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The Lost Heiress pdf The Lost Heiress, ebook The Lost Heiress, epub The Lost Heiress, doc The Lost Heiress, e-pub The Lost Heiress, The Lost Heiress bb76ef8fccc Brook Eden Has Never Known Where She Truly Belongs When Her Friend Justin Uncovers The Fact That She Is Possibly A Missing Heiress From Yorkshire, Brook Leaves The Sun Of The Mediterranean To Travel To The Moors Of The North Sea And The Estate Of Her Supposed FamilyThe Mystery Of Her Mother S Death Haunts Her, And Though Her Father Is Quick To Accept Her, The Rest Of The Family And The Servants Of Whitby Park Are Not Only When Brook S Life Is Threatened Do They Draw Close But Will Their Loyalty Come Too Late To Save Brook From The Same Threat That Led To Tragedy For Her Mother As Heir To A Dukedom, Justin Is No Stranger To Balancing Responsibilities When The Matters Of His Estate Force Him Far From Brook, The Distance Between Them Reveals That Their Friendship Has Grown Into Something Much But How Can Their Very Different Loyalties And Responsibilities Ever Come Together And Then For A Second Time, The Heiress Of Whitby Park Is Stolen Away Because Of The Very Rare Treasure In Her Possession And Those Who Can Save Her Still Aren T Sure Whom To Trust

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    I m a huge fan of Roseanna White s I ve read and adored every single one of her novels and novellas I m so glad I recently read The Lost Heiress it was just as amazing as I thought it would be Brook is just the kind of heroine I love having for a friend for a few hundred pages and there were several hundred pages worth of her story to enjoy Not that I m complaining By the time I reached the last quarter of the book, I didn t want it to end But at the same time, I wanted to know the answer to the great mystery revolving around Brook s mother.A mystery we wouldn t have even known about had it not been for Justin, Brook s friend who enables her to return to her family I loved that the first couple chapters of Brook s story loosely mirrors the plot of Lori Wick s The Hawk and the Jewel that whole raised in another country bit was fascinating But it was also over and done with pretty quickly Roseanna situates us back in England fairly soon so that the real fun can begin.And that real fun involves a softly unfolding romance, complete with misinterpreted feelings, danger, bungled plots by well meaning or not so well meaning characters I so enjoyed this story and how it evokes all the reasons I love Downton Abbey in a clean, Christian read perfect for a late summer vacation or autumnal enjoyment I highly recommend Roseanna White s latest Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author.

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    Roseanna White is my favorite author Her stories always have such interesting history, philosophy, and spirituality woven together with the romance I love everything she writes, and I m excited that she has taken her stories to Edwardian England for a fun new twist If you enjoy The Lost Heiress, give her Biblical novels a chance too Those are my very favorites.

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    Loss surrounds the beautiful Brook Eden like a well worn blanket her life has been pieced together with both love and rejection from those in Monaco who have accepted her into their family, even if in name only bypassing the fact that her real identity, following the tragic death of her mother, has remained an unsolved mystery until now Justin Wildon, also known as Lord Harlow, and soon to become known as the Duke of Stafford, has given Brook the gift of identity, accompanying his beloved childhood friend to England in order to meet her family for the first time In the blink of an eye this whispered illegitimate offspring has become the Baroness of Berkeley, with a vast fortune at her fingertips and a loving father, the famed Lord Ambrose Whitby, who is overjoyed to finally be reunited with his missing daughter In spite of Brook s happily ever after , there are dark forces beyond her control which seek to destroy the young heiress, her life is severely threatened and heinous shadows lurk among her nearly constant, reoccurring nightmares The one person who has stood by her side and loved her unconditionally for most of her life, now seems determined to put formal distance between them, merely to devote attention to his own family fortune Brook s impetuous, independent spirit suffers mightily and her heart is nearly broken before God intervenes and transforms her fear into faith But will it be too late for Brook and Justin Will greed, betrayal and hatred among friends destroy young love and promising futures The Lost Heiress swells with history, mystery and romance upon the turn of every page, leading its readers on a magnificent journey, not soon to be forgotten I received a copy of this book from the author The opinions stated are entirely my own.

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    This was a beautifully written story about a young woman who was raised in Monaco by a Opera Singer and was thought to be the daughter born out of an affair, the Prince denied that she was her father, but the King accepted her and helped raise her into a beautiful woman She mad made friends with a young Englishman when she was a child and the grew up together She finds a box of letters that her mother told her would be important and then she passed, on one of the letters was a crest She had her friend look into the crest and found out that she was actually a Baroness and that her real mother had died in a bad accident She came home to England and met her father and cousins and other relatives She goes through such an adjustment especially during this time she is only 18, getting to know her dad and they people were trying to hurt her for some diamonds that we given to her mother for safe keeping She starts to fall in love with her childhood friend, who has enough demons of his own The relationship between her father and her grows in leaps and bounds, but the is still, they find out why they were separated and it was interesting I love this story and would recommend it for anyone who is looking for a good Christian Historical Book.

