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    Happy memories, our greatest treasures, we all have them, we all sort through them and they make us feel good What if your memories could be stolen What if you could forget the most important people and events in your life What if you forgot you LOVED your favorite candy GAH That is just what is happening in a place called Nameless, because one dark soul is looking for the best memory ever and it is stealing them from its victims What if, like Daisy, you learned that Nameless was a real place and it existed right below the boring little town you lived in One ancient letter, never opened, becomes too much for Daisy to resist when she becomes proprietor of the family curiosities shop That letter will begin a journey that may steal all that Daisy holds dear in her heart, unless she finds a way to stop the evil before it steals all that she is, leaving her an empty vessel who wanders lost in Nameless with countless others who thought they had reached Utopia.Welcome to a world of magical dreams, curious claims and the spellbinding writing of Amie Irene Winters Welcome to the tale called Strange Luck Ms Winters will mesmerize every reader with the complexity of her tale, while causing goosebumps at the thought of losing those precious treasures within our minds and hearts It is those memories that the thief wants, only the best of the best, the priceless ones and now Daisy is trapped, her memories being taking slowly, but surely Time is running short, but she is determined to understand and stop the vile entity before there are no memories left anywhere Will she find a way to stop the monster Will she save his previous victims Will their memories be returned Definitely a memorable read It HAD to be said Brilliant writing from a talented author.I received this copy from Amie Irene Winters in exchange for my honest review.Series Strange Luck Book 1Publisher Amie Irene Winters 1 edition June 2, 2015 Publication Date June 2, 2015Genre 12 FantasyPrint Length 210 pagesAvailable from Barnes NobleFor Reviews More

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    This book grabbed my attention from the beginning I loved the shop, Strange Luck, where is begins And then Winters take you on a wild ride full of talking ducks, wizards, fairies and The book is full of strange settings and the adventure is such fun A great story with fantastic writing Here are just a few quotes that I loved There s just nothing frustrating than not being able to find something that s right in front of you Most people aren t with their situation and are always looking for a way out They always think the grass is greener on the other side of the hill, but in most cases, it s not In our entire relationship, I don t think we had ever just stared at each other quietly like that I wanted to say so many things or wanted to hear him say them, but neither of us dared to say a word Night quickly descended upon the Nameless, squeezing out every drop of light until only darkness remained.

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    An enjoyable story featuring a young and likeable pair of main characters, magic, danger, adventure and some interesting twists It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz.

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    Strange Luck is a fabulous, fantastical mix of magic and imagination, exploration and uncertainty There are lots of great YA elements first love, first time traveling, self discovery but what I loved the most was the seriously enjoyable visitation to childhood wonderment What better way to get to a magical paradise than by digging through a pile of bigger and bigger toys Through the main character, Daisy Daring, we get to meet a wizard, become a fairy, have a discussion with a talking duck, and far The book was told in first person POV, and I felt like I got to experience all of these things first hand The concept of a world where an evil entity only known as him steals happy memories so that he can find the perfect one is very original The deeper reason behind this theft is even of a fascinating concept Imagine if you had to avoid thinking of good memories while trapped in a dangerous place that you re told you cannot escape, and every time you do remember them, you forget and don t even realize it The effects of that are far reaching Without knowing what made you who you are, how can you remain the same person Your personality would start to erode along with everything that makes you you At first I thought the ending was going to be pat, but it took a sudden turn for something surprising and clever I can t wait to visit the antique store, Strange Luck, in the next book in this series and see what lies ahead.

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    The first page was intriguing, the writing setting the mood and leaving me with the initial impression that this was going to be a fantastic read That mood was broken on the second page when Daisy countered it with a modern, slightly slang phrase so this guy was certainly pushing it It was disappointing, as the magical mysterious aura continued to be upset with Daisy s verbalizations Another descriptive passage that I thought worked well But on most days like this one the shop was so quiet I could hear every gear turning in the grandfather clock, which was said to be possessed by the ghost of a murderous musician A vision of the shop is created, a store that is unlike others, and thus deserves to be investigated further Despite the periodic mood intrusions, the overall writing compelled me to continue reading.There are different definitions of YA I have seen YA describes as 18 25, 15 20, and 12 18 years of age If I would have stopped after the first couple chapters, I would have described it as a book geared for late teens, early twenties The reading level dropped as the book continued, and I would assign the overall book to an age block of 12 14 Either less time and thought were dedicated or the author lost her way and settled into a mode that better suited younger readers Unfortunately, the main thrust of the book, memory theft and Daisy s attempts to thwart the monster Farnsworth and recover the lost memories, is extremely convoluted Although time and effort contributed to a train of thought that makes sense, the constant explanations may lose a young teen.Less dismaying yet still bothersome are some of the grammatical errors that were missed and still present well after a year this book was published For instance, though spelled similarly, discretely cannot be swapped with discreetly The terms incredibly loudly and incredibly firmly are wobbly, although may be used as an effect with younger readers and we are then back to the intended audience for this book.So what was good about the book This is a whimsical tale, with quirky characters that a younger reader would enjoy It contains a lot of action, with the main characters in constant danger The author creates a likable character in Daisy, and it is not difficult for readers to become wrapped up in her dilemmas and wish her to succeed The whole idea of the Strange Luck store is an idea that could lend itself to a multi book series, and Ms Winters, through her descriptions of some of the store items, has already demonstrated she could ably handle this.Bottom Line Recommended for readers in their early teens, or for older readers who can overlook some of the elements that fit together, but not perfectly I left some of these out so as not to include spoilers in the review Two and a half to three stars.

