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Birth of the Firebringer (Firebringer, #1) files Birth of the Firebringer (Firebringer, #1), read online Birth of the Firebringer (Firebringer, #1), free Birth of the Firebringer (Firebringer, #1), free Birth of the Firebringer (Firebringer, #1), Birth of the Firebringer (Firebringer, #1) 20c1933e2 Jan, The Prince Of The Unicorns, Is High Spirited, Reckless And The Despair Of His Mighty Father, Korr Reluctantly, Korr Allows Jan To Accompany The Other Initiate Warriors On A Pilgrimage Soon Jan S Curiosity Leads Him, Along With His Friