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    I was with this book for the first few chapters The setup of the story is well developed, the author does not fall into the trap that overcomes most super hero novels by wasting pages on the background of the characters, and so she shows good focus Unfortunately, the good dissipated into the turgid as the book went along The first problem is the plot There hardly is one A group of heroes head to an island to stop a god from doing mischief There are many, many scenes once on the island, but the book virtually ends there Lay does not develop a plot, simply gives us a series of incidents in this setting I was not thrilled.Worse, I am offended by two things in this book Lay buys into the clich that woman are nurturing and men solve problems by hitting them I am happy to admit that, whatever the cause, this is a general tendency found amongst men in my country, however, I know women who try to solve problems by hitting them and I know sensitive mean who nurture I hope that Ms Lay will meet some of both and have her fantasy changed to reality The other offense is an incident in the novel the heroes actually solve one of the problems with prayer Yep Nurturing Wonder Women gets the male super heroes to pray away a menace, AND IT WORKS Give me a break I am not fond of books that insult my intelligence.

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    My expectations were low based on the reviews, but this is really crap.

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    I followed this after Batman The Stone King Happy that the background music wasn t annoying as the previous book.This started out quite well, but unfortunately wasn t as great throughout In fact, it ended up quite similar to Batman with the view spoiler heroes being incapacitated with some form of mind control hide spoiler

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    What happens in the Bermuda Triangle doesn t always STAY in the Bermuda TriangleOk, maybe it does thanks to the heroic efforts of Wonder Woman and her JLA teammates What seems like a simple missing person case turns into struggle against the Greek God of War himself, Ares.Can Wonder Woman and the team stop the possible invasion of an army of possessed warriors into our world, or will things be bad for the s

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    Good story As usual the Batman is awesome It was a little stereotypical with the woman vs men subplot It seems that most of the Wonder Woman stories are Greek myth themed as is this one I d like to read one where Wonder Woman is the star without any Gods or magic.

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    The three stars are for the audio book version by Graphic Audio Good production and voices as always from them The material itself was not all that great.

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    I liked this better than the Green Lantern one, but it still dragged.

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    Ehh, if it wasn t Graphic Audio, I probably wouldn t have finished it Not much of a story.

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    I very interesting story. Loved the premise and how the story progressed Listening to the story unfold in your mind was fascinating All in all, i really enjoyed it.

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    I am really enjoying these audio adaptations of graphic novels This one is okay, there have been better ones I actually blame the original story on this.

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