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Sleeper Book Two (Wildstorm Classic: Sleeper, #2) summary Sleeper Book Two (Wildstorm Classic: Sleeper, #2) , series Sleeper Book Two (Wildstorm Classic: Sleeper, #2) , book Sleeper Book Two (Wildstorm Classic: Sleeper, #2) , pdf Sleeper Book Two (Wildstorm Classic: Sleeper, #2) , Sleeper Book Two (Wildstorm Classic: Sleeper, #2) 2a262c852c While Spymaster John Lynch Slept In A Coma, His Prot G Holden Carver Was Trapped Undercover But Now Lynch Is Awake, And Carver, Now A High Ranking Thug In Criminal Mastermind Tao S Organization, Must Choose Between Old Loyalties And NewBut It S Not All That Easy Lynch Is Given A Mission From The Powers That Be To Bring Carver Back Under His Control But Can Lynch Pull It Off Now That Holden Has Thrown His Lot In With Tao And What Is Holden S Life Like Now That He S Given Up Hope He Ll Ever Be Redeemed Torn Between New Loyalties And His Original Mission, Both Lynch And Carver Must Decide Whose Side They Re Each Really OnEEPERBOOK TWOis The Critically Acclaimed Series Written By The Eisner Award Winning Creative Team Of Ed Brubaker And Artist Sean Phillips Criminal, Fatale, Kill Or Be Killed , Now Collected In This New Edition Features Coup D Etat Sleeper AndSleeper Season Two

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    This book picks up right off where the first book left off Lynch is out of his coma..does that mean that all is going to be well for Holden Carver Not.He takes off hoping to stay away from both sides..Tao and his organization and Lynch and his so called good guys They find him and bring him back into the fray.And a fucked up mess it is So much double crossing that at one point it even pissed me off Enough I shouted.These novels do cause your blood pressure to raise Dirty and gritty..I never would trust anyone in Brubaker s world.Miss Misery is back in all her own little crazinessBless her heart I don t know whether to like her character or take a shower after being in this book s world The ending completes the story to perfection though, so it made up for the 37 cuss words I said while reading this book.

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    This book of two completes the story arc of this story of Holden Carver, a sleeper or double agent In pop culture grand, epic oppositional characters seem to interest drive us, such as Batman and Joker In this concluding omnibus volume of a noir thriller featuring two epic nemeses where many of the characters have superpowers, Tao is the brilliant, yuppie appearing bad guy with his pack of criminals, and John Lynch is the brilliant, old school FBI guy Stuck in the middle is Holden Carter, a double agent, whom Lynch placed on the inside of Tao s team When this happens Lynch has to convince everyone including Carter s fianc that Carter has gone rogue, having betrayed all the good guys to go to the dark side And then Lynch is shot, in a coma.Carter knows Tao is bad, but over time, lost in Lynch s coma limbo, or in a kind of state of purgatory, Carter begins to doubt that Lynch was ever a truly good guy I mean, what s the real diff between the good and bad guys, at the epic battle level And, as with Batman, too, Lynch and we begin to doubt that Lynch s methods are compatible with goodness In other words, Lynch loses his religion about the government s ultimate purposes and his part in it In the process, he falls in love okay, lust with Ms Misery, a femme fatale killer, who must kill and do other sinful things constantly to maintain her equilibrium How could such a supposedly good man have gotten turned around with such a woman Have you seen her Were you born yesterday Could Carter actually be considering joining Tao for real In the second half of Sleeper Lynch comes out of his coma for this epic battle between good and evil, and we see what choices Carter makes Carter seems like a puppet on a string, or a punching bag, or pawn between these two kings please god, no metaphors, Dave We get the point.So what makes this worth reading The writing the dialogue, the characterization are really compelling We begin to wonder whether we can ever believe anything anyone ever says As with some thrillers, we enter the domain of the double cross And you will not be able to predict precisely how this concludes, which is what you want with a noir mystery thriller involving criminals with superpowers A reread for me.

