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Rampant summary Rampant, series Rampant, book Rampant, pdf Rampant, Rampant a30d3eeb7a Forget Everything You Ever Knew About UnicornsReal Unicorns Are Venomous, Man Eating Monsters With Huge Fangs And Razor Sharp Horns Fortunately, They Ve Been Extinct For A Hundred And Fifty YearsOr NotAstrid Had Always Scoffed At Her Eccentric Mother S Stories About Killer Unicorns But When One Of The Monsters Attacks Her Boyfriend Thereby Ruining Any Chance Of Him Taking Her To The Prom Astrid Finds Herself Headed To Rome To Train As A Unicorn Hunter At The Ancient Cloisters The Hunters Have Used For CenturiesHowever, At The Cloisters All Is Not What It Seems Outside, The Unicorns Wait To Attack And Within, Astrid Faces Other, Unexpected Threats From The Crumbling, Bone Covered Walls That Vibrate With A Terrible Power To The Hidden Agendas Of Her Fellow Hunters To Perhaps Most Dangerously Of All Her Growing Attraction To A Handsome Art Student An Attraction That Could Jeopardize Everything

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    This book is about giant killer unicorns GIANT KILLER UNICORNS So why does it have a generic picture of a teen girl on the cover Is it really and truly the case that today s generic teen girl will only read a book with a generic teen girl on the front, because that is how she identifies that it is indeed a book for generic teen girls to read Because if I was a generic teen girl and I wanted to read a book about GIANT KILLER UNICORNS, I wouldn t look for the one with me on the cover I would look for this Or this Or this This is probably why I am not a generic teen girl.

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    why only three stars i really don t know this book should have been an out of the park home run killer unicorns and the teenage virgins who hunt them i mean criminy because i love unicorns i am a girl and it is in our contract and i love the inverting of the traditional, which is not a girl thing, but a me thing and the author earned my respect when she called joel a hipster, but not in an author goes rabid over a goodreads review you know who you are , but in a cheeky, funny way that made me want to throw popcorn at her.so i was totally predisposed to loving this book but i only liked it.and i keep trying to pinpoint the reasons why it didn t blow my dress up premise fantasticcharacters human, likable, intriguing, realistic responses to unusual situations, sufficient badassery with weaponsstoryline several things i didn t see coming, one of which was a dastardly rubbing hands together evil mastermindy plot.pacing medium enough space for character development, but plenty of action scenes with unicorn attacks and some sexy times for virgins, these girls do get around so what s my flipping problem i don t know and it is infuriating me trying to think about what it was lacking to throw this into the five or even four star realm maybe the secondary characters were not developed enough because there are a lot of these little unicorn hunters, but only about three of them get any significant backstory the rest are kind of glossed and it s true i love a big split narrative epic tale but that is such a minor quibble, isn t it am i just getting cranky in my old age while i keep thinking please enjoy this tableau i just made okay, if i am spending my sunday morning making and photographing unicorn crime scenes instead of doing my homework, i am being a very bad studenti am definitely going to read the second part of this, and as many as she writes we will see if this tepid reaction is just temporary insanity, or a sign that i have aged out of unicorn fantasy novels.come to my blog

