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The Little White Horse pdf The Little White Horse, ebook The Little White Horse, epub The Little White Horse, doc The Little White Horse, e-pub The Little White Horse, The Little White Horse 71041a0a21f When Orphaned Young Maria Merryweather Arrives At Moonacre Manor, She Feels As If She S Entered Paradise Her New Guardian, Her Uncle Sir Benjamin, Is Kind And Funny The Manor Itself Feels Like Home Right Away And Every Person And Animal She Meets Is Like An Old Friend But There Is Something Incredibly Sad Beneath All Of This Beauty And Comfort A Tragedy That Happened Years Ago, Shadowing Moonacre Manor And The Town Around It And Maria Is Determined To Learn About It, Change It, And Give Her Own Life Story A Happy Ending But What Can One Solitary Girl Do A New Fashioned Story That Is As Wonderful As The Best Fairy Tales

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    There are some beautiful aspects of this story, especially the descriptions nature, food, clothing there s a richness to them that is very appealing And the characters were interesting, although I can t say I loved any of them.But the didactic elements Man, I see why Goudge set the story in 1842 instead of a century later, when it was actually written Over and over, the emphasis on Maria having to learn to accept and embody feminine virtues and they are explicitly denoted as feminine, repeatedly Be obedient Don t ask questions Sacrifice for others although, interesting, Maria never ends up having to sacrifice much, she pretty much gets her own way and leads a pretty princessy lifestyle Don t be proud Forgive everything Above all, don t quarrel And the foil character of Maria s blameworthy ancestress who was too proud to forgive her husband for little offenses like, oh, pretending to be in love with her when he really was after her inheritance, and then probably killing her father and infant brother to secure them And in real life view spoiler there is no way a man who had successfully battled through the feudal system to become a lord decided to just go live in a cave and not tell anyone, and if he did he was an asshole for abandoning his wife and daughter hide spoiler

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    This is a book that revels, without shame, in the star dusted dreams of young girls It is pure wish fulfilment in the most delightful and honest of ways and does not pretend to be anything else Miss Goudge s beautiful prose is descriptive in infinite detail Each time you enter a room or meet a character or enjoy a meal it is explained in full down to the colour of the napkins or the pattern of the curtains She creates a world that is both welcoming and comforting, with an edge of danger and past mistakes that form a backdrop, like a shadow, making the beauty of Moonacre seem brighter Some may find the Christian themes of the book rather strong, or old fashioned, but they come at one less aggressively on rereading and are mostly inoffensive and gentle I personally, never liked the Old Parson much, but as I love all the other characters I am willing to forgive him.Since I first read this book I have visited Compton Castle in Devon, which is believed to have been the inspiration for Moonacre Manor It truly shares the spirit, if not the exact layout, being the most lovely and cosy Castle I have yet seen If you would like to find the Well it is out in the narrow alley that runs between the kitchen and the orchard, and is to this day, filled with ferns.If you are able to, it is worth purchasing the collectors edition of this book, which has the wonderful illustrations of C Walter Hodges including the colour plates and the maps It makes for a doubly beautiful experience to read.There has also been made a film of the book in 2008, under the title The Secret of Moonacre Although aesthetically lovely, it was poorly written and greatly changed from the book I do not recommend it other than to look at the pretty costumes and sets.

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    One of my fav books from childhood one I re read annually Thanks to JK Rowling, it s now undergoing a resurgence in popularity being republished make into a movie Not bad for a book which one the Carnegie Medal in 1946 Ever since I have wanted a round tower bedroom.

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    It seems a lot of those reviewers for whom this story didn t resonate are those who only learned about it as adults after hearing that J K Rowling liked it I think this is one of those books where if you don t read it as a child, you will never fully appreciate it as an adult For me, I first read this book when I was probably seven or eight, and adored it at first read It has remained one of my favorite childhood books There s sheer magic in the descriptions like Maria s room at the manor I wanted a room like hers so badly, with that little silvery door that was too small for anyone else to use , the clothes, Loveday s cottage, the manor itself, the symbolism of the moon and sun, the people, and of course the wonderful animals The plot itself is just lovely but if you go into this reading it from the perspective of a jaded, cynical, literary minded adult, you won t be able to appreciate it.If I had to sum up this book in one word, it would be exquisite This book is precious, beautiful, moral, and unsullied by modern ideals Yes, people have called it dated, but when you read a book, you are leaving your world and entering into the book s world, which should be appreciated for its own worth I feel bad for those who can t appreciate this story because it s old fashioned or too religious, because they really missed out on an enriching experience So those of you with little girls or who know little girls who like reading Little Women, A Little Princess, etc., try adding this book to their pile.

