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The Curiosities explained The Curiosities , review The Curiosities , trailer The Curiosities , box office The Curiosities , analysis The Curiosities , The Curiosities f7b0 The Follow Up To Susan Gloss S Successful Debut, Vintage, Is A Charming Mid Western Story Of Artists, Inspiration, And How To Reinvent Your Life With Purpose And FlairNell Parker Has A PhD In Art History, A Loving Husband Named Josh, And A Craftsman Bungalow In Madison, WI But Her Last Pregnancy Ended Later In The Second Trimester, And Rather Than Pausing To Grieve, She Pushes Harder For Testing And Fertility Treatments Urging Nell To Apply For Jobs, Josh Believes His Wife Needs Something Else To Focus On Other Than A Baby That May Never BeFinding A Job Turns Out To Be Difficult For An Art Historian Until Nell Sees The Ad Seeking A Director For A New Nonprofit Called The Mansion Hill Artists Colony The Colony Is The Brainchild Of The Late, Unconventional Society Dame Betsy Barrett, Who Left Behind Her Vast Fortune And A Killer Collection Of Modern Art To Establish An Artist In Residency Program To Be Run Out Of Her Lakeside Mansion The Executor Of Betsy S Estate Simply Hands Nell A Set Of House Keys And Wishes Her LuckNell Dives Into The New Role And Discovers That While Finding Artists To Fill The Three Residency Slots Is Easy, Managing Their Eccentric Personalities Is Not There S Odin, A Young Metal Sculptor, Who Keeps The Other Residents Awake With His Late Night Welding Projects And Annie, A Dreadlocked Granny Known For Her Gritty Photography, Whom Nell Is Almost Certain Is Dealing Pot Out Of The Basement Studio Lastly, Paige, An Art Student From The University, Takes Up Residence In The Third Floor Turret, Experimenting With New Printing And Design Techniques, As Well As Leading A String Of Bad Boyfriends Upstairs When She Stumbles Home Late At NightDespite All The Drama, Nell Finds Something Akin To A Family Among The Members Of The Creative Community That She S Brought Together And When Her Attraction To Odin Begins To Heat Up, Nell Is Forced To Decide What Will Bring Her Greater Joy The Creative, Inspired World She S Created, Or The Familiar But Increasingly Fragile One Of Her Marriage

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • The Curiosities
  • Susan Gloss
  • English
  • 09 August 2017
  • 9780062270368

About the Author: Susan Gloss

Susan Gloss is the author of the novels VINTAGE and THE CURIOSITIES She is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, where she majored in English and Spanish, and the University of Wisconsin Law School She lives with her family in Madison, Wisconsin.

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    Art is like life It s fragile, but that doesn t mean you should never take a risk It always feels serendipitous when a novel lands itself in your hands at just the right moment in life, at a time when you can truly connect and appreciate the journey painted across the pages.My first experience with Susan Gloss s work proof positive that there s solidarity to be found in our shared experiences and vulnerabilities Putting a voice to the things that haunt us the most can often be healing Gloss introduces readers to Nell, a woman with a PhD in art history struggling to identify her next move in life especially if motherhood is out of the question The tragic loss of Baby Girl Parker, followed by three unsuccessful and very expensive rounds of IVF, find Nell overcome with grief, drowning in debt, and continuously lying to her husband s face Until the opportunity to be the director of an artist s colony lands in her lap and provides a reprieve of sorts It s a cruel joke of nature, really, that our bodies are ready for babies long before our brains I m not sure if there is a string of words fitting to my life For some women, motherhood is a no brainer For others, like myself, it takes a bit time to sign your name on the dotted line for the adventures parenthood promises Once the decision is solidified adding a little to the mix now a definite want it can be defeating and humbling when conception doesn t happen instantaneously Suddenly noticing every pregnant woman and newborn baby within a mile radius is par for the course, I guess And one of the reasons, aside from the similarity in our ages, that I found myself connecting with Nell Gloss takes things a step further, exploring heartbreaking loss, grief and the reality that there is a way through together.What I found interesting was how Gloss juxtaposed the two very different women at the heart of the story Nell, who ached for nothing than to be a mother and Betsy, who never had the desire, opting instead to travel the world with her husband and immersing herself in local art scenes Upon her death, Betsy bequeathed her home, art collection and fortune to provide residencies to artists looking for a time out And in a twist of fate, hope and a much needed lifeline to Nell While the majority of the story is told from Nell s perspective, Betsy and the three artists selected for the inaugural year of the residency, each take turns at the helm Weighed down with art supplies and emotional baggage, Odin, Paige, and Annie form a connection with Nell and one another the creative community becoming a family Their artistic prowess and shared stories the catalyst for healing The flow of Gloss s words, and the relatable woes each character brings to the storyline, work in conjunction to ensnare the reader Brace yourself for the myriad of emotions at play here There were a few times I had assumed the author glossed excuse the pun wink over things, only for her to reveal the full story at a fitting time Much like life, the story comes out in due time, when things feel right Thank you to William Morrow for providing a review copy.

