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    You know how you see a house from afar and you think it is real pretty The grass looks green, the paint looks white and everything looks neat But when you get closer you realize the foundation is crumbling, the paint is peeling and lawn is full of crab grass.That was this book for me.On the surface, this book feels like it should be a good story The mix up at a fertility clinic over the fertilized egg involving two couples is a really great premise Add in the fact that in the emotional fall out, the two marriages fray at the seams and disintegrate under the stress And as a result the wife of one of the couples and the husband of the other get together.So yeah this is a perfect set up for some great soapy goodness.And yet, the execution is a major fail for me What emotional exploration there is, feels very surface and done for maximum dramatic effect Even the parts about the fertility made me scratch my head The heroine was so excited to find out she was pregnant In places the writing makes it seem like the couple was surprised and relieved the procedure worked But we were told almost on page one that she had been pregnant twice before She just couldn t carry to term The reactions of the heroine seem like those of a woman who couldn t get pregnant before and was celebrating a long wished for success Not those of a woman who had been pregnant twice before and feels anxiety that she might have a third miscarriage She just doesn t exhibit any anxiety or fretting about this It is odd that that element wasn t explored There is lip service but basically it is hand waved away.And while I was looking forward to soapy goodness, this book took soap and cranked it up to mach 10 Let s see we get Quickie divorces I have no idea what state this book takes place in but whatever state it is, they can get a finalized divorce in the matter of a month or two Cheating Everybody except the hero heroine in this book have cheated on their spouses Fathers, friends, co workers, shady women seducing husbands etc And all of these people cheating in some way or other affects the hero heroine s lives Fist fights There were at least 4 fist fights by my count At least one of them was the heroine fighting someone at her workplace Spousal abuse At least two incidences here the hero heroine are reviled for dating inter racially by both random strangers and just introduced co workers Torn from the headlines Driving while black racist cops Crazy exes Crazy mistresses Surprise PTSD Wait, where did that come from Surprise BDSM Suddenly we get whips, blindfolds and hot wax at like 74% into the book What Inheritance fraud Blackmail.By the time I got to the view spoiler kidnapping hide spoiler

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    I m gonna start with my dislikes and will work up to the likes 1 Not wanting to sound like I m Catholic than the Pope but the amount of cheating in this book way too much The protagonists got cheated on, clearly And kind of every other relationship in this story had to deal with spouses who couldn t keep it in their pants But what I hated most all the black men but one, namely the brother of the female lead in this story have cheated on their wives This trope is getting old, y all.2 There was no escaping the drama the cheating, the mix up, cheating, dealing with overbearing ex in laws, dealing with crazy ex wife, cheating fall out, some brouhaha around an inheritance, greedy people, something happened to the kid, people were beaten up, malicious ex colleagues, someone had PTSD which came out of nowhere and I m still debating if this was purposeful to the story or not it went on and on and on This book could have ended like 100 pages before it actually did I know, I always ask for proper long reads, but the emphasis is on proper The storyline was all over the place and at a point it was just dragging along 3 I hated the female lead s name Kanielle Apparently Danielle is too common a name to use in a romance book I was constantly reading it like Kanye West, who I despise Didn t help with warming me up to the female lead 4 The story was original the mix up was a perfect one as far as mixed ups go 5 I was utterly happy with how the antagonists were dealt with Much deserved pay back 6 Loved the cover

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    Perfectly mixed drama I have to start off by saying that I bypass this story several times and read other stories This is the first time that I read this particular author And I guarantee you I ll be reading her other works very soon This is the love story of Brandon and Kanielle And the full circle it took for each of them to find each other Perfectly mixed is on the surface about conceiving a baby through in vitro fertilization And all the trials and tribulations that are associated with that process The story starts off with two couples that are experiencing difficulties becoming pregnant The natural way These two couples meet briefly in a waiting room at the fertility clinic Each couple is desperate to have a family however several weeks later only one couple is happy the other is devastated And that is the beginning of the drama between these two couples This novel has it all it has drama romance erotica comedy for sure heartbreak and redemption you know what it s just like life it was so real and down to earth Ancelli you knocked it out of the park on this one As I said in the beginning of this review I m looking forward to reading of your work in the very near future Definitely a five star read I wish I could give it six stars This story and the characters will be with me for a while.

