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Wish files Wish, read online Wish, free Wish, free Wish, Wish a09f58432 Wish Dream S Beginning The Unicorns Of Wish UnicornkissesSuitable Reading Age Middle Grade Chapter Books In Paperback And EBooksFrom The Mists Of Time There Comes A Long Lost Tale Of UnicornsHeadstrong And Feisty, Rielle Is Lost, And She Knows It When She And The Faithful Pud Find Themselves Hopelessly Alone In A Wild Landscape, They Drift Into An Untamed Forest Rielle Has Been In Plenty Of Pickles, But The Hairs Rising On The Back Of Her Neck Tell Her That This Time Things Are Going To Be Very Different Charmed By A Mysterious Unicorn And His Cryptic Ways, Rielle And Pud Find Themselves Locked Into An Adventure Of Soul Seeking, Friendship, Mystery And Truth That Is Both Enchanting And Sometimes Sinister And There May Be No Turning Back

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    Wish by Deby Adair is about a young girl called Rielle and her faithful dog Pud who meet a unicorn named Benny and his herd Rielle is quickly welcomed into the herd And as Benny and Rielle get to know each other he discovers Rielle has been wandering around with no one but Pud for company She has a broken heart Benny immediately takes up her cause because to be sad is to crush the heart of God Beautiful So with the blessing of the herd and the help of Hoot the owl and Bobs and Bibs, two Imperial Guard snails funny and cute , they set off to find Hope in the land of Wish to ask if Rielle still has a dream.This is a delightful tale with a hard headed but loveable little girl and her simply adorable dog It has so much heart and love in it I enjoyed this story because it is refreshing to read a book about hope with decent and entertaining characters in it It has a great introduction to Rielle and Pud s story I thought maybe this should ve begun the book instead of the prologue about the knight, unicorn and old lady The adventure was a bit simplistic But since it is part of a trilogy, it is just a step in the larger plot I liked the description It creates emotions and lovely mental pictures My favorite is in the first chapter worry put eagles on her heels The story does slow down a little when Rielle tells Benny why she wanders It is a long exchange But one thing that made me smile is Benny I had no idea unicorns had so many facial expressions They can grin, look puzzled, and roll their eyes This was very entertaining I recommend it to all readers.

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    I enjoyed Wish Dreams Beginning , it was a sweet little story about never giving up on Hope and dreams Slightly out of the age range I m used to reading, but I could definitely see myself using it as a bedtime story for the kids I babysit The realm Wish is a strange place You re never sure what might pop up around the next corner I can see how exciting it would be for a child to discover what happens next in the magical and unknown land I felt it was a bit like a cross between Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz , with Rielle being unsure where she is and meeting a whole bunch of talking animals that are on crazy quests searching the realm of Wish to make sure Rielle still believes in dreams It was like an epic journey and definitely brings to mind adventures in far off, mysterious lands I can t discuss Wish without talking about unicorns I don t know much about unicorns unless you count the slight mention of them in Harry Potter, or the fact that myths talk about the healing power of their horns So reading about them was a new experience for me They always sound so rare and unknown, but the unicorns of Wish live in a massive herd, so many unicorns in one place, who knows what to do with that They re an amazing race, with so much knowledge, which is good because it makes them helpful for quests 4 5 stars

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    Wish Dream s Beginning is book one of the WISH trilogy.This was a lovely book and it did feel like a dream beginning.This is a magical tale of a lost girl who, with her wonderful and very large, faithful dog, head into a forest of fabled unicorns and are whisked up into an adventure filled with the unexpected.As book one of the series, it is a delightful read for younger children but I found that I was just as entertained by this story with its misty forests and unusual characters, as if I were a child again As the beginning to the trilogy it s a bit of a light hearted book than the next two, but it still nudges the reader into thinking about that Legend and although you don t fully appreciate the full meaning and impact of the legend until book two and three, it s a joyful start to exploring the full story of Rielle and Pud and her unicorn friends.I would recommend this book for everyone.

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    I first read this book about three and a half years ago when I was eleven, and I think I ve read it about 6 times since Deby Adair cleverly crafted this book creating emotions from her words She drew me right into the book by use of beautiful description She gave Rielle character in quirky ways such as when Rielle is suprised, she will say something like hoolly bon dooly , which makes her very likeable The other characters are fun and serious and interesting and changeable and so much fun The unicorns are just amazing, the unicorns are REAL, interesting and involved and they have minds Not just a unicorn story where they look and act cute, but they are powerfully written and amazingly real to life This book is ideal for the young adults and children of today.

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    Ah, I get it Now it all makes sense You really should read all three of this trilogy and start with book one, then the magic really does unfold Wouldn t recommend doing what I did and reading back to front but I was still captivated even though I did that but would imagine some readers would need them in order and I have to say, that reading them in the right order really does unfold the subtle brilliance FUNNY THAT Not for readers into flash and glitz, wouldn t imagine Really gifted writing though Mytical, subtle, spiritual, beautiful.

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    I just finished this I bought if for my eight year old daughter and wanted to read it to make sure it was suitable for her age group Relief I m no prude but I m really OVER some of the TRASH they call children s books This book had NO references to bums or poo or farts or blood and gore or vampires or hype and overdone sensationalism It was a beautiful book Beautifully descriptive and ethereal, it was very touching A magical read.

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    I never expected this book to be so real I love horses and unicorns so thought would read a nice little book about unicorns but turned out the book was really exciting and interesting and funny and just beautiful and kind of mystical but modern, and the characters were so good So much happens that you can t put it down Read it

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    This was just beautiful Made me laugh and cry This first book of Deby Adair s debut trilogy is funny, fast and wonderful A classic.

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    Gorgeous tale of unicorns I wish I had children so I could read it to them

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    Rielle is a young girl with her loving, faithful dog Pud One day they chance upon Benny a Unicorn and his herd all of who welcome Rielle and allow her to become a member of their group After a time Rielle realises that she has spent most of her life with only having Pud as her companion and sole form of company This deep thought causes her much grief and sadness.In order to puts Rielle s emotions into a happier space Benny gathers an unusual group consisting of himself, Rielle, Hoot owl and 2 Imperial Guards named Bobs and Bibs to trek to the land of Wish endeavouring to find Hope for Rielle.An amazing story indeed full of heart, gentleness and positiveness full of fun characters and meaningful thoughts I must admit that I found the prologue a tad annoying but hope it will make sense in future stories within the trilogy that follows.A perfect story for all ages that can be read many times with each reading producing greater insights into life Superbly written with superb characters and descriptive.Also the artwork on the cover is amazing and truly sets the tone to the great tale within.

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