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    This is probably going to end up being the next series that I read religiously Rudacille has created characters that are not only three dimensional and sympathetic, but she has created a romance that is kind of scandalous and definitely awesome Brynna and James might be my new ship The story is fast paced and epic When the end of the world is a comin , Brynna, her family and James have to travel into space to a new planet very similar to our Earth They and all the other survivors think that it s uninhabited, but find that they re wrong violent natives or are they have been living there for centuries, and are not exactly thrilled about these new intruders The conflict begins as Earth people versus natives, but then evolves into something much bigger.If you want a read that you will not be able to put down, definitely try this book I ll be monitoring this Mr or Ms Rudacille closely for the sequel And there totally will be one There s no way it can end where he left it I ll die

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    The shattered genesis consistently beats and batters the mind It ruthlessly demands that you drop your mindset in favour of a raw investigation of the primal needs and urges that drive us All characters are human in every way and thoroughly complicated as we often tend to be.

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The Shattered Genesis (Eternity #1) download The Shattered Genesis (Eternity #1) , read online The Shattered Genesis (Eternity #1) , kindle ebook The Shattered Genesis (Eternity #1) , The Shattered Genesis (Eternity #1) 92bd7d7a80d8 In The End Of Days, The Beast In Us All Will Emerge After A Cataclysmic Event Claims The Earth, Twenty Two Year Old Brynna Olivier And The Remaining Survivors Must Travel To Pangea, A Seemingly Picture Perfect, Pure, Uninhabited Land As The Presence Of Mysterious Natives Threatens Her New Life And The Remaining Survivors Split Into Two Warring Factions, Brynna Must Choose Her Side Her Family Is Divided, Her Past Haunts Her Cruelly, And Her Romance With Another Survivor, An Older Man Named James, Is Yet Another Endless Challenge As The New Beginning Of Man Is Shattered, Brynna Must Prepare For The Darkness That Will Soon Consume Her Brave New World