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    I had a feeling I wouldn t be disappointed That being said, considering how strong season one had been, the doubt still lingered in the back of my mind Could Phillips and Brubaker create something as strong as the original The answer Yes Season one ends with Holden Carver s own personal Empire Strikes Back All hope is gone for an eventual escape The documents that could ve saved him have been destroyed and the only man who could lift him from enemy territory has been shot, falling into a coma.Holden realizes that he wants out of this life once and for all, intending to do whatever he can to accomplish it Who can he trust in making his break Can he trust anyone Will he be able to take Miss Misery with him All the answers are in this second volume.The quality of season two is remarkable Not only is it as strong as the original but it s surprising to be told it wasn t even supposed to happen In the acknowledgements, Brubaker reveals that he was content in leaving the series as it was following the finish of season one After being swayed by others to continue the story, he put together an outline and a series conclusion within minutes.The depth here is ridiculous with multiple double crosses, keeping the reader in the dark for the majority of the second half Considering how much is going on at anytime, Brubaker and Phillips manage to make it easy to follow.Brubaker and Phillips are a team not to be ignored They re far and above my favorite collaborative team working in comics and I look forward to reading anything and everything they put out.

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    Season two of Sleeper brings Holden Carver s journey to a close I think I may have liked the first season a little better There s an almost manic energy that takes up much of this volume, with Carver being pulled between Lynch and Tao and deciding to play them both Tough game, and I spent much of the book wondering if he d lost it, and what nasty end he would meet The ending was satisfying, complete, and as good as it could be.

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    Deep throat this spy sicle It s that icy cold delicious I didn t think it d be possible to top season one Well, the story took another welcomed twist, the action cranked up, the sex remained fully aroused, vibrating all the way to a satisfying end I have nothing to complain about Miss Misery and Peter Grimm are genius characters I mean, Miss Misery..DAMN What a character I m sad that there s no Sleeper This goes up there as an all time favorite.And boobs.

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    Sleeper Season 2 was a great end too the series, it s very different very fresh idea for a Guy who doesn t really leave the superhero genre I really liked the writing Ed Brubaker is a genius writer, this is a very deep and engaging story you really feel like you re part of what s going on The story has a great ending and alot of action where it needs to be if I have one complaint its that a lot of the filler stuff is unnecessary I mean its not bad but I could have lived with the book being an issue shorter overall great read I recommend both volumes 4 5

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    This reader was initially apprehensive about starting a story half way, but finding a reading copy at an attractive price in a secondhand bookstore and the great reviews and feedback I ve heard, made this an easy choice to pick up and I wasn t disappointed.Season 2 started where Season 1 ended, Holden Carver sinking deeper into the criminal organization he was tasked to infiltrate undercover The death of his handler complicated things because no else knew Carver was on a job Based on hints and flashback scenes in Season 2, Carver was totally out in the cold Season 2 mixed the story up by returning Carver s handler and him dangling a lifeline back into Carver s old life.I knew writer Brubaker could write cloak and dagger stories with his work on Captain America and Winter Soldier, but Sleeper predated his Marvel work and it s just as good.I couldn t see it from Captain America because he brought several characters from the Cap mythos but it is in full display in Sleeper Brubaker hates superheroes The cape hate is full blown here Carver and his crew maim or kill several supers in Sleeper Even Grifter, the most recognizable character is without his signature mask It is almost a spiritual predecessor to Garth Ennis The Boys, especially with the depiction of the excesses of super crime culture.If I could find a major fault in this story, it s probably because Brubaker comes from the Bendis school of caption boxes There s a lot of it, which hampered artist Sean Phillips strong graphic storytelling.This was a great read and I would definitely be looking for Season 1 and read the whole story.

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    Excellent Seriously, this is so good I think at some point reading it I must have stopped breathing Sleeper Season Two continues from Sleeper Season One I know, who would ve guessed Where Season One dealt mostly with Holden trying to get out from his position as undercover agent, Season Two finds him very much entangled in the plans of Tao and Lynch There are conspiracies and double crosses and triple crosses, and a wonderfully fucked up romance This book had me at the edge of my seat the whole time, and there quite a few unexpected twists and turns The only thing I didn t like was the origin story of one particular villain in this one, but it didn t have any impact on the rest of the story which may be part of why it bugged me I don t know Other than that, a really great book.

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    That rare treasure a sequel that I enjoyed even than the original when I loved the original to begin with In this volume, there is even uncertainty over the loyalties of all of the characters Brubaker pulls this off as well as I ve seen it done in any medium Sean Phillips art work even grew on me as the series continued Highly recommended as long as you don t mind a little over the top sex and violence.

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    Un buen final No se porqu pero ten a miedo de que la serie fuera a bajar en calidad en este segundo tomo, pero Brubaker cierra la historia de manera muy efectiva.Serie que probablemente relea una y otra vez ya que la disfrut much simo.

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