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    Grief makes for powerful stories because it is so personal Even when two people lose the same loved one, their experiences are not the same Perhaps it is the finality of death that makes it so we grieve for a future that like all futures, is wholly personal and, because of death, forever lost How we move forward after losing someone says so much about who we are, and who we might become In The Curiosities, Nell s response to her late miscarriage is complex Her desire for a child consumes her and leads her to hide from her husband the vast sums she has borrowed in their pursuit of parenthood But her financial straits also lead her to a job as manager of a nascent artist s colony, and it is through this work Nell must find her future one way or another.Gloss weaves Nell s story with that of Betsy Barrett, the deceased arts patron who founded the colony Betsy s life, lived without apology on her own terms, is a clever counterpoint to Nell s struggles Gloss also uses Betsy s narrative to frame the work of the three artists in the colony, each of whom present challenges for Nell, each other and themselves As a reader, I loved the structure of the book As a writer, I admired Gloss s skill in pulling it all together The Curiosities is full of gorgeous, perceptive descriptions of art and its creation you will feel the angst, triumph and joy And I m a tough old bird but Nell s story brought me to tears, darn it Wonderfully written, with memorable characters and deep emotional insights, it was an absorbing, satisfying read with a perfect ending.

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    The Curiosities is a beautifully written story of loss, grieving and moving on Susan Gloss expertly weaves loss, promiscuity, the opioid crisis, art and vintage antiques into a highly engaging, emotional page turner

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    I loved Vintage and gave it fours stars when I read it back in 2014 and kept my eye out to see when Susan Gloss would publish another book Unfortunately, I found this follow up to Vintage to be disappointing This book doesn t do a good job of linking all of the stories to each other Artists living together in a colony didn t help link things since they were all going through so many things and felt like roommates that passed in the night It didn t help that one of the POVs we get is from a character who has passed away I just felt jumbled the entire time I read this and ended up disliking most of the characters too The Curiosities follows Nell Parker who after dealing with losing her baby in the second trimester, throws herself into fertility treatments leaving her and her husband without his knowledge deeply in debt Nell finds a job hoping that she can start chipping away at their debt She ends up getting a job as a director of a new artist s retreat For readers who read Vintage we know that the character that did this was Betsy Nell ends up focusing on her new artists that are staying at the mansion turned colony The other characters are Paige young and self absorbed , Annie older and self absorbed and Odin harboring romantic feelings towards Nell Nell suffered a devastating loss and I thought the one scene we get to show her and her husband holding their daughter as she dies was heartbreaking If we had gotten of that maybe I would have liked Nell She lies to her husband and seems to be entertaining thoughts about Odin that name you guys Her husband Josh felt present to me as a character and I wish we had gotten some POVs with him as well.Annie was a jerk I hated her whole story line Her studying addiction series sounded pretentious as hell The fallout from it seemed like an after thought to other characters though How no one went off on her is baffling.Paige was boring She meets a guy she likes him and then runs away from it Ho hum.Odin was just there I found myself skimming his chapters The writing wasn t as engaging as it was in Vintage Gloss does the same thing here she did with calling out who is speaking by chapter and including some information on art while doing that In Vintage she included description of clothes, hats, etc and when they were first bought and sold The flow was awful in this one Probably because I found myself only really caring about Betsy s POV chapters I wish that Gloss had included from the characters she introduced us to in Vintage We only see a brief scene that includes Violet The setting of Madison doesn t get a lot of play in this one unfortunately We have Paige going to college and there s a little bit here and there However, most of the book takes place in Betsy s old mansion now turned colony We hear a lot about how beautiful it is and the art work, but I couldn t picture it very well which was a shame The ending leaves things on a slightly hopeful note for Nell I just didn t much care by the time the end came about what becomes of the other characters I tend to only talk about price when I am disappointed in a book and this costing 14.99 was too much Especially for a follow up The last book was 11.99 and I recall thinking that was too high Considering how lackluster this was I am going to just pass on any books from Gloss unless I can borrow from the library.

