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    So I just finished Zom B gladiator by Darren Shah which is the 6th book in the Zom B series.It is a zombie apocalyptic series.Rating 4.3 5 If you guys haven t read the first 5 books then stop reading this coz It might spoil those books for you.The story starts where the 5th book ended, when Brian returned to country hall and was practising with master Zhang for the fight against Mr Dowling There she learns how to fight and goes on missions to rescue any living people in London But then all of a sudden she gets kidnapped and the kidnappers force her to fight and kill the other mindless zombies.The story itself is getting really interesting and I am loving it now even Like I said in my precious reviews, these books are really gruesome They contain a lot of blood shed and some really creepy illustrations.

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    4.25 starsBack to a mainly action based plot when B is kidnapped by a group of despicable rich people and forced to battle zombies for their entertainment Full ReviewB is captured by a group of degenerate rich people and forced to fight zombies for their entertainment I was happy to see the series return to action and less introspection by B Or maybe I just enjoy the mayhem of the zombie fights, so I don t have to think as much I started listening to the audio book, which, again, was excellent, but then B was in an especially perilous situation, and I was home for the day My headphones were dead So I decided to check the ebook out of the library and finish it right away I m glad I did, because I forgot about the interior art While there aren t a lot of pictures, they do add depth to the narrative, so keep that in mind if you are only listening to the audio books.After her frightening experience meeting the scary baby from her nightmares, B has settled back into life at with Dr Oystein and the Angels at County Hall Though B still keeps to herself for fear of losing people she cares for, she has accepted Oystein s belief that he s a tool of God, and that there will be a battle with the evil Mr Dowling and the Owl Man While B hasn t been sent on a mission yet, she has been scouting around County Hall It s when she s out on one such mission that s she s captured by the American zombie hunter, Barnes, and his crony, Coley Delivered to the HMS Belfast, she is given to a bunch of despicable rich folk who were powers in the world prior to the zombie uprising Now, they are just spoiled, over indulged brats who expect B to keep them entertained fighting zombies or they ll kill her without a care.The plot doesn t progress much, but the zombie battles sure are fun Dan Dan, one of her captors, is a complete freak, who gets off torturing young kids B agrees to cooperate with her captors, but only if they promise to keep the kids safe from Dan Dan, despite his objections Now he s not her biggest fan, and Dan Dan is waiting for the day when he can torture her He s quite a lovely fellow, and I can hardly wait until he gets his comeuppance The zombie fighting is fierce, B s rescue is even fraught with excitement, and this volume was a great midpoint to the series I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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    i think this is the best one yet.

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    This was almost too much for me B Smith has to fight gladiator style to protect a group of human children from a sadistic pervert.Audiobook CommentsThe one thing I cannot fault this book on is the choice of narrator Emma Gavin once again does an absolutely amazing job of reading this novel.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    3.5 stars I really didn t remember the guy who kidnaps her nor the ship reference from the past and that frustrated me early on Guess it was not a memorable part of the series But let me tell you who is going to be memorable Dan Dan And in a very bad way Sick, nasty, evil man A true villain in the series In some ways I think he might be worse than Mr Dowling I love seeing B as she is forced to come to terms with her emotions and how important others are or are not in her life I also liked seeing a responsible side as well I really feel she has come a long ways and this book showcases it in a great way.

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    This is absolutely the horrifying of the series, but not for the reasons that you might think This, the 6th book in the series, follows along with B Smith in the continuation of the adventures described in previous books I know this is an oddly worded sentence, but it is written that way to avoid spoilers The entire cast of characters comes back with the noted absence of what I assume is the big bad, though there is some question as to whether he is or not , and the book ends on a very important note.B makes a marked shift in her relationships, which shows growth From a writing and plotting perspective, now that she has this realization, it is the perfect opportunity to throw a wrench in the gears and rain down all the terrible on top of her.Ok, so going back to the opening sentence of this review Why is this book horrifying It s about zombies, that must be it Nope A possible horrifying clown Nope This has a much visceral and realistic menacethe board Beyond the board, the real Big Bad of the series may in fact turn out to be Dan Dan This new character is probably the most devious, evil, and terrifying character of anything I ve read in Shan s bibliography I wont describe him here, and there is some camp involved, but for some reason that makes him even terrifying.I m excited to see where the series goes next, as Mr Shan has said that the answers start to come starting in the next book Zom B Mission.

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    I saw this book on the shelf at the library and grabbed it purely based on the title alone I love zombies, I love gladiators, so a combination of the two seemed like the perfect match, right What I didn t realize until I started reading is the audience it is aimed at Yeah a little too YOUNG adult for me The story is fine but extremely simplistic has little depth I am sure though, that some kids out there will find it AWESOME

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    how are people even adding and rating this book when it isn t even out untill January

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    Actual Rating 3.75 This was an interesting read I thought the story did drag out a bit, but not as much as Zom B Baby B was her feisty, badass self in this book The story was really enjoyable I think the best part for me was the gladiator part as it reminded me a bit of a Hunger Games and Gladiator movie vibe to it Also, it is interesting to read a zombie world where zombie gladiators exist I dislike DanDan I hope he suffers for what he is doing I thought the ending was great I can t wait to read Book 7 and the rest of the series Overall, a great read.

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    Just when you thought Darren Shan couldn t possibly think up of anyone creepier than the clown, enter Dan Dan Okay, maybe it would have been creepier if Dan Dan also happened to be a clown, but trust me, I wouldn t want to run into Dan Dan in broad daylight in the middle of a crowded street, much less a dark alleyway.Gladiator explores the point of having friends during a zombie apocalypse We re not talking allies we re talking friends about whom you truly care Is there any point They re just going to get killed eventually and lifespans do tend to plummet under these circumstances In addition, you will see a couple of situations in which a character must choose between the lesser of two evils That s always an interesting character study What would your decision be if all options were bad options As always, there is plenty of zombie gore And as always, I absolutely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys zombie books This series is a quick read For those of you who do not have kids at home because the schools keep cancelling due to snow or cold weather, each book can be finished in one sitting.

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