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Unplanned Choices explained Unplanned Choices , review Unplanned Choices , trailer Unplanned Choices , box office Unplanned Choices , analysis Unplanned Choices , Unplanned Choices 67fd Unplanned Choices Is A Historical Romantic Drama, Set In The Late S And Early S In New York City And Long Island During The Turbulent Period Of The Viet Nam War, The Sexual Revolution, The Women S Movement, And The Struggle For Legalizing Abortion It Is The Story Of Steve Lynch S And His First Love Anna Marino, Who Became Pregnant, Died During An Abortion, And The Impact Of The Abortion On Steve, The Abortionist, Anna S Family And Friends, And The Investigators Of Anna S Death Situations Similar To That Portrayed In Unplanned Choices, Could Be Replicated Hundreds Of Thousands Of Times In The Future If Abortion Becomes Illegal Or Is Severely Restricted In The United States

  • Kindle Edition
  • 357 pages
  • Unplanned Choices
  • Frank E. Hopkins
  • English
  • 14 December 2019

About the Author: Frank E. Hopkins

Frank Hopkins lived in Queens and Long Island, New York while attending Hofstra University in the 1960s, the location and time period of Unplanned Choices He became involved in writing while earning his Ph.D in Economics from the University of Maryland He held the position of Associate Professor at the State University of New York at Binghamton in the 1970s, where he published numerous referred

15 thoughts on “Unplanned Choices

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    This is quite possibly the overall worst book I have ever read even worse than A Reliable Wife, which I didn t think was possible For most of the book, my notes were variations of this is terrible, WTF , , just NO, and these people are idiots For the love of everything, if you are ever writing a book with sex scenes, PLEASE do a CTRL F for organism just to check that Autocorrect hasn t changed orgasm to this Also, proofreading and copyediting are important Very important Hopkins apparently decided to forego both of these tasks, as well as employing an editor to catch the timeline mistakes, correct the meandering plot, provide historical accuracy, and STRENGTHEN THE WRITING Unbelievably bad writing Clunky info dumping Enough with the emphasis on ethnic group racial gender socio economic stereotyping Irish Americans are not a monolith Italian Americans are not a monolith Catholics are not a monolith Jews are not a monolith African Americans are not a monolith Women are not a monolith College students are not a monolith The middle class is not a monolith The South of which Balti is NOT a part is not a monolith Did Hopkins miss the first day of Cultural Anthropology 101 The endless references to Santa Claus stories I gave up counting the references because the book had too many I absolutely hated the rather throwaway line of Twelve people, including Ed and Steve, and eight women ranging in age from age sixteen to sixty milled around in the office 274 WOMEN ARE PEOPLE, TOO Hopkins immediately others them, reinforcing the idea that only men are people women are something else The terrible TERRIBLE scenes involving anything remotely sexual These were just so bad Laughably bad Banging my head on the table bad Groaning out loud bad Some key ones 1 I try to keep in shape I run and watch my diet I m recently divorced and I have to keep my figure to attract men I m glad you like it 23 2 She knew Anna would not receive adequate counseling from her parents and became Anna s self appointed sexual guardian 57 Probably my favorite line in the book Teresa needs this on a business card 3 She planned to learn all about sexual procedures 61 4 They devoted most of their time alone to studying and earned B averages, since they had no sexual frustrations 70 Because if you are sexually frustrated, then you can t earn high grades 5 She is attractive and voluptuous But, as far as I know, no professor pressured her for sex 198 6 She dressed sensually, but stayed away from clothes that would make her look like a hooker or a hippie 199 7 At twenty she knew the difficulties of keeping a sensual figure 237 8 A low sex drive enabled him to lead a moral life 247 Because naturally, if you have a high sex drive, you re immoral One dimensional characters and or characters with little internal logic Or logic that is beat into readers a thousand times Like Dr Green, who, because of his German and Korean experiences believed unplanned or too many children cause endless cycles of poverty and war 176 While this is, technically, true, I don t see the immediate connection between the two Or this activity performing abortions had a soothing effect, ending his headaches 177 WHAT From what all Hopkins writes, Dr Green is a legitimate doctor with a legitimate medical practice If Hopkins is writing to convince his readers of the horrors of illegal abortions Which I think is his point This book is so poorly written, I can t really tell , there are so many other character types he could have used Call the Midwife the show, not the books and Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries do a much better job at showing the effects of illegal abortion and the actual desperation of women in this situation Unrealistic dialogue What 14 year old is able to have exceptionally nuanced conversations about race 12 Steve s remembering what being in the womb felt like 17 was ridiculous And just about every conversation between characters is stunted, clunky, and in no way sounds like how people actually talk Dr Green I developed a severe headache, which occurs when I recall the horrors of the police in Germany arresting Jews 211 Ridiculous plot Is this what crime writing was like in the pre CSI or Law and Order days Dr Green is an idiot Anna dies in Dr Green s office therefore, he immediately hacks her body up with a surgical saw and literally flushes what he can of her body down the drain 184 THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY Also with learning from Law and Order Steve tells a police officer that he doesn t want to talk about his and Anna s sex life, the cop says Fair enough and moves on 197 That s just poor police work which continues Detective Preston s theory about Anna s death Anna s beauty had overcome the resistance of a lonely sick man who attacked and killed her 200 The police also think that if they just ask women, they will definitely tell the police if they had an illegal abortion 232 Of course, Officer, let me confess to illegal actions view spoiler And then the end Michael Phillips is quite possibly a serial killer Well, that came out of nowhere hide spoiler

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    I received a copy of this book for an honest review Steve Lynch is a teenager who grew up in a strictly Catholic household who sees the realities of the world as he grows up He learns about sex and women as he lives in New York and realizes the consequences of his decisions when he gets his girlfriend, Anna Marino, pregnant Anna sees the only choice is abortion and dies during an abortion The book examines the effects of Anna s death on Steve and the people around him Upfront, the book tells us that it is pro abortion yet the storytelling gets confusing and I was left wondering if it was of an anti abortion book since Anna died because of an abortion Of course, if abortion was legal during that time, it would have saved Anna but the book doesn t give enough avenue to explore this important idea The problem with this book is that it tries to do so many things with the story There are aspects about the war, gender issues, race, and choice that with so many things happening, it gets bland and overwhelming I didn t like this book very much because the prose is also bland, telling than showing us what s happening No concrete connection was established with the characters that made me empathize with the fate of the characters Even Anna s death was dealt with lightly, not giving enough time for the readers to be appalled or shocked that she was dead The book also doesn t have engaging conversations that attract the reader to finish it I m quite surprised I finished the book since there weren t too many things going for it At some points, it becomes too preachy and too loaded with ambition that the reader isn t left to discover things on their own Overall, I would not recommend this book because it aims to do so much and leaves the reader frustrated.

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    Unplanned Choices takes on a serious subject and the story and the treatment of the story is everything It goes beyond literary style and popular works on the NYT best sellers to show us what young women experienced in an era when abortion was against the law It tells the story well The young woman s choice is done midway through the book The remainder of the story is about the aftermath, most of it unlikely to happen in a society where women s choices are legal I recommend this book as a reminder of the way things were and must never be again.

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