrous decisions, coupled with a terrible winter, soon bring death to the herd and danger to Tek.Most of the narrative is split in two, between Jan and Tek Usually a book with multiple point of view chapters is a challenge for me There is always at least one story line that I find less interesting and difficult to read through That was not the case here both of the plots held my interest Bringing humans into animal fantasies is always a challenge to me However, Meredith Anne Pierce pulls it off very well in this book I thinks it s super interesting that they are primitive than the other creatures who inhabit this world I do have to wonder what happens when the humans make contact with the lands held by the gryphons, unicorns, and dragons in the future.Having a hero with amnesia is an old cliche, but at the time when this book was published, it was a less common trope Pierce s writing style remains excellent for the old style world she has created I m also very impressed with her world building In a short amount of space, she gives a rich and detailed history for all of the creatures in the trilogy In this book, we learn about the gryphons and the blue herons who helped the unicorns long ago It s an enjoyable adventure and sets things up nicely for the third and final book.