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    I received this book from Dean in return for a fair and honest review.I love this series, I simply have to say that It started with Broken and I have been lost in the Sanctuary pack s lives ever since So it is very rare for you to find a bad review for one of these books and this one is no different So be prepared to hear me gush Adri s time with Alec has never been smooth and carefree, not even at the beginning but Adri is now showing just the inner strength that Alec always knew she had This book is about Adri than Alec due to circumstances beyond his control, things that have been hinted at in the previous books But Adri s shines Okay, so maybe shine is too strong a word She is exhausted most of the time, pressured all of the time, stressed out 99% of the time and yet she still functions she still fights she still deals with anyone and everyone This girl has got guts She also finds out that she has an ability that she had never dreamed of pardon the pun and feels that she is actually able to do something one on one for a change This leads to a culmination of events that brought tears to my eyes even as I was reading on as fast as I was able to find out what happened next.This book, as well as the whole series, is very emotional and you can t help but to connect with the characters and face their struggles alongside them Once again, an absolute stunner from Mr Murray that you will not regret adding to your collection.

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    Another amazing ReadThank you Dean Murray for bringing to life the world of the Sanctuary pack and friends enemies When this series ends I will be sad, its been so long since Ive come across a series like yours If any readers are concerned that yet another book will be monotonous you will be proven WRONG Each book gets better and better and yet none are quite the same even though they are all the same world I refuse to give spoilers so you must read for yourself

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    2 30 amI was so immersed in the characters lives that one minute took me to 2 30 in the morning There are so many threads to the story that I had to re read some places to make sure I understood I usually don t like books with a lot of story lines This series is so interesting that all the character s storylines kept my interest

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    Oh my God I cant believe I am already finished with the 11th book I love how I finally got to find out what happened to Alec and Adri after the werewolves and the enforcers ruined their home and wedding Adri really does become the Alpha in Marked since Alec is practically out of commission the entire book I loved the determination Adri had each time she went in Alecs dream to save him This book puts Alec and Adris love in a totally different perspective The ending in the Epilogue was amazing, and the ending in general But I feel bad for Adri at what she had go sacrifice to save Alec I am on to book 12 and I hope the series never ends.

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    Book 11, I am of mixed minds here I enjoy the stories quite a lot and am anxious to find out what happens nextbut at the same time, I will be sad when the series finally ends It s been a great read so far, and I love how this is atypical in the YA fiction genre I have really enjoyed watching all these characters in this series change and grow Definitely, you need to read them in order Use the author s website to determine where to start I started with Broken.

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    this is a review for all 11 books i just returned to the real world after reading all 11 Reflections books Believe me when i say the Reflection series was one of the BEST series i have every read i use food analogies to rate and review the books i read.this was a smorgasbord of all the best things in the world i could not put down these books if i was french person i would kiss my fingers and say exquisite.

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    What a fantastic read I have enjoyed the whole series thus far, as I finish 1 book I have to start the next The plot gets under my skin that I cannot stop and before I know it time has gone and I have not done anything that i was supposed to Alex and Adri are quite a couple Keep up the great reads Dean Now to get book 12.

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    How do you hold everything together and protect your fiance This volume of the Reflections series is all about Adri and Dean Murray has written a very strong female character I am not so sure that this is really an 18year old a couple of months after dropping out of high school, but it is a very good read, although once again violence is a large part of the story

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    love the storyline interest to read love the series can t wait to the next book is out on the series

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    Dean, I loved it I couldn t put it down and I never want this series to end Thanks for the great read

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