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    As a persnickety lover of high quality Interracial Romance novels, I love the progress that Ancelli has been making ever since she released her first literary effort As previously stated, I did not like that book but at some point, I do plan to read the revised version So getting back to her latest release, Perfectly Mixed, I can definitely say that I liked it, but it wasn t without some issues Before I jump into that, please allow me to say that when Ancelli is on point with developing delicious drama amongst her angsty characters, that it s an awesome thing to behold As a matter of fact, this Chica will make you want to read past your bedtime, so far in fact to the point where you will only get about 4 frickin hours of sleep, before you absolutely must get your tired behind out of bed, to face the day Crafting inventive worlds that captivate readers, demonstrates that she s grown, a lotHowever in regards to this book, I believe that this book should have been edited a lot better, and that the beginning was a little too slow Also, there were some issues where the dialogue seemed a little off kilter in a few areas Other than that, this book is great way to enjoy a lazy afternoon Giving this one 3.5 stars.

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    Such a pleasant surprise Lots of twists and lots of drama I love the naturalness of the authors voice I think I may have found another one to add to the favs list She made an improbable storyline seem so realistic, by adding down to earth characters with practical dialogue Without giving away to much, Brandon and Kanielle are both going through invitro at the same clinic After a mix up at the clinic everyone life is thrown up in the air Family secrets, betrayals, and life lessons abound.

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    This was fun Def out of my usual reads, but I enjoyed the ride.and wish I could ride Brandon pI think there were some cameos from characters from other books, but I m not sure They seemed important It made me want to check that out or see if they have a book.

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    3.5 stars Likeable characters and fairly original plot I didn t care for all of the over the top drama and unnecessary violence Seriously, these people made Monday Night RAW seem tame.

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    Ancelli can really pull on my heartstrings 5 stars

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    PERFECTLY MIXED is my first read from author Ancelli and I am so glad that I finally tried this one The story is well written with realistic characters who all have believable flaws that many readers will recognize and even relate to The main characters Kanielle and Brandon are each in marriages that are affected by issues of infertility Kanielle is feeling the pressure of producing an offspring that will continue her husband s family line to satisfy his parent s and grandmother s wishes For Brandon, it s a matter of actually saving his marriage as his wife Maggie s need for children and her inability to have them continues to strain their connection as a couple.Although I enjoyed the story and found it an easy read, each and every character has an issue that bothered me Kanielle stays in a marriage that is not just stressful, but her husband is not only untrustworthy but has been abusive as well Yet, Kanielle has not only stayed with this man, but has continuously tried to conceive a child that would be brought into a messy situation I don t like that The thing that brought Kanielle to her breaking point should have come long before it actually did Robert, Kanielle s husband is just an overall awful person He doesn t show love and respect for Kanielle and I couldn t believe that she would want to have a child with him in the first place.Brandon doesn t come off as much of an alpha personality he is much of a wait to react kind of man He s a good guy and proves it over and over again throughout the story so I m not sure what it is that makes him seem less than an alpha but that is just the impression that I got from his actions Brandon has some issues that aren t disclosed until later in the book and I think that if they had been explored and earlier in the book it would have been a good addition to the overall plot Ancelli s plot does have a few nice twists that were surprising and made the story speed up towards the end I will also point out that it was nice to have a black heroine who isn t biracial, not described as being fair skinned with long hair and light or green eyes It s nice that a traditionally featured black woman was good enough to be the heroine of the story I have no problem with the former because I have read many IR romances where the heroine has those characteristics and I enjoyed the story However, it was very nice to have a heroine with brown eyes and skin who didn t have to have anything exotic or different in her genetic background to make her beautiful or interesting Just saying PERFECTLY MIXED is nicely paced with a completed story and a happily ever after that won t leave you disappointed I will definitely be exploring of Ancelli s writing You can find from me at Monlatable Book Reviewshttp www.monlatablereviews.com

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    Wow were do I start I had been waiting on this book for a while and I was not disappointed This book had so many twists and turns that I did not see coming, and kept me on the edge of my seat I LOVED BRANDON.can you say ALPHA MALE I went through so many emotions while reading Brandon and Kanielle s story but I expect nothing less from Ancelli, she knows how to weave tales that have you crying one second and wanting to punch a wall the nextand a few characters in this book had me close to doing the latter I must say I was very happy with the length of this book, I ve read so many books where I felt cheated out of the whole story..I had, had, had to have ALL of Brandon and Kanielle s story.I definitely got their whole story in this book and I feel content that I got to experience it all As always WELL DONE ANCELLI Dawn My first review on Goodreads

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