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    Re read Dec 2015I originally read this years ago and my library did not have the next book Now I have aquired it but before I continued I needed to rehash some details I remember the end of this book was very busy but could not quite remember who did what and that is crucial in this one.Another fun book for the series So far I have really enjoyed this little series by Mary Stanton This book continues to follow Arianna goes by Ari as she and the Sunchaser whom she calls Chase go to Castle Entia, in the Valley of Fear, to retrieve her scepter Castle Entia is home of the Shifter Arianna is still struggling to accept her role as Princess of Balinor and is torn between that destiny and the idea of just leading a simple life and letting go of her past.The story also continues to have Linc the dog , Dr Bohnes, Toby, and the ever annoying brat Lori We also get introduced to Dill and Basil in this book They are a pair of foxes who accompany Arianna to the Valley The ending was unexpected and has me looking forward to the next book in the series These books are perfect for the older child or youth A fun series with story and character Even I, as an adult, enjoy them for a short change of fantasy pace Lori pulls some really stupid stuff in this volume that costs the group dearly I cannot decide if I want to see her grow up of just leave the story Toby, while a bit rude, is actually on of my favorite characters and I wish he had a larger role in this book The foxes are fantastic with bright personalities that jump of the page This book reminds my heavily of the Narnia books with a dash of juvenile Lord of the Rings.

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    Well, here it is The Balinor installment I ve been dreading Maybe six months, maybe a year ago, I started rereading this series Then I got to page thirty five of this mess and started reading the most ludicrous, baffling, and infuriating pro pseudo vegetarianism paragraph I ve ever come across.There are a lot of reasons for becoming a vegetarian or a vegan Maybe you have a moral issues with eating meat That s great Maybe you, like me, have moral issues with the meat industry Or hunting in general Or, again like me, farming in general Maybe you have an allergy or have some other physical need for a specialized diet That s, in a sense, even valid of a reason to cut meat animal products from one s diet I will always respect a person s dietary choices But I will not respect you if your reasoning is moronic And holy shit, this passage was the stupidest thing I ve ever read.And the funniest part of this is that it isn t even genuine vegetarianism being screeched about here I don t even know what to make of it Apparently, in Balinor, there s no goddamn such thing as a carnivore Just herbivores and wait for it insectivores I ll get to that in a minute Let s just think about the first nonsense for a second.Holy no You cannot impose your personal morals on a motherfucking wolf I don t care if it talks to you or if it does the freakin hula Wolves, lions, all these carnivores this book has screeching about how eating meat is TOTES EVIL, GUYS and NOT acceptable HERE IN BALINOR What do you think happens if they don t eat meat All together now, class They die Yeah They die But then again, what am I talking about These things talk So they re obviously not lions, wolves, rabbits, etc They apparently have the completely, 100% human larynxes, tongues, nasal structure, etc required to speak English That s one fucked up wolf, there So maybe these mindbogglingly non wolf lion etc creatures don t need meat to survive But then they re not wolves lions etc, so please stop calling them that Seriously.But this brings me to what s even infuriating Carnivores TOTES EVIL Insectivores Nah, that s cool, bro.Wait, what I m sorry, what Did I miss a memo or something You know, the one about how insects are acceptable for consumption, but a chicken deserves to be the top predator of its particular food web Why are chickens, rabbits, cows, etc deserving of, you know, not being eaten than insects and I ll just assume you re include arachnids in there Is it because insects aren t cute That s cool So can I eat the ugly dogs No Oh, then maybe it s because the insects aren t as intelligent as some of the higher life forms So can I eat people with IQs under 100 No Huh Odd.Exaggerated examples Yes Do they demonstrate my point Also yes I am genuinely confused about the reasoning here And I m not I am not trying to say that any animal deserves in any way to be eaten Really, I m saying exactly the opposite I consider every life human, bunny, lion, turtle, spider, tree to be equal If you want to put a religious spin on that I don t as I m an antitheist that would be all life is sacred So I m positively baffled when another person starts drawing arbitrary lines and categories pointing out which forms of life are better than others, and which can be consumed with a clear conscience I just don t get it.But whatever If you want to pick and choose who s special and who s not, that s your thing I just don t want to read about it in my children s fantasy novel I don t think that s too much to ask And then we get to page fifty five Wherein the TOTES EVIL snake appears The snake creeps out of the trees, speaking like thissssss, to seduce the other animals into eating meat and losing their voices forever le gasp Disgusting Biblical symbolism for the win The snake is specifically referred to as evil before he even does anything He just looks evil In other words, every animal is equal, except for insects and the ones with evil eyes I okay Sure It s not like I don t get it Snakes are evil because Garden of Eden, and fruits from Trees of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and naked people, and yadda yadda yadda All I have to say to that NOT HERE IN BALINOR See I can do it, too And for added fun, the snake turns out to be Kylie s shifted form So I guess this makes Kylie an allegorical Lilith, with Entia playing Lucifer Wow, reading these as an adult is an odd experience.So here s hoping the next one won t be so obnoxious

