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Uni the Unicorn (Uni the Unicorn, #1) txt Uni the Unicorn (Uni the Unicorn, #1) , text ebook Uni the Unicorn (Uni the Unicorn, #1) , adobe reader Uni the Unicorn (Uni the Unicorn, #1) , chapter 2 Uni the Unicorn (Uni the Unicorn, #1) , Uni the Unicorn (Uni the Unicorn, #1) 8fda93 An Original Picture Book About A Unicorn From Bestselling Author Amy Krouse Rosenthal Plant A Kiss In This Clever Twist On The Age Old Belief That There S No Such Thing As Unicorns, Uni The Unicorn Is Told There S No Such Thing As Little Girls No Matter What The Grown Up Unicorns Say, Uni Believes That Little Girls Are Real Somewhere There Must Be A Smart, Strong, Wonderful, Magical Little Girl Waiting To Be Best Friends In Fact, Far Away But Not Too Far , A Real Little Girl Believes There Is A Unicorn Waiting For Her This Refreshing And Sweet Story Of Friendship Reminds Believers And Nonbelievers Alike That Sometimes Wishes Really Can Come True

About the Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

SHORT BIO Amy Krouse Rosenthal was She divided her time NOT SO SHORT BIO Amy Krouse Rosenthal was a person who liked to make things.Some things she liked to make include Children s books Little Pea, Spoon, DuckRabbit Grown up books Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life Short films The Beckoning of Lovely, The Money Tree Guided journals The Belly Book Something o

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    I FOUND ANOTHER CUTE PICTURE BOOK Uni the Unicorn is a story of a young, dazzling unicorn who dreams of a far off land where little girls exist It can be overly cute at times, but I think this is a perfect book for all of you who have a little girl in your lives I love the cute story, and the artwork illustrations are what make the book even better

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    Man, I started this book and was all ready to rate it five stars And then I came to the end What a letdown.This reads like half a book We re introduced to a unicorn silly enough to believe in little girls, and a little girl silly enough to believe in unicorns, and thenthat s it They don t meet They don t do anything Fuckall actually happens in this book it s thirty two pages of exposition And while the subtitle, a story about believing, makes that mildly interesting, I guess, Waiting for Godot this ain t It s pretty much a disappointment.If that isn t bad enough, the unicorn appears to dream only of the existence of little white girls The unicorn s ideal little girl is blonde and blue eyed, and all the illustrations of theoretical little girls were pretty darned white I found this especially galling in light of the fact that the illustrations were so reminiscent to me of the work of Gyo Fujikawa, a Japanese American illustrator who represented children of all colors in his work Never mind that there are little boys out there who love unicorns, too I know better than to expect them to be represented in a book like this, unfortunately I wanted to like this book, but I don t I absolutely do not recommend it The only reason it gets two stars instead of one is because the illustrations are pretty, even if they re exclusionary.

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    Cute cute cute and cute The artwork is cute, the story is cute I just wish it was a little longer.

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    Story was cute but LOVED the illustrations Like if Lisa Frank grew up to be a hipster who drew colorful magical things with a vaguely vintage aesthetic.

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    I am a fan of Rosenthal s other picture books, but sadly, this was a let down for me Lovely, vintage y illustrations, but a story that seems rather weak and ends very abruptly It really feels as though we are missing another third of the story, i.e do the girl and Uni ever meet What s the uptake of the story

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    Reading this to my little sister She s enjoying it a lot, and we have a very own magical world what our mother created, and we already made a crossover The art is gorgeous

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    Uni the Unicorn was such a sweet, fun story about believing things are real, even if everyone tells you otherwise The illustrations are gorgeous, and I loved the setup of this story The ending felt a bit abrupt though, and I wish we could have had a longer story My daughter loves the pretty colors and reaches for it often Placeholder for Memento novella not on GR

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    i saw this beautifully illustrated and colorful book on a display at barnes and noble and i couldn t resist reading it and it was adorable uni is a unicorn that is different from all the other unicorns, not because of anything physical that sets her apart, but because of a belief that she has i didn t know anything about this book going in and it was such an awesome little surprise of what that belief was, and it just melted my heart i think this will definitely be a huge hit among little girls, that s for sure

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    Well this was unexpected I mean this in the best possible way For once, it s the unicorn believing in a supposedly mythological creature and not the other way around but also the other way around at some point Let me make this clearer Uni is a unicorn that loves being a unicorn.But there s something missing She believes there is someone out there a human girl waiting for her to become best friends That is her wish Perhaps her life will be complete once she meets the little girl.Little did she know, there is indeed a little girl, who believes in unicorns, just waiting to meet her first unicorn friend.Uni reminded me of Marigold from the graphic novel series PHOEBE AND HER UNICORN aka HEAVENLY NOSTRILS If you enjoyed that series, you will love this picture book It is wonderfully illustrated and pretty charming.The message is the following it s important to believe, even if you don t have proof that what you believe in exists You never know when your dreams will become reality, but one thing is certain if you don t keep on believing, they just might never.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    I would have adored this book as a child Uni the Unicorn ignores her unicorn friends and refuses to believe that little girls are real Not too far away, a girl believes that unicorns are real, as well This would be a great book to read to kids who have difficulty believing in the fantastic I found the illustrations to be magical and the characterization to be lovely I wish it was a bit gender neutral, but I will absolutely read this to my son when he is a bit older Then again, my son also rocks a pink sippy cup, so I don t tend to follow gender norms.

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