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    This popped up on my recommended shelf These books were my JAM back in elementary middle school I bought them from the scholastic book fair I loved them Girls, unicorns, magic, ultimate evil y evil God I remember being devastated when the author didn t continue after book 7 or 8 God Well If you fucking love unicorns and don t care too much about plot resolution, read these books Because these books are about PRINCESSES and UNICORNS and MAGICAL GEMS and UNICORN GEMS and stuff like that.

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    I originally read this series sometime between 1998 and 2003 my elementary school years and as an elementary schooler, I thought these books were great right up until the extremely disappointing non ending of the series I started to reread the series about six months or maybe a year ago, and I returned them to the library without bothering to finish reading the series If I recall correctly, there was a line in the third book that was just so stupid that I couldn t read any Better to let childhood memories stay confined to childhood, I supposed But still, I didn t want these sitting around on my shelf without ratings, so I m finally ready to muddle through them, ruining the nostalgia as I go.So, first book s first I ll ignore all the issues with explaining things to characters for the benefit of the reader, even though the characters already know everything that s being explained to them That s probably a good thing for elementary schoolers Some of them might need everything to be as clear and straightforward as possible.On the other hand, there s a line, and this book trampled all over it The main character, Arianna Langely is actually the Princess of a unicorn and talking animal filled wonderland called Balinor that exists on the other side of the Gap This is all explained within the first two or three chapters And yet in the chapters after the reveal, there are ridiculously unsubtle hints toward what s already been revealed There s no word for it other than annoying Between things like milady, I mean Ari, and in the palace I mean, in the house being dropped left and right, I m starting to wonder why a pair of adults who are so scatterbrained as to forget their cover story every two minutes are in charge of the magical princess whose safety will literally make or break the existence of the entire realm They couldn t find someone better than that to care for this poor girl Then again, she s obviously quite dim herself, because she never once picks up on the hints anyway.And then we get to the main conflict of the story The typical rich bitch character shows up within a few chapters, and she wants to lease Chase for a year Chase being the magical King of the unicorns Obviously, even Ari s pathetic guardians foster parents are smart enough to say no to that one, right Apparently not They sign Chase over to the Carmichael family without Ari s consent even when the father turns out to be an animal abuser, nobody goes to any lawyers, files any police reports, or does a damn thing Let s take a moment to think about this one, yeah These two servants are trusted with guarding the two most important individuals in all of Balinor, and their brilliant plan is to not only endanger Chase, but also betray Ari the freakin princess in the one way that would genuinely piss her off For their sake, I hope Ari doesn t hold grudges, or else these two morons are going to arrested for treason.The only thing I can possibly say to put a positive spin on this is that I seem to recall enjoying some of the characters and some of the later books plots I remember quite liking Lincoln and Toby who are introduced in this book and the Carmichael girl eventually gets bearable, I think And there s a joke about alfalfa that made me laugh hysterically the first time I read it it doesn t really seem funny now, but trust me, back when I was eight or so, that was an awesome joke.

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    I actually never got the chance to know about this series when I was a kid, so I read it as an adult It was a fun read, despite the cheesiness of some parts hey, it s meant for kids, so you have to have an open mind when you read it The unicorns were the best part, and that is the whole reason I read the series anyway.

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    When I picked this up I expected it to contain fantasy elements, but in this book of the series at least those take a major back seat to the girl s mundane domestic issues Even when the fantasy elements do pop up in the story, they aren t presented in a very interesting way I suppose this would be a good story for younger horse lovers Ages 7 10 , but I m sorry if you have to read it to them Also, I can t reveal the particular action I take issue with since it s at the end of the book, but if I were a parent I would consider the main character s actions to be potentially dangerous as well as selfish.It s not that I don t like children s novels or even books aimed at younger female readers, I just didn t like this one.

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    I found this hard to get through I also found it derivative, and using a well worn path It is obviously targeted at younger girls, due to the fantasy world, unicorns, and a lot of references to horses and riding them I couldn t seem to enjoy it, or become involved in the story at all.

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    Unicorns in Balls was an amazing book I don t care what anyone says The only thing that would make this novel better is if it featured characters from The Chosen by Chaim Potok.

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    Read this in the antho Unicorns of Balinor 1 3 Summary below of the anthology.Finished book 1 10 19.I have been reading this series out of order for a few years now If I find the book at the library I get it I love horses and the art work on this series is just great 0 I found this book at my local Russian pharmacy They had created a small lending library in the store anyone can borough a book for free and then return it after you read it Real great idea So I found this book there It was my pleasure to find out the antho had books 1 3 in it which I had not read Score All three books are 3 stars each overall series is 3 3.5 stars.I love the main characters I really really dislike Lori If I could I would gag the b So yeah the characters are relatable totally to their readers The young would learn some powerful life lessons reading this series 0 Note to self Spoilers Arianna Langley Ari,Princess of Balinor,13yo,sis,amnesia,adopted,hurt legs,pal Sunchaser Chase, Unicorn,Lord of Animals,lost his horn,bonded to Ari,pal Lincoln Linc,dog,pal Atalanta Dreamspeaker,Celestial Valley Unicorn,Goddess to all Animals,mate Numinor Celestial Valley Unicorn,Golden One,Herd Leader,mate Ann Langley adopted mom,Anale servant Dr Eliane Bohnes Vet,human,witch,ex nurse Franc Ash Unicorn,leader Rainbow Army Rednal Unicorn Lori Carmichael riding student,rich David Greer Smith horse trainer Tobiano Unicorn

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    Definitely a kids book There s than a few continuity errors throughout But, I love unicorns and magic and princesses, so I enjoyed the hour or so it took to finish Now to track down the sequels at my library or something view spoiler Lori is a grade A badword hide spoiler

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    I read this book back when I was about 13, and I loved it I didn t use to read much, but I managed to read all 8 short books in the series Of course it took me 5 years to do, even though they are simple books, but hey, I still enjoyed them They are aimed at younger readers I d say probably from 9 13 but they are still cool books with amazing unicorns, awesome plots, and nicely developed characters.The first in the series this one, The Road to Balinor is my favorite of all 8, but they are all good When I finished the last one last summer, I wanted for the story still wasn t all the way completed, that s my only complaint the story is never fully finished.

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    Got this at a book sale for a quarter I would have loved this when I was 7 unfortunately, as I read, I kept thinking I could have WRITTEN it when I was 7 I did write stories along these lines The main character is very frustrating The books are so short, though, that I blew through it anyway and went on to read book 2 If I come across any I ll probably read those as well.

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