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    Some people may have seen the film loosely based on this book, I read this aloud to my daughter, who realised she had seen the film but as it turned out the book is quite different to the film.Set in the Moonacre valley, a young girl who has recently been orphaned comes to live with her uncle who is Sir Merryweather owner of a wonderful house When Maria is shown up to her room she discovers it has a tiny door with a tiny silver horse shoe knocker, only big enough for herself to go through As with many parts of this book, the description of her room is wonderful and would really have captured my imagination as a child We get to meet the various characters in the story and hear their stories which all interweave throughout the book.Personally I wasn t so interested in the historical family feuds and good verses evil elements of the book but there was much we really loved The animal characters in this book were wonderful Wrolf who is Sir Merryweather s faithful hound who has been around for centuries and is large enough for Maria to ride upon view spoiler who is later revealed to actually be a lion hide spoiler

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    The Little White Horse is one of a number of stories that Elizabeth Goudge wrote for children It is set sometime in the 19th century, in the Devonshire countryside that the author so loved and it is an engaging and old fashioned tale, underpinned by both magic and faith.Maria Merryweather was born and raised in London, but when was thirteen she was orphaned and sent to live with her last living relative Sir Benjamin of Moonacre Manor in the heart of the country She travelled with her governess, Miss Heliotrope, and her beloved spaniel, Wiggins Night was falling when arrived, and they were all enchanted by the sight of a moonlit castle set in a beautiful and expansive grounds.The travellers are made wonderfully welcome, and immediately feel completely at home Everything that they might want has been thought of and every detail is right Maria is particularly taken with her tower bedroom, its ceiling covered in moons and stars, its silvery furniture, its little tin of sugar biscuits.There are no servants to be seen, and Sir Benjamin declares that no woman has set foot on the house for twenty years Maria finds that her imaginary friend from London is a real boy living in the nearby village of Silverdew.Yes, there is magic in the air.There is also something darker Maria learns of her sadness and wrong going in her family s history, and she realises that it has fallen to her to set things right.Elizabeth tells her story beautifully she really was a mistress of the art of story telling Every sentence is beautifully wrought every character is clearly and distinctively drawn every place, every meal, every setting is perfectly explained and there is a wealth of lovely detail.I think that this is a book that would work best read in childhood and I do wish I had discovered it as a child but it still has a great deal to offer to the grown up reader who is still in touch with her inner child who loved books.I say her because this is a very girly book.My inner child loved this book.But as a grown up reader I have to point out a few failings.It has a little too much squeezed into its pages, and as a result sometimes things feel rather rushed and there isn t quite as much suspense and intrigue as there could have been.Things fell into place a little too easily, and in the end everything was tied up rather too neatly, with happy ever afters for all.I think I might understand why I think that just after the war Elizabeth Goudge wanted to say wanted to believe that the world could be a better and happier place, that everything could be alright again.

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    If I could describe this book in one word, it would definatly be gorgeous The language, the atmosphere I almost forgot about reality reading it You may be thinking who wants to read a book about a little white horse Honestly, its not like that at all The book is much, much than tea parties and riding sidesaddle, although we first meet the characters in a lovely horse draw carrige Maria Merryweather, who recently became an orphan, is sent to live with her cousin Sir Benjamen with her governess and stubborn dog She is instantly captivated by the magical beauty of Moonacre Manor and feels right at home the moment she enters the castle But beneath all the whimsical beauty, Maria starts to unravel the strange history of the manor something much darker and mysterious than could ever be believed of her new, picturesque home She will soon learn that everything is not what it seems in this beautiful world of hersA maze of caverns, forests, friendship and tangled up love stories, The Little White Horse is sure to please even those who don t believe in fairytales.

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    Sweet, enchanting, quirky, and a little bit magical This was a wonderful children s classic that swept me away with its enchanted setting and lovely writing and had me giggling in equal parts My only regret is that I didn t read it as a child I would have LOVED the descriptions of moonacre manor So beautiful

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    I opened this book thinking it would be akin to The Last Unicorn or The Secret Garden No It is not It is a watered down version of a cheap Gothic romance no offense to fine, cheesy Gothic romances with an overt Christian agenda I don t mind books that introduce a Christian ethic This was not an ethic THIS was an agenda As in, deliberately stating that all the evil charaters are Atheists One of the characters even goes so far as to say that he was an Atheist until he fell off his horse, knocked his head and came to his senses as a result That pretty much did it for me I skipped to the last chapter, which was vomitously happy, as everyone finds their long lost loves and gets married and have dozens quiver fulls of children Also, the main character is so clearly a Mary Sue Her name is even Maria She has captivating silver eyes and an impetuous nature when she isn t being chided by every fatherly character to keep her female curiosity in check Ptooey Impossibly sexist The third strike is the language It s as contrived as an imitation of Jane Austen or the Brontes it has the tone and diction of someone who is desperately trying to tell a fairy tale Also, instead of saying that a character exclaims something, she says ejaculated I know, I should be mature, but it was distracting Everybody going around ejaculating all the time it s just jarring OH, and Maria Sue keeps going through all the book s events with a beating heart well, she s alive isn t she Admittedly, the third strike is really against the editor who should ve caught the vanity pressness of the language Anyway, I probably would have LOVED this book when I was 12 or 13 I hadn t yet given up the ghost on religious credulosity and I would ve been won over by penetrating silver eyes and the detailed descriptions of a too good to be true setting that smacks of fairy That got it one star.

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    Do you like adventure Family pets that are not really, um ,family pets Feasting Ponies Feisty heroines Little boys who drop in for a play date that no one can see but you Long family feuds that threaten to wreck everything unless someone very brave acts quickly with a clear head and great courage This book s got em The story of young Maria Merryweather and her friend, Robin, is a classic The scene at tea, where Robin and Maria agree to marry, had me rolling on the floor It can be a bit wordy, so sit back, relax and take your time Read it aloud if you can, you ll love it.

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