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    I agree with Madeleine L Engle I m grateful that Peter S.Beagle continues to be one of my favorite authors This is the third book I ve read by him, and I love it as much as the other two The Last Unicorn and A Fine and Private Place I love his deceptively simple writing style, his character development, and the development of theme Josephine Rivera is a great thirteen year old girl with all the problems and quirks of adolescence masking a deeper part of her that longs to connect and find something to which she can belong She discovers music, the music of Shei rah, which we all have inside of us if we take the time to listen Shei rah is a separate world, one with unicorns and satyrs that sharply contrasts with Joey s world of shopping malls and freeways However, Beagle makes the point that both worlds have good and bad things to offer nothing is perfect, but one can always find a sense of belonging in the world that makes the most sense for who they are, no matter what Beauty is everywhere, like in a homeless man buying pizza for his girlfriend and telling her it s all for her or in a sonata composed by a young girl to match the music of her other world It s in friendships and connections, meaningful communion with others.I ve read two adult books by Beagle and now this, and I ve found them all to have the same quality of other wordliness, the same beauty, and the same depth I love his writing, no matter whom he writes for I highly recommend this book

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    I m going to love everything this man writes forever and ever.

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    A somewhat dated and fairly typical 1990s portal fantasy It s decent, but IMO, not really worth going way out of your way to find.

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    The music I hear in my head, always, all my life, the music I can never name Joey, not all that content with her family and school, finds herself spending most of her spare time at an old music shop One evening, a strange music draws her through the city streets to the border of Shei rah a country of vivid colours, magical creatures and the flow of beautiful music Joey soon finds that the music belongs to the Eldest Unicorns But however peaceful Shei rah may seem, the Unicorns are all plagued by a condition resulting in blindness, of which none know the cause The Unicorn Sonata is one of those books I knew very little of prior to reading it perhaps because it seems moderately unknown I have had mixed experiences with Peter S Beagle in the past I adore The Last Unicorn but could not warm up to his contemporary works One thing remains the same for all the works I ve read by him, though The writing He has such a beautiful way with words it s almost as though they are magical I believe that magical writing style was one of the reasons I loved The Last Unicorn so much Now with The Unicorn Sonata, as the title already suggests, it is another story filled with magical creatures It is certainly different and not at all what I expected it to be But it was a very nice book either way How do you put music into words I don t think I am musical enough to answer such, but I found it worked wonderfully well in this novel The music itself was the magic and you could feel it just by reading The emotion the characters shared for the music felt so real and believable, and yet most of the time this story read like a dream The world of Shei rah is not untypical, it s a fantasy world very colourful filled with satyrs, small dragons, nymphs and unicorns Perhaps not the most unique setting, but a beautiful one nonetheless I felt there was a lack of conflict, and yet the story carried itself without needing much There was a certain sense of mystery about Shei rah that was enough to keep my interest why are the unicorn becoming blind Why can Joey cross the border Why are the worlds connected in the first place And perhaps importantly why would unicorn be fascinated with our world Although most things were clear in the end, I felt some answers were a little unsatisfactory and could have done with a little The magical writing being its strongest point, I find this book perfect if you want a peaceful read with vivid imagery but perhaps it lacks a little in direction.

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    The Unicorn Sonata is about a girl who finds a fantasy land bordering Los Angeles The book follows the events that happen after she finds it And what happens, is nothing There is no clear plot to the book I found myself reading descriptions about Shei rah, the fantasy world, that I didn t care about nor understood properly I couldn t grasp the fantasy aspect at all and couldn t really keep up with everything Because of all this, I never really got into the book and was forcing myself to read it sometimes The only reason I m not giving one star is the characters I liked most of them with a few exceptions, like Mr Papas and Indigo They were the only redeeming qualities Would not recommend.

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    I started reading this a week or weeks ago What meaning, Time I stopped because, while it had some elements I was excited to find like the music elements , it had one thing that just drained me And that was that when Joey crossed the border between ours and Shei rah, what does she meet but a satyr And I was just so mad that it wasn t something better, something far from Narnia.But when I was able to get over that, I was able to realize the differences, and then it seemedwell, an element after my own heart That thing, doing that thing you ve read done so many times, but making it different.And the homeless lady reminded me of something, something I can t quite remember A few things, mushed together, and so obscuring themselves It s nice and sad and comfortable.Then there are the lines This world, that world, doesn t matter You never make people to see what you see, hear, feel what you feel Notes don t do it, words don t do it, paints, bronze, marble, nothing All you can do, you maybe get it a little close, a little closer But right, like you re talking No No And, The worth is in the reason, not the gift Putting them together And there I ve shared the lines to say what the book is to me, and proved them at the same time But I left out an important essence, too How can I do anything but love Peter S Beagle And it s probably not fair that I give it four stars Rating systems are whack Sometimes I rate like I m thinking of Writing.com where 3 is average and all that Sometimes, I take it literally the way it s laid out on Goodreads Sometimes lots of other things, like the last book I read and how the one I just read relates and all that This time, it s comparing it to The Last Unicorn and A Fine and Private Place When people do it to me, I m told it s a compliment, and so.

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    I love Peter S Beagle, but this is definitely a weak work of his possibly because it was intended for a young adult audience I would also venture to say young girls, in particular There are a couple of shining moments where Peter s unique style and prose show up not to mention his particular brand of humor namely the unicorn Indigo s love of coffee drinks but mostly this is unicorns in a meadow being pretty while nymphs and fauns play It sort of reminds one of the pastoral sequence in FANTASIA or worse, My Little Pony This is not helped by the presence of a twee, arbitrarily latina heroine in her early teens, saddled with the requisit dying grandmother who can only be saved by unicorn magic All in all, kind of a cliche and really only recommended for the Beagle completeist or the target pre teen audience Nice illustrations in the hardover version, however.

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    This is a beautiful book full of wonderful moments Overall, though, it wasn t as good as I hoped it would be Beagle spends a lot of time contrasting the real world with the magic world by listing things like rent to own stores, broken gas stations, etc., compared to blue trees and tiny dragons Wonderful, but he does it three or four times throughout the book without any sort of progression or development of meaning They re almost just lists In fact, his world of magic is lovely, but it doesn t seem to have any intrinsic meaning like the worlds of Tolkien, Rowling, Lewis, Barrie, MacDonald, Andersen and other great fairy tale writers.As in all good fairy tales a great sacrifice is made, but, for me, it wasn t handled well, and came across as anticlimactic rather than the ideal eucatastrophe that Tolkien believed was the essence of a proper fairy tale.

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    I wasn t super impressed by this book, which was too bad, because I loved The Last Unicorn probably because I grew up on the movie I found the characters here to be lackluster, the storyline to be flat, and the world created to be pretty standard There is really nothing new here, so real sense of magic that I found, and very little intrigue I suppose this book is meant for younger readers, but, quite honestly, I think the best young adult books should appeal to older readers as well, and simply be accessible to kids The language here is so simplistic, and the character s voice is just a little too fake sounding, like it s written by an adult trying to make her sound like a kid, but not quite getting it Overall, it s not a completely terrible book, but I didn t find much to recommend it.

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    I don t think this is one of Beagle s best which is why it is, I think, the only one of his books I don t own Nicely written, as always, but the plot moved slowly, and I found the ending rather unconvincing.

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