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    Another unicorn anthology I ve had in my room for several years that I never read I kind of liked this better than A Glory of Unicorns in the fact it had poems, but it still wasn t that great It features two stories that are chapters from series that aren t even the first of the books Like the previous anthology, I decided to actually skip some stories that got boring or that I felt like I needed to read the whole book to actually get.

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    I read this AGES ago, and it was a quick 2 day read at the beach while Charlotte had her swimming lessons I was particularly interested in the Jane Yolen stories, because as much as I remember probably reading this as a kid, I don t remember The Transfigured Hart, and I m surprised I hadn t diligently tracked it downbut I will now I do remember The Boy Who Only Drew Unicorns that had stuck with me in the back of my head where I save the good stuff It s a cute ish treasury that seems, well, dated somehow I guess I m not used to reading these kinds of collections any so many of them that come out now seem to be a little better at isolating stand alone stories, and not needing practically a whole page of italicized preface before a story I mean especially the excerpts from Madeline L Engle s A Swiftly Tilting Planet one of my favorites when I was a kid and from The Last Battle by C S Lewis another favorite Specifically the Narnia bit, which was only very tangentially about unicorns The L Engle excerpt was explained too much and edited too strangely they really could have skipped straight to coming down on the Unicorn s home planet, without all that lost at sea stuff Anyway, I m glad I re read this, and I would probably not need to read it again, except to maybe look up the name of the Yolen stories if I forgot them again Oh, Patricia C Wrede s The Princess, The Cat, and the Unicorn was pretty excellent, in true fairy tale form I do enjoy a vain Unicorn, and the titular Unicorn was particularly so.

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    I remember only so so liking this as a child, and that still holds up I liked several of the stories the cat one, the one with the maze , but many of the rest left me cold The illustrations are absolutely wonderful, though.

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    Everyone knows what a unicorn is Or do we Each story had a slightly different unicorn in it Each poem adds ideas The lore part shows unicorns are worldwide in one form or another.Some stories and poems are better than others, as is typical in an anthology All are easy to read Two are excerpts from novels and a bit disappointing as they are such short out takes.If unicorns interest you, this book is a good choice for fun reading.

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    Cute little collection of unicorn stories and poems I picked this up at a used book sale at the Haskell Free Library on the Canadian border in Vermont I mostly bought it just to have something from that library.

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    Treasuries are always hard to rate Some of the stories were just ok while others were splendid My favorite was The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn by Patricia C Wrede It put a big smile on my face If your a unicorn fan, this is a great treasury to add to your collection.

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    Stand outs The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn by Patricia C Wrede always fun The Court of the Summer King by Jennifer Roberson enjoyed so much I ll be looking for of her work

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    This is an excellent book for young people It was a childish book, and the stories were a little silly but all beautiful in their own way It was a nice read.

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    When my daughter was younger and we owned a ceramic business, she painted a unicorn that she still has today As she got older and adept at painting it was repainted a lavender with sparkles all over itl The mane and tail were glittery pink and it had a golden horn It came as no surprise when she handed me a book full of unicorn stories, poems and unicorn lore The stories were very crisp and refreshing This collection of stories and poems were told by some of my favorite authors like C.S Lewis, Jane Yolen and Madeleine L Engle That is not to say the other contributors were not good I was not familiar with many and that made the book even charming The cover art was gorgeous It takes anyone who has ever loved fairy tales and transports them back into that world It was snatched up the minute I put it on my shelves This is a must read for all who love unicorns.

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    This was a charming collection of short stories and poems with one thing in common unicorns However, all unicorns are not created equal, and I enjoyed the various types and personalities of the unicorns illustrated in this book.There were a couple of excerpts from larger novels, which I didn t enjoy as much because I would ve much rather read the entire novel, and not just an excerpt My top 3 runner ups for favorite story were The Unicorn in the Maze by Megan Lindholm, The Snow White Pony by Ardath Mayhar, The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn by Patricia C Wrede And my absolute favorite of them all was of course the last one The Boy Who Drew Unicorns by Jane Yolen.

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