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Aviation Logistics quotes Aviation Logistics , litcharts Aviation Logistics , symbolism Aviation Logistics , summary shmoop Aviation Logistics , Aviation Logistics 0199f677 Aviation Logistics Explores The Air Cargo Business And Its Role In Global Supply Chains And Logistics It Examines The Different Product Sectors Using Air Freight And How Carriers Are Responding To Market DemandsThe Ongoing Evolution Of Global Economies Requires The Supply Chain Business And Its Transport Partners To Be Proactive This Book Shows How Aviation Operators Must Work Effectively With The Wider Logistics Industry In Order To Ensure Fast And Efficient FacilitationThis Book Looks Closely At The Use Of Technology And The Importance Of Efficiency And Transparency Within The Aviation Industry It Also Examines Air Carrier Innovations Such As New Methods And Technologies To Improve Ground Handling And Road Transport, Traceability Systems And Barcoding, Security And Screening, And The Safe Delivery Of Perishable ItemsEndorsed By The International Air Cargo Association TIACA , Aviation Logistics Is Supplemented With Case Studies And Contributions From A Team Of Industry Experts, Including Oliver Evans, Head Of Global Business Development For Matternet Inc And Former Chief Cargo Officer For Swiss International Air Lines, And Stan Wraight, Independent Advisor To The Airport And Airline Industry

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    Air freight is something that can touch all of our lives, whether as a business or a private person iPhones, post and even flowers don t normally sit on a boat for several weeks but are sped around the world in the belly of an aircraft To keep the deliveries flowing the air cargo supply chain is dependent on aviation logistics and this is a fascinating subject, brought into focus by this book for both specialist practitioner and interested amateur alike.This is one sector that does not stand still Technology brings new challenges and benefits at the same time and this book looks at how the industry is working with different sectors such as ground handling, security and supply chain management to improve and streamline matters Hopefully a win win for everybody Since transport costs can account for a high proportion of a product s price, anything that can keep the costs down whilst ensuring the efficient and safe delivery of the product should be seized upon As customers, we don t like waiting we are used to getting our orders at a speed our forefathers could only dream about Whether it is getting a critical part for our business or just a piece of clothing or a bag of sweets, often the item will be transported to us by one or aircraft before being delivered by road at the final stage.Despite what may appear to be an impressive delivery network, industry experts note that much can be done Apparently the average time taken to move goods by air has stayed static six to seven days for the past 40 years, even though it takes less than 24 hours in flying time to connect any two airports in the world The industry is seeking to shave off 48 hours from this average by 2020 through the use of greater efficiencies, electronic processing and an even tighter, integrated supply chain Four years can be a long time in the world of aviation logistics.Throughout the book a fair few interesting factoids pop up, such as costs associated with air freight rising by as much as eight times from the early 1970s to today with one exception, the average air cargo rate per kilogramme for a transatlantic flight by comparison has stayed the same and even fell in many cases, even before adjusting for the present day value of money.This is a great book that the curious, general reader could enjoy it is a shame that its price very modest for what you are getting as a professional reader may put it out of their reach Hopefully some public libraries will acquire it For the professional, whether directly involved within the freight business or even an end user business, this can be a useful, helpful resource that refreshes your knowledge and then some If it was not for this book, this reviewer wouldn t have known that packed lobsters don t like transport vibration which, in turn, causes its metabolism to increase above normal levels and shorten its survival time out of water Even special packaging and handling can make a difference, in other words.Powerful, incisive, actionable and much , this book is capable of giving much to many.

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