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    More mediocre fantasy from Stanton In this one, Ari, Chase, and Lori have to deal with the consequences of taking the Scepter through the Gap Because apparently that s a Thing That is Very Bad and upsets the balance of magic in the universe And for some reason it means that Entia gets to issue Ari two challenges.This is actually the last book in the series that I remember as a matter of fact, I thought this was the last or second to last book in the series I suppose that really goes to show how much I didn t enjoy the later books, since I ve completely forgotten them over the past decade though I won t be surprised if the memories come back to me as I read further.Anyway, as I said, this is mediocre fantasy So far the series is entirely episodic with no obvious plot goal I m halfway through the series, and I still have no idea what exactly Ari s goals are Obviously, she s supposed to be overthrowing the Evil Sorcerer Entia, but there hasn t been a single hint toward how exactly she s supposed to be doing that The series at the moment seems to be running on a sense of making things up as it goes along each new book introduces some new, relatively unexplained thing for Ari to fetch, and it feels like the fantasy form of busy work I m really hoping a proper goal shows up within the next book or so, or else this is going to be incredibly boring as we get toward the end.I can t say I recommend this, but nor do I strongly discourage anyone to read it Young readers with a love of unicorns will likely enjoy it, and it s a good way to introduce the fantasy genre to children unfamiliar with it Anyone over the age of ten or so, however, will likely find it juvenile and uninteresting.

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    Review in Progress 3 1 2 starsPicks up immediately after book 3 With Dill, Basil and Lincoln having no idea what just happened to their Princess Ari, Chase and Lori are back home at the farm and are trying to find a way back I found the scepter to be strange It has personality but doesn t at other times it seems We also get a new character intro Lots of fire in this book literally I wish Toby was in this book and there is a bit of a confusing timeline involving Lincoln that I still am a bit fuzzy on so I had to turn my logic side off and just enjoy.

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    Another great book in the Unicorns of Balinor series Ari and Chase have been thrown through the Gap with the Royal Scepter and must meet 2 challenges to restore the balance of magic From a race through a fiery pit to a battle with evil merpeople, this girl and her unicorn are in for some serious adventures Stanton was really clever to add some magical challenges to her series It spices things up a bit She continues to do a great job in describing Ari s worries and fears, as it makes her main character relatable to the young girls who read this series As usual, my only complaints are Lori kind of hoped she d be left on the other side of the Gap , and the predictable nature of the story You just know that Chase and Ari make it, but Stanton does a good job of building up the suspense in spite of that

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    This isn t even the kind of terrible I will remember having read a week from now.

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    Still enjoying this series.

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    Series Overview The books are easy reading and much easier understanding to beginning readers so they may be a much better choice for younger crowds for whom they are directed to Also the author Mary Stanton does have a beautiful way with words when she describes the Celestial Valley while her imagination has done a great job with the forming of her unicorns within the story This book in the Balinor series doesn t back up like some of the previous books so if you are unfamiliar with the previous books then you may end up getting lost Unlike Valley of Fear the third book there really isn t much of a storyline that comes into this one instead it is basically the same as the first book Road to Balinor where it tells just one or two events but takes forever to do so in the process What made this book a bit different from the other ones is that Ari isn t the one who can do it all but needs assistance also from others Instead you find how much she needs to rely on her people even when they annoy her for a new character is introduced that is sure to bring some interest to the rest of the series depending on the length of duration for the character The other thing is the Celestial Unicorns don t have much of a place in this story with the exception of the Sunchaser and Tobiano who are secondary characters Interestingly enough since of the introduced character mentioned above another Celestial unicorn is introduced into the cast as a secondary character who was mentioned before although as of this time he really doesn t have any personality development This was most definitely not a book that interested me while her conflict with the mermaids has me thinking Here she was attacked by merfolk as well as Chase who had sword tipped tails There is blood in the water from being cut but magically when they passed the trial no other mention is made of it With the exception of her shattered legs at the beginning it seems that Arianna is almost invincible no matter what else happens to her body she just keeps on moving forward, which is very unrealistic.

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    I m reviewing this series as a whole.I originally read this series way back in 6th grade I remember loving it, mostly because I loved both horses and fantasy Going back as an adult, I see it s still good, but I also see some large issues that my younger self missed or forgot.1 Lori Lori is so effing annoying Stanton kept teasing me with the possibility that she d finally go away, only for her to find some way to stick around and complain Or almost get everyone killed.2 The ending Talk about anticlimactic Stanton introduces a new evil for the last book, one considerably powerful than the Shifter Stanton then delivers the dullest ending ever Practically nothing happens, including wrapping up all those loose ends We never find out what happened to Ari s family or even Doctor Bones.3 The writing was painfully repetitive Each book has to rehash the same description every time we revisit a character I contemplated making a drinking game where I d take a shot every time I read about Chase s shiny bronze coat or how pretty the Dreamspeaker is But then I d be unable to write this review.Overall, I d recommend this to very young girls who love horses If that was you back in the day, the nostalgia factor of rereading might be worth it.

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    Bam Four down, four to go, and this is definitely the best installment in the series so far And now I m going to take a short Unicorn intermission and read something for adults for a few days Ari and Chase have to face the most thrilling leg of their journey up until this point the trial by fire and the ordeal by moonlight in order to restore the balance of magic This book also brings in some new characters like Finn and the Scepter who is hilarious and just so over everything As always, there are lots of well that was easy moments but hey, when I was 9 I m pretty sure I was fine with it The day Arianna, Chase, Finn, and Rednal share at the beach is just the best a calm before the storm literally.

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    It was good towards the end cause it finally got to the exciting stuff.If you catch it in the book it talks about Basil and Dill which is funny because in reality those are spices When i read that i automatically visualized the spices It was hard to imagine them to be two foxes As in the other book they repeat what the Three levels of magic are.Some of the obstacles they endured seemed the same as the other books Talks about finding balance in the world and how to get it by staying determined Quick and easy book to read if you enjoy stories about Unicorns and Humans.

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    I received this series of books as a child through some program where they sent me one each month, and I remember enjoying them I m currently going through my bookshelves rereading books that I m ready to pass on to new owners The story isn t too original, a magic kingdom at war with a lost princess as the heroine, but there s nothing really wrong with it, especially since it is for children There are worse books for a young reader, but there are also better If you or your child is a horse lover, maybe give this series a try, if not, keep looking.

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