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    This is an exquisite book about the resilience of the human spirit Nell takes a job as the director of an artist colony that is left in a trust by Betsy Barrett There are three artists in residence, Paige, Annie and Odin This is their story Each chapter is told in the alternating voices of each character To me, this worked beautifully I felt that I knew each character and they captivated me The characters are superbly developed and true to life I could feel their grief, pain and hope This is a book about the intricate bonds that tie us together as human beings It is about letting people in despite our flaws It is about pain, loss and grief and how together we can heal We just have to let people in This book touched me on such a deep level I absolutely loved this book I would like to leave you with my favorite quote Art is like life It s fragile, but that doesn t mean you should never take a risk Highly recommended read.

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    Five very different and complicated stories are told within the pages of The Curiosities by Susan Gloss All are contained by the talented, yet somewhat broken and resilient Nell Its a beautiful snapshot into each life I would love for every character to have a shining moment as captain in books to come from this author This is my first read by Susan Gloss so I am not familiar with her previous works, but that is about to change What a wonderful way to be introduced Tanja Follow us on Twitter Facebook Pinterest BookBabblers Instagram

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    A richly layered tale of the intersection of five very different lives, The Curiosities uniquely depicts how each step in the journey leads us where we re ultimately meant to be Page by page, Gloss proves that the beauty of life like art is often revealed to us a little at a time.

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    I m not sure I ve ever read a book that takes place in my city Recognizing my hometown in this novel was probably my favorite thing From the little idiosyncrasies about Madison like biking in the winter to the street names and places, I loved that I got to see this place take center stage I also loved that the focus of the book is about what makes a life full, about heart wrenching loss in so many forms, and about making a full life in spite of that loss Each character is dealing with some aspect of a broken life and learning how to mend those broken pieces In that respect it was beautiful I particularly felt attached to Nell and both her struggle with infertility and the loss of her late term pregnancy My complaint with the book is that we didn t get a chance to see the characters spend enough time with one another to feel that the family bond we re told they share by the end of the book is real I m not sure I really bought their connection by the end But, overall I still enjoyed the book And I thought the story being told through the lens of art was an interesting choice and one I haven t seen used much before.

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    As many of you know, one of my New Year s resolutions was to read books outside my comfort zone I do read a lot of women s fiction, but I often pass on books that have anything to do with pregnancy loss or infertility.Not necessarily because it s a sensitive subject, but because I often find that it s incredibly heavy and when I read, I want something happy This book caught me a little unaware when it came to its subject matter, but that was mostly my fault.This cover looks so happy and colorful Just looking at this cover made me think spring I have also seen a lot of hype for this book on my social media, and mainly my Facebook group, Bloom Tall Poppy Writers This author is a Tall Poppy Writer and when I saw this book up for review, I eagerly jumped at it for these two reasons I didn t really know what it was about just that I wanted to read it.Had I actually read the description, I probably would have passed, but I didn t and that was a stoke of luck This is an incredible book Beautiful and well written don t even begin to describe how wonderful this book is But forewarning, this book is heavy and does discuss difficult subject matter that might be triggers for some such as pregnancy loss and infertility But, this book takes this difficult subject matter and creates a stunning story of the human spirit.One of the things that really stood out to me was how well Gloss contrasted her two main female characters There is Nell who wants nothing than to have a baby, and then you have Betsy on the opposite end of the spectrum, who never wanted children I thought this was such a powerful way to highlight similarities and flaws within the characters.Even though this was an emotional and heavy story, I loved watching the healing that took place throughout the story There was part of me that was overwhelmed by the story but another part that just couldn t put it down The author should be proud of her ability to take a sensitive subject and make it enjoyable and beautiful.This is most definitely a story about grief, loss, and how to move on I have seen a number of other reviewers comment on how the themes of the book worked so well together and I would completely agree It s interesting to see how some people process grief and I was completely sucked into this story and cycle of grief and moving on The ending is a little ambiguous but I think it works for this kind of story.I haven t read anything by Gloss before but I was very moved by this book and enjoyed it so much I am looking forward to reading by her She is one to watch See my full review here

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