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Bart Simpson Blastoff quotes Bart Simpson Blastoff , litcharts Bart Simpson Blastoff , symbolism Bart Simpson Blastoff , summary shmoop Bart Simpson Blastoff , Bart Simpson Blastoff fec559fc The Simpsons Creator Matt Groening S Latest Bart Simpson Full Color Comics CollectionCountdown To Laughter Bart Simpson Will Send You Over The Moon With High Octane Hilarity As He Leads The Springfield Elementary Team To The State Eating Competition, Does His Best Not To Embarrass Marge On Mother S Day, Learns A Kwik E Life Lesson From Apu, Gets A Little Bedtime Assistance From Maggie, Bonds With Grampa Over A Junky Jalopy, And Foils Mr Burns Plan To Sidestep Springfield S Child Labor Laws Then, Lisa Gets Some Surprising Competition As She Squares Off Against Bart In A Contest To Win A Prized Pony, Teenagers Homer And Barney Encounter Zombies, And Much, Much It S A Supersonic, Supercharged, Bart Simpson Shebang

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    Like most of the Simpsons graphic novels, they are fun and the art in most cases is spot on with the TV show Sergio Aragones has been doing Simpsons work the past few years and it s a natural match up At times the graphic novels are even better than the TV shows If you like the Simpsons I can t see any reason you wouldn t like the graphic novels.

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    I genuinely enjoyed this collection of ever growing media featuring Springfield s favorite family In particular, the comic medium lends itself well to Bart s macabre tale of mail order pet delivery gone wrong, and Carol Lay provides some gentle philosophical pondering in her Lisa focused tales More Sergio Aragones is also always a good thing here he contributes several tales from Maggie s Crib and a longer sequence featuring teenage Homer and Barney crashing the set of a zombie movie.

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    I loved the television show, and thought the book probably wouldn t live up to my expectations The comic version is even better

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    Public library copy.Great in the spirit of the animation cartoons, nice to see Sergio Aragones doing 2 strips.

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