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    I ll start by saying this is a fantastic premise It s about as high concept as you get Killer unicorns The only basic book idea to hook you in fewer words is Jurassic Park, with, Dinosaurs The author also set up a lot of compelling dilemnas for Astrid, the protagonist She has the special powers of a unicorn hunter thanks to being a female virgin descended from Alexander the Great No one knows why for sure, but that s the way it goes But does she want to hunt unicorns If so, she has to remain a virgin, which means no sex with new boyfriend Giovanni If not, sex might be her only way out as long as she is a hunter, deadly unicorns will seek her out wherever she goes Meanwhile, personality conflicts arise among the girls who are training their hunter powers, and the motives of their corporate sponsor remain shadowy and ominous.Unfortunately, I had a number of empathy issues with Astrid I tend to immerse myself immediately in stories, then experience frustrating jolts of disbelief when the protagonist s feelings or actions don t make sense to me That happened frequently in Rampant.First of all, I seriously disliked Phil, the cousin that Astrid basically idolizes Phil is bossy, condescending, self important, sometimes ditzy, and like many characters in the book inconsistent Her main inconsistency doubles as one of her most annoying ideas that unicorns are an endangered species that should be stewarded, not hunted I m a huge animal lover and an avid supporter of conservation, but the unicorns of Rampant are, at best, monsters that must be physically restrained from killing any human that isn t a hunter That isn t natural carnivore behavior even a unicorn that s happily playing, eating, etc will stop immediately to gore any normal human it smells And that s the tame unicorns The non tame unicorns actively pursue hunters and even taunt them by threatening those the hunters love Forgive me if I have little patience with Phil s vague, unstudied desire to protect them It especially bothers me given that it only surfaces when she s actually sent to hunt unicorns after coming to Rome to train as a hunter, all on the trainers sponsors dime And yet, with no apparent turnaround point, she eventually just stops talking about stewarding unicorns and becomes just fine with the slaughter.Also, did Cory really just second a nomination for Phil to take CORY S UNCLE S job When Neil isn t even there So I didn t like Phil, and I couldn t sympathize with Astrid s thoughts about her Phil had a point Phil was right No, Phil is being ridiculous and tiresome, and I didn t think it was very subtle how the author went, Look, Phil s cool, athletic, popular, good looking, and loved by boys, even though she doesn t have sex On the subject of characters I had issues with Bonegrinder and Lilith Both are horrible psychos who should have been put down Astrid s tolerance of even affection for both, distances me from her Yes, I know she s your mother, but she mocked your cousin about having been raped and then threatened to sic a deadly monster on her And Bonegrinder is a monster I know she s useful for the trial of the zhi, but how can you cuddle and pet a creature that you know would immediately turn on you if you ever stopped being a virgin, and that, given the chance, would murder your family and friends Also, pre rape Phil trains Bonegrinder to balance meatballs on her nose What You re telling me this thing not only can be trained, but can be trained to resist meat And you re not trying to train it not to kill people The trial of the zhi would still work she ll still only bow to hunters WHY WOULDN T YOU TRAIN HER TO BE LESS DANGEROUS Also, isn t it pretty messed up that Neil names the critter that was a part of his sister s murder Not a baby the killer unicorn parents left at home an actual part of the murder And names her Bonegrinder Oh, and that passage where Astrid ponders that this is what her mom would look like if she really was crazy News flash, Astrid your mom is Fruit Loops than Toucan Sam It doesn t matter that she was right about unicorns existing She s still illogical, cruel, and dangerous.To be clear here what bothers me isn t the existence behavior of these characters It s Astrid s failure to recognize and condemn their behaviors in her mind After all, it s her mind that s basically our guide through the story, and I want to sympathize with her.I was also bothered by Astrid s mood swings and motivation irregularities She s getting angry ooh, she s mad now and now she s not She s really upset and she gives up I m always frustrated by characters who work up a real, righteous anger, then just sigh and shrug and don t really do anything After all, when they have real reason to get angry, I m sort of vicariously angry, too, and I want to see them make something happen At the very least, I want them to hold onto it, because then it s like a friend who feels the same way you do That, incidentally, is part of the reason I like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so much I get to be in the Umbridge hating club with Harry, Ron, and Hermione When it came to anger, this book kept faking me out.Also, Astrid flip flops a lot on whether she wants to be a hunter I understand that she s conflicted, but at any given moment, the reader doesn t necessarily know whether she s in, Must seduce boy on second date to get out of hunting mode, or, Let s train with weapons and make the best of it mode Personally, if I were so desperate to get out of this that I tried to seduce a guy I d just met, begged my mom to let me come home, and hoped my absentee dad would sue for custody so that I could leave, then my day to day behavior would not be, ho hum, train with the girls I would lock myself in my room, run away, sabotage training sessions, basically make it clear that I would never be a hunter and they shouldn t even want me around After all, we have no evidence that Neil or Cory would force Astrid to stay against her will she never even properly asks them to let her leave I can t respect a character who doesn t put real effort into a goal that important.There was also some dialogue that didn t ring true to me American teens saying I couldn t bear to and Thank heavens , and many of the cooler scenes were a lot like the end of Buffy Season Seven, but not as good Plus, the end felt rushed, and many of the little twists Cory s mother s death at the horns of unicorns, the karkadann that turns out to be Bucephalus were obvious to me.I did like Neil, Cory, Valerija, and Giovanni pretty well, and there were some cool scenes and even some nice writing Giovanni surprised me a couple of times with his depth and or subplots, and I like the subtlety of Brandt s running away though it s almost ruined by being mentioned one or two too many times Overall, though, I feel no need to look for any sequels that the author may write.