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    Read this in the antho Unicorns of Balinor 1 3 Summary below of the anthology.Finished book 1 10 19.I have been reading this series out of order for a few years now If I find the book at the library I get it I love horses and the art work on this series is just great 0 I found this book at my local Russian pharmacy They had created a small lending library in the store anyone can borough a book for free and then return it after you read it Real great idea So I found this book there It was my pleasure to find out the antho had books 1 3 in it which I had not read Score All three books are 3 stars each overall series is 3 3.5 stars I love the main characters I really really dislike Lori If I could I would gag the b So yeah the characters are relatable totally to their readers The young would learn some powerful life lessons reading this series 0 Note to self Spoilers Princess Arianna Ari,sis,pal Sunchaser Chase, Unicorn,pal Lincoln Linc,dog,pal Atalanta Dreamspeaker,Celestial Valley Unicorn Numinor Celestial Valley Unicorn,Golden One,Herd Leader Dr Eliane Bohnes Vet,ex nurse Dill vixen,fox,ex slave,mate Basil fox,mate Lori Carmichael Capt Nick Tredwell ship Mr Samlett inn owner,landlord Toby Rednal Unicorn,red band,Celestial Valley Ash Celestial Valley Unicorn guard Dusty Celestial Valley Unicorn guard Rufus wolf,Clan leader Devi weanling Unicorn,Atalanta s discipline Tige wolf Sandy wolf Vanax lion,Chase s pal advisor Bren Prince,her bro Stally Prince,her bro Ann Langley adopted mom,Anale servant Frank Lady Kylie Shifter s Snake,Lord Lexan s sis,ex Queens pal,2nd in Command Shifters Army,traitor,Shifters Counselor

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    Series Overview The books are easy reading and much easier understanding to beginning readers so they may be a much better choice for younger crowds for whom they are directed to Also the author Mary Stanton does have a beautiful way with words when she describes the Celestial Valley while her imagination has done a great job with the forming of her unicorns within the story This book started annoying me off at the beginning of it since there seems to be so much different issues going on with the actual writing Within the first fourteen pages one of the characters was given a personality change back to her old annoying self while there was a conflict between the dress of another character The author also removed the part of the book that I enjoyed, which was getting to know the Celestial Valley herd a lot Unlike the last book with the young weanling you only basically get to continue to know the unicorns Tobiano, the Dreamspeaker and the Sunchaser with an introduction of the Old Mare of the Mountain Why Within this book Mary Staton does a wonderful job of introducing us to another part of this world while also extending on what she has made Her descriptions are still nail on while I must say that the introduction of some new characters actual adds into the story These were saving points for me on the story when compared with the actual other stuff I didn t like Finally in my opinion it seems this book is taking on the same tone as the Narnia series, which I didn t like Although not as extensive or following the exact guidelines anyone who has read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe before can see comparisons in the reading of the two books.

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    I received this series of books as a child through some program where they sent me one each month, and I remember enjoying them I m currently going through my bookshelves rereading books that I m ready to pass on to new owners The story isn t too original, a magic kingdom at war with a lost princess as the heroine, but there s nothing really wrong with it, especially since it is for children With Chase s horn returned in the last book, it is now time for the group to go retrieve the Princess scepter My problems with Lori continue but now it s not entirely her fault Lori tells one of the Shifter s minion their plans, but she is unaware that this person is evil because no one bothered to tell her and she s dumb I ve also noticed that the climaxes of these book are pretty rushed and underwhelming.There are worse books for a young reader, but there are also better If you or your child is a horse lover, maybe give this series a try, if not, keep looking.