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    I think it was a wonderful novel This is also the first book I ve read by Roseanna White I have found a new author to enjoy I like Roseanna s writing style She has written in a way that makes u want to connect to the characters I really connected with Brook because in a way I m much like her I too was raised by someone else but unlike her I never found my real family Brook is an awesome person I think that if I d have met my real family I would have felt just like Brook But like Brook I would eventually have found my place as God had intended Justin I definitely would want to meet him if he were a real person What a sweetheart to stand by and always want to protect Brook They were made for each other I had a feel Pratt was up to no good when I first met him at the beginning of the story Roseanna described him perfectly I definitely know that Satan got a hold of him and didn t let go Good always wins over evil Jesus teaches that prayer is always important in our daily lives Brook kept her faith throughout this entire story and I loved her for it I admired Justin for sticking right by Brook through her entire ordeal right up until the end of the story I really liked Brooks father He seemed like a real down to earth person like my father in law is How he knew Brook was his real daughter I don t know but a father knows I would reread this book again I just love happy endings Please keep the stories coming Roseanna

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    This was a great read History Romance Mystery Can t wait for the next book in the series

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    2019 re read This book really helped me work through some emotions last year so it will always have a special place in my heart I enjoyed this re read and look forward to reading the rest of the series 2018 Review Age Appropriate For 15 and up for romanceBest for Ages 15 and upOkay, I admit, I put off reading this book for one reason and one reason only all the hype The last book I read because of the hype that was traditionally published ended up being a major disappointment I finally decided to read this book, and I have to say that it lived up to the hype.White has a wonderful style of writing and a wonderful way of making her characters feel unique I discovered that in Ring of Secrets However, this book was even better Everything about it just felt rich, beautiful, and perfect.With the exception of one scene where I thought the kissing was a bit much, the romance was my favorite that I ve read in a long time While there are some of the typical issues that are found in a romance, I can t tell them this thing or that I love them , the characters actions and motivations were understandable There were a couple of moments that I nearly cried, the pain felt so real.I loved the beautiful settings and the rich historical backdrop of the story The time was a mix of old horses and cars, of etiquette and throwing off of tradition, the old and new clashing and mixing The different cultures represented in the story only made it richer.The mystery that was part of the story was wonderful It propelled the story forward, kept me guessing, and the conclusion was wonderful I look forward to reading in this series and by this author.I highly recommend this book to those who like romance, historical fiction, and compelling characters.

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    Such a delightful book Lots of details and plenty of drama If you love sweeping historical dramas, with past tragedy and murder and missing cursed gemstones.well, I can t say enough good about this tale It absorbed me all the way from beginning to end Now I am so eager for book two to be published, though I dread the wait for book three Especially since we know that the last remaining conspirator is just waiting to strike again I loved Brook and I loved Justin and I loved Whitby And the supporting characters, from Dierdre right down to Aunt Mary, who faints when she pleaseswell, all of them are so well drawn that they seem very real I kept thinking things were going to happenlike perhaps Whitby really wasn t her father, or perhaps she and Justin were going to quarrel, or perhaps she would come to grief on the powerful stallion Oscuro and not get to learn to drive, or that her cousins would hate her and conspire against her because of the inheritance, or that Pratt will do his best to ruin herwell, some of it happens and some doesn t, and you ll just have to read the book to find out Which is exactly what you ought to do

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    A fine English novel with a hint of Russia Anastasia.Brook simply wants to know her heritage, whatever it might be and discovers she could be an heiress Justin is her long time friend that helps Brook learn her true identity.I enjoyed Justin and Brook s story They are both likable and strong characters I especially enjoyed Brook s independent spirit While I admired Brook s strong character, I was a bit frustrated on how she could forgive one character beyond reason and have no forgiveness for a character worthy There was some mystery woven into the story and a bit of suspense.Overall, it was a good read and I recommend it to fans of historical fiction.Thanks to Bethany House for a copy of the novel The views expressed are my own.

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    Oh my goodness The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M White is an incredible story that kept me engaged the entire time I just read the last word Love, loved, loved this book Thank you Ms White for following your dream through from when this story was first penned by you as a 12 year old I don t know what the original book or what the many revisions were like but I certainly did enjoy the final version that was published From the moment I began reading The Lost Heiress till the moment I finished I didn t want to put the book down Unfortunately work and sleep are also part of life Meet Brook Eden, a beautiful, young 18 year old girl with a lot of courage and spunk A lost little girl who really didn t know where she belong, yet always knew there was so much to her life Meet Justin Wildon, Brook s childhood friend and confidant She loved him always, like a brother or was there than brotherly love there Time will tell.So much intrigue and mystery in this story and just when you think you have figured out the plot, Ms White shows us no we have not Will good win out over evil When the light overcome the darkness Will faith in God and the power of prayer be relevant I am not one to read and tell but if you like the Downton Abbey era I truly believe you need to pick up this book for yourself and find out the mystery of Brook s life How does Justin play a role in her life What is the secret behind her mother s death and the death of Justin s father How does Brook return to a family she was snatched away from Who welcomes her home and who does not What is the secret of the Fire Eyes I am not going to be the one to spoil the surprises that lay ahead for those who choose to read this book.Ms White introduces the readers to the cast of characters in the beginning which I really appreciate because you can always look back when you get the who s who confused and what role they play in the story It s a concept author and movie writers should incorporate into their work.Ms White, I for one am looking forward to reading of your work This book was sent to me by the publisher, Bethany House, to preview read for my honest opinion I was not paid for this review.

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