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    Memories are a powerful thing and to a certain degree our greatest treasures Think about it, what is life but an accumulation of experiences That first kiss, that warm summer day where everything flowed perfectly, that candy that takes you directly to the brightest spot in your trail in this life Within the pages of the book of the same title, Strange Luck is a lovely antique shop of oddities that gives home to a variety of haunted or at least reportedly haunted pieces to entice people who want to invite a little oddity and a little bit of luck into their lives, even if it is of the strange kind Wallace is the owner of the store and Daisy is his daughter She dreams of traveling and writing although her immediate future has her inheriting Strange Luck, which isn t exactly the most wonderful outcome in her books Among the countless fascinating objects within the store, there is a particular envelope that brings much attention especially since it was supposed to be given to a Mr Farnsworth and has been passing from generation to generation for the last century until an odd looking man comes claiming said letter as his own That s when things start getting interesting and where Strange Luck takes you headfirst into an adventure that feels a bit like the Neverending Story and Alice in Wonderland while exploring a lot of new territory in the Nameless, a world sold as Utopia and which is far from it As beautiful as it is frightening a concept, the idea does tantalize the mind Amie Irene Winters does a wonderful job of keeping you interested in seeing what happens next until the book is over, and you re wondering if you didn t just lose a memory along the way Daisy is a likable character as well as Roger, her best friend, but where this book shines is in the details, the could have beens, the side stories, and the rich foundation of a place called the Nameless I felt myself standing in an area that was the fantasy equivalent of the vast caverns in Journey to the Center of the Earth It is a beautiful book that made me smile and often surprised me with so many wonderful premises I can t help but wonder what a collection of side stories would be like What are fairies really like Definitely recommend this book to any and all who love a good slice of fiction that leaves you wondering what if, over and over again, which is the sign of a story that sticks with you and would no doubt be a memory worth being stolen.

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    Strange Luck is a delightful morality tale with those age old themes of the grass is always greener on the other side and you don t know what you have until it s gone, all wrapped up in a Wizard of Oz like story but on a much smaller scale.Strange Luck is a Young Adult Fantasy, but the main characters, Daisy and Roger, are in their late teens and on the verge of adult life and faced with adult choices Their budding romance isn t mushy and doesn t overshadow the main themes and action of the story.The most interesting aspect of Strange Luck for me, at least is the idea of memories The villain of the story steals people s most prized memories because he doesn t have any good ones of his own Our memories are valuable and must be cherished and savored and kept safe But sometimes those memories are stolen from us through the greedy villain called illness or accident or Farnsworth.This fun little story stopped me in my tracks and caused me to think of my own most prized memories While we often think of the monumental moments as our best memories, we mustn t allow that villain to steal the memories of those mundane moments that are oh so beautiful and precious.And let s not forget about making those fake memories It s called daydreaming, and I do it all the time How can something be so wonderful yet so terrible at the same time chapter 13 Most people don t realize what it is that matters most to them until it s gone chapter 15 Our memories are all that we have in life We are our memories chapter 22

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    I seriously loved this book and am so glad I found out about it through a friend I haven t read such an original book is quite some time and from the very first chapter I was hooked I loved her writing style and felt like I could perfectly picture everything in my mind as I read I loved all of the magical components and whimsical characters, and of course, the protag Daisy This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and I couldn t wait to figure out what was going to happen I don t write reviews often unless it s about something I really love and this definitely makes the cut Highly recommended

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    I have never read books about this type of adventure I usually read love stories This one is fantasy and very well written I was taken away with this bookI absolutely loved it and couldn t wait to finish this one to start the next one I loved how well written the book was and how the writer explained through the whole book of what the story was about Great book and writer I read the second one to this and read it quicker then the first one and can t wait to read the 3rd bookLOVED THE FIRST TWO Here s to the third one Amie I can t wait to read it

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    A fantastic story Miss Winters has woven a tale that will enthrall readers and leave them begging for She has filled her world with compelling characters, particularly the protagonist Daisy, who we found ourselves identifying with better than many protagonists as of late She is clever and easy to project onto but is not without her peculiarities The fast pace of this tale keeps you going, and Miss Winters will always have you wondering what will happen next Though the core of the story is something we have seen before, Miss Winters makes it her own, give young readers, or just those who are young at heart, something to enjoy.We always gripe about formatting, and this book is no different, it is a bit off Nothing too heinous, and most probably will not notice Maybe it is just us, who knows However, Miss Winters style is truly something to behold her lines are well designed which lends her an assist in turning this story from something good into something special She paints in broad strokes and fine details, giving us food for thought and imagery to fawn over we loved it.So, again, it s a story A very fun story, but mostly just a story We will not be delving into the depths of the human soul here, but it is better than some at handling those young adult themes we know so well Teenage angst, small minded parent, ignores daughter s big dreams, maybe I m special, but no one will notice me here these are fairly standard things to see in a YA novel, but Miss Winters works through those and still manages to blend it into a story about worlds and places we can only fathom in our imaginations, or perhaps, our dreams.If you enjoy YA fantasy or just fantasy, we recommend this book Miss Winters possesses and abundance of talent and imagination that she has poured onto the pages of this book to deliver something that is not only delightful, but worth reading, and that is a rare talent indeed As well, the book is priced to sell, and while we do not take that into consideration when recommending a book, we think you should when buying a book HINT It is worth every penny.Full Review

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