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    This book had such great plot potential A group of teen virgin huntresses in a secret Italian society hunting poison horned, razor toothed, merciless unicorns What could be cooler than this Unfortunately, the book did not live up to its potential As in, it wasn t a good book AT ALL Unicorn hunting came second to lame romance There seems to be paragraphs talking about the huntresses nonexistent sex lives than their actual training for killing unicorns The main characters of the book are supposed to be determined virgins on a mission The point is gotten across that they can t have sex yet In fact, it is repeated over and over and over and over again and the reader is forced to listen to a side plot that goes nowhere The characters also bothered me Lilith didn t seem like a realistic mom Cory was bipolar and vicious even considering her situation And Astrid was just annoying complaining about hunting unicorns and not doing anything to change it She didn t seem like the cool, strong female at all She was just whiney and insecure.

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    Yes, I know, this book sounds ridiculous And yes, the premise is far fetched killer unicorns, and girls with a warrior heritage getting trained to fight them Oh, please But wait, underneath all that is a really good story about girls and sexuality, and the choices they make, plus kickass unicorn battle scenes What could be better Here s the way too long plot summary Astrid always thought her mom was nuts, with all her talk about being descended from a long line of killer unicorn hunters First of all, killer unicorns Really And then, the whole warrior thing, when Astrid isn t particularly athletic.But as these killer unicorns are supposedly extinct, Astrid is free to worry about her love life instead Should she go ahead and have sex with Brandt, and guarantee that he ll take her to prom According to her friend Kaitlyn, being a virgin hampers your upward mobility, anyways, not that Astrid believes that Her cousin Philippa, who s in college, is popular, and Astrid knows she s still a virginMaking out with Brandt in the backyard, all these thoughts suddenly become way relevant when a little unicorn comes out of the woods and attacks Brandt Gee, Astrid s mom WAS right, and hey, unicorn horns are poisonous Luckily, Astrid s mom has an old bottle with a residue of an ancient cure that saves Brandt from dying right then and there But Astrid s life will never be the same It turns out the unicorns aren t extinct they ve just been hiding all this time And now, the girls like Astrid who are descended from the warrior lines are being called to Italy to train and fight the reemerging menace Secretly, of course So, no boyfriend not that he wants anything to do with Astrid any , no prom, no normal high school life for Astrid any Off she goes to Italy, to a sketchy setup in an old convent She s really interested in the medical research on unicorns, but no, she s from a warrior line, so she is shooed away from the labs And here s the thing around actual unicorns, her physical abilities are phenomenal She can run incredibly fast, shoot a crossbow with amazing accuracy, and she can sense unicorns with some sort of special unicorn sensing ability Cool, right But she s troubled by the treatment the little house unicorn gets Unicorns are incredibly hard to kill, even the little zhi, who is about the size of a goat Zhis don t attack virgins, in fact, they love them, but they are dangerous to everyone else There s a zhi that lives in the convent, that the researchers have used for testing, and that Cornelia, another warrior girl, hates and abuses because it killed her family Still, seeing another creature being mistreated gives Astrid misgivings, and that leads her to wonder just what is being researched in the labs, and for what purpose.She s much happier when her cousin Philippa shows up to join the group Philippa takes her out to enjoy the nightlife, and meet boys Which they do, and Astrid realizes she can get out of this whole warrior gig if she can just lose her virginity But, should she use someone like that And does she WANT to I was surprised at the mix of unicorn fantasy and serious issues regarding girls sexuality in this book I know, I know, it s hard to take a story about killer unicorns seriously, but once you get past the premise, this is a well written story with both exciting fantasy unicorn battle scenes, and serious discussions about sex, and even rape When one of the girls does lose her virginity, and not willingly, it is shocking In fact, if you re sick of Twilight angst over soul mates and forever love, this compares favorably as a realistic look at girls and sex.I recommend this book to teens ages 12 and up And to anyone else who doesn t mind being seen reading it.

