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✿ [EPUB] ✷ Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2)  By Deby Adair ❥ – Torrentindir.co chapter 1 Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2) , meaning Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2) , genre Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2) , book cover Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2) , flies Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2) , Wish Again (The Unicorns Of Wish, #2) 0cec43225bbeb Wish Again Dream S Truth The Unicorns Of Wish UnicornkissesSuitable Reading Age Middle Grade To Young Teen Chapter Books In Paperback And EBooksAn Age Old Legend Comes To LifeIn A Bold Race To Save Wish And The Outside World, Who Should Rielle Trust The Ancient First One With His Fickle Moods And Romping Outbursts, Or The Secretive Boy, Willful James Destiny Once Collides With Rielle, Her Band Of Loyal Friends And The Unicorns As They Are Swept Powerfully Into A Journey That Will Change Them All Forever

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    Wish Again Dreams Truth, Book Two of the WISH Trilogy by Deby Adair is the sequel to Wish There are many returning characters and several new ones In this sequel Rielle and Pud are searching for Rielle s dream with the help of a butterfly called Far But a mysteriously strong wind whisks Far away Feeling responsible, Rielle makes the decision to return to Wish to tell Hope that she lost his butterfly Along the way Rielle meets Old, a unique creature person, who knows of Wish and Hope and immediately befriends and accompanies her on her journey back to Wish Meanwhile, Willful James Will awakens as a human and no longer a bush after thousands of years in Wish After such a long time he is ready to return to the real world, but the sorcerer that caused trouble in the first Wish book will not let him go so easily.I enjoyed this sequel Rielle and Pud are still adorable, but they are not the main focus of this story The reader instead gets to know Will and his story his sorrows and his journey back from despair We also get to know Old, whom I loved He is a great character that fits quite well with Rielle, Pud and Wish These two characters are well developed and engaging I found myself rooting for them at every turn.Wish Again also has a lot action in it than Wish However, there is still a lot of talking just like in the first book There is a lot to explain and it s not always exciting The conversations do slow the book down and prevented me from getting into it right away But the talk is broken up wisely with action and a little bit of suspense It really had me turning pages once Rielle, Pud and Old get to Wish The description is beautiful as always and easily visualized It is always soothing to read even in the action parts that flow well without being confusing.I recommend this book and cannot wait to read The Third Wish, which will undoubtedly be filled with a lot of heart, beauty and great action appropriate for all audiences.I was provided with a copy for an honest review.Read reviews by Cherese Vines at www.cheresevinescharmingwords.wordpre

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    I recently read the Wish trilogy and was asked to give a review of the books, as I volunteer a great deal with children in the capacity of care giver and mentor.This series impressed me greatly I took a great deal of care in reading this book, Wish Again Dream s Truth , as I was reading it aloud to children while I myself was assessing it, just as I did with Wish Dream s Beginning and The Third Wish Dream s Honour Watching and listening to how the children were reacting, I had a mixed group of nine year olds through to sixteen year olds, it was interesting to be barraged with their questions and their reactions to the situations that occurred I will start by saying that the characters, which expanded into a larger group in this second book, were wonderful Such warm and engaging personalities, with a dreamy unicorn quality mixed in, and of course, the sense of mystery around Rielle not being alone , that someone, or some thing is following her it was thoroughly engaging and I was pleased that none of the kids, not even the older group, were ever bored.Emotive, funny, captivating and busy, this is a book that the children fell in love with almost from the first paragraph as it races along at high speed and is hard to put down Rielle and her dog Pud become caught up in a journey that they don t expect in book one, and then in this book they just keep being swept up by events that have the unicorns and the unicorn s arch enemy, as well as characters from a mythical legend, all rolling into an impending event waiting to explode into book three.It s a beautifully written book Very descriptive but never boring, not for a moment As new characters are revealed, their own story will grow and impact on Rielle and her faithful dog and take them into a mysterious mood and place, than book one.If you love the magical doings of unicorns, dragons, mystical places and stories based on legends, then this is a story you will not want to miss.

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    I bought this book for my daughter, just as I did Book One of this trilogy and, just as I did with book one, I read this book before she did as I m not a fan of my eight year old reading unneccessary swear words or themes that I think she s too young for I loved the first book, but I really loved this book It appears that this is one of those trilogies where the characters and the theme really DO grow, stretch and develop in leaps and bounds and I must say that I never saw this second book s theme, coming.It begins much as book one does, where you think this is an enchanting story of unicorns and a girl s very important quest to find her identity, however, there are so many solid undertones and morals to this book that although it still remains a childrens book in many ways, it reached out and became a book that I felt almost anyone could read and most importantly, identify with.Classified as fantasy, it deals in different realms, but the underlying story is about our humanity This book really moved me at times and at other times I laughed out loud Cleverly written, you don t really see the hold it takes on you until it unravels Fast paced, I read it on a return trip 24 hour each way flight to London, as I don t sleep on planes very well and, one day, I m going to read it again For now however, I am going to buy Book Three and see where it goes from here A wonderful story A very good writer.

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    At last Book 2 and 3 came out finally this September 2011 just before my 14th birthday so it s kind of special I couldn t wait to read them So many surprises happened in this book Wow changes, and new characters that were at times quirky, even outlandish and such fun to know but also quite moving This book was given life by the characters themselves Interesting, varied and complex, they show their different personalities in ways that hint how they feel about the other characters The unicorns are stunning as ever, warriors but not warlike, intense and commanding and pivotal to the plot, they captivate you with their beauty, their mystique and timing A beautiful book, heartwarming, as are the other two books in this trilogy These characters would be a social role model for the illusive child.

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    It s children s books like this one that make me realise why I do love to read books for children and youth they re so often underestimated as just books for kids yet this one comes so well written and utterly delightful I will put the third book on my to read list now.

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    Great book Great series This was a present for my little sister but i read this 1 as she read the 1st book in series then i went back read the other 2 books Stunning and also fun and just great Now my friends are trying to win them

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    More unicorn brilliance in this sequel I ve loved many a unicorn book but this is fantastic.

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    Sick at home with nothing new to read in the house, picked up my lil sis s book, thought, no way, BUT, turned out it was so cool and now reading Third Wish.

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    How any new author could get this so right is beyond me This second debut novel by this author is magnificent Unicorns such as I ve never read them before, such a really wonderful book