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    I was given this book by my teacher back in 2000, so I gave it a try I just could not get into it I thought I would like it because I really enjoyed, and still enjoy, stories with animal protagonists However, I was underwhelmed I think it is mostly because at the time, I was really only interested in reading historical fiction, but whatever the reason, I was bored by this story I know it s a children s book But even at the time, I found it flat.

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    2.5 Stars overall I really need to get out of the habit of half starring Okay 2 stars I ve become quite generous with my ratings, but for a book I very nearly gave up on, I need to be harsher with It just doesn t deserve to be a 3 star er when I didn t enjoy it very often I don t have nostalgia for this series like other pre teen horse novels I m reading I picked this up in my early years of high school but had too many other things to read instead of continuing this series This book dawdled in places and was too short in others Around the 60 70% mark I was going to abandon it, I even picked out my next book but didn t open it I finished it the next morning with a clear and rested mind, however it still shouldn t have taken me four days to finish at 133 page book The starting was interesting, but when they arrived at the village before the big climax it dawdled The interesting part of the novel traveling through the Valley of Fear took only 20 pages, when I think the story would have benefited from longer Those were probably the most interesting pages for me, and could have been extended instead of other scenes The ending also felt rushed I don t understand why or how they ended up back through the gap And also the purpose it serves for the plot Arianna and Chase aren t even freaking out about leaving their friends in the Shifter s land, let alone getting back to stop the war I know the endings have to be made to tie in and have the reader feel satisfied, however explanation could have been necessary Like the pair have to do training together before they can take on the shifter It bothered me how mean everyone was to Lori She s the typical human side character who is drawn into the strange world and doesn t want to be there i.e the BRAT However I didn t think her behaviour was unbelievable or un relatable I totally sympathised with her and I judge many of the minor animal characters for not Don t even get me started on Dill and Basil What a WASTE The constant arguing between the pair could have been good married old couple character flaws, but it was WAY overdone Arianna was my second favourite character to Lori I loved how she didn t want to be a princess especially since she doesn t have her memories back It was super relatable coming into the time period she is Overall I will re read, perhaps not in a hurry, but hopefully the next volume will be better I do like the sound of the farm beyond the gap.

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    Once again, a great edition to the series In this book, Arianna and Chase must find the royal scepter, and once it is in their possession, they will regain their full magical power as the Bonded Pair, and Arianna will regain her memory entirely In my review of the previous book, Sunchaser s Quest, I had complained that Arianna regained her memory too quickly I now see that I was wrong, and that she only remembered some bits and pieces I appreciate that Stanton made Arianna reluctant to become Princess She just wants to be with Chase, but she must make the difficult decision to embark on this journey for the greater good of those in Balinor There is a touching scene in which Arianna and Atalanta sit together in the forest, discussing her options Arianna is given encouragement and sound advice on how best to proceed I think it s important that girls see that the heroine can be vulnerable, and that courage is doing the right thing in spite of being afraid It doesn t mean the disappearance of fear Lady Kylie reached a whole new level of creepy because she can turn into a snake in this book, and stalks Arianna and Chase throughout the story She even tries to choke Chase Also, I have a new level of hatred for Lori, who makes a stupid deal with Kylie, because she s being a baby and wants to go home, even if it means throwing everyone else under the bus That girl needs some duct tape over her mouth, because she just won t shut up The book is a little predictable, because you know they re going to survive this life or death mission The ending, however, was a definite cliffhanger According to a prophecy, only 3 of the questers can return to Balinor I was surprised by who did not return Strong plot, but Kylie was freaky, Lori was annoying, and you knew they were going to make it.

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    I didn t have all the books in the series when I was a kid so this was the first time I read Valley of Fear This series would make such a great game for young girls

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    Another good little read I am really enjoying this little series.