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    Ok, when I picked up Rampant after reading Jackie s excellent review I thought the book would be a slight, breezy fantasy about sex and unicorns I was way wrong but not disappointed Listen, I m not a regular reader of novels aimed at teenage girls, but this book was pretty damn good, so good that I spent most of a Sunday afternoon and evening tearing through the last hundred and fifty pages because I wanted to know what happened at the end.So what s the deal with Rampant Astrid wants to be a normal teenager but that s a difficult task when a unicorn bounds from the forest and impales your boyfriend in the middle of a make out session Her mother is thrilled not because she didn t like the boyfriend, necessarily, but because she s long believed Astrid comes from a long line of glorious unicorn hunters One catch the hunters retain their superhuman unicorn fighting skills only as long as they remain virgins Astrid, now a social pariah the high school boys have decided to avoid her after one of their own takes a horn in the gut in Astrid s vicinity , departs for Italy to join a group of girls gathering to hone their abilities and stop the unicorn emergence Slight sidebar Diana Peterfreund might as well send the Buffy The Vampire Slayer writing team royalty checks for borrowing the potentials concept from the show s last season At least she thanks Buffy in the afterword The novel, told mostly from Astrid s perspective, provides a window into young women talking about everything from rape to sex even anal to relationships And while I m not a teenage girl and can t ascertain authenticity the conflicts and conversations rang true enough to make me forget I was reading a book about killer unicorns and focus on the complexity of the girls lives Peterfreund strengthens her case by creating genuine and multifaceted characters Parents don t always look out for their daughter s best interests, loyalties shift, and teenage girls are, ahem, not always kind to each other This book isn t perfect Astrid is way articulate than I d expect from a teenage girl The last fifty pages felt occasionally rushed But the novel didn t suck or read like fluff Rampant is a decent book I d read the inevitable sequel.I d also encourage my eleven year old son to read this book, maybe in a year or two, when I ve had time to prepare for any potential anal sex questions or whatever Seriously, though, I d like my son to read this book so he gets a sense of how to respect girls without wussing out and or going the doormat route The young women in Rampant would be good for him I could deal with them hanging around the house And anyone who dismisses YA novels aimed at teenage girls as vacuous would be well served by a couple hours with Rampant You ll never think of unicorns or teenage girls the same way again.

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    Reviewed by Joan Stradling for TeensReadToo.comThink unicorns are sweet, magical horse like creatures Think again Diana Peterfreund introduces us to the darker side of unicorns in her novel RAMPANT Peterfreund s unicorns are man eating monsters They can kill with poison in their horns, rip someone apart with their sharp teeth, and some have breath that can kill literally Astrid Llewelyn has listened to her mother s crazy stories about extinct man eating unicorns for years Astrid never believed the stories until the night her date ended up on the sharp end of a unicorn horn Now her mother s stories are all too real, and Astrid is sent to Rome for training as a unicorn hunter She meets a group of other virgin descendants of Alexander the Great, and together they train to hunt and kill unicorns But Astrid doesn t want to be a hunter I enjoyed reading RAMPANT There was some sexual tension and scenes of passion, as well as discussion about sex, but not enough to bother me I d recommend this for older readers 14 because of the content I enjoyed the characters and learning about their lives Astrid is strong, and yet vulnerable enough to make her real The characters and their lives will run Rampant in my memory for a long time, but in a good way.

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    I liked the idea for the plot of this book a great deal It s a very simple but unique and funny idea poking fun at the vast sea of generic unicorn themed fantasy novels featuring dainty white ponies with blue eyes, cloven hooves and innocent magic In Rampant, main character Astrid instead hears legends of unicorns in a negative light Her bizarre coot of a mother shares stories of killer unicorns with an apparent mean streak and bloodthirsty attitude Thankfully, these are just a bunch of wacky stories until a unicorn seriously does appear, killing Astrid s boyfriend in cold blood Astrid rather reluctantly becomes the chosen one to hunt down and kill these beasts, all in a book written in the style of Ginger Snaps, The Craft and a sort of warped and sexually explicit Sabrina the Teenage Witch sans witches While the idea itself was definitely creative and funny, the book starts to get really redundant and draggy the it goes on, and at times it s unclear whether it was intended to be comedic or serious As some other reviewers have also noted, there is a quite disturbing sexual assault scene which I found off putting and also very tasteless, not to mention placed very oddly and awkwardly within the story Reading Rampant quickly became repulsive than entertaining, and while I don t think this was the intent, it really wasn t a book I enjoyed in the end.

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    Let me start by saying that I know I am not the target audience for this book However, I work in the Kid s section of a bookstore and wind up reading quite a few YA book, either out of genuine interest or just to keep up with what s on the shelves So I also know that target audience or not, there is good, solid YA fiction out there And I wanted Rampant to join those ranks I really did Killer unicorns Yes please However I have to say that for me, this book was the literary equivalent of a Peep Much like popping one of those marshmallow monstrosities in your mouth seems like such a good idea at the time only to leave you with the taste of regret and sugary grit in between your molars, Rampant grew distasteful the further into it I got Plot points were raised but not resolved, character development for much of the cast was spotty and while Astrid was a strong and likable character, the book failed to gel into a solid and enjoyable experience for me I wanted to like it, and I honestly found it an engaging read, especially the first half Unfortunately, as I neared the conclusion and after I finished the book, it just didn t hold up for me People looking for a strong piece of YA fantasy with strong female characters would be better advised to read Suzanne Collin s Hunger Games or Kristin Cashore s Graceling, in my opinion Now I feel bad I really wanted this to be better and wound up feeling let down.

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    One of my favorite books of the year Astrid is the new Buffy I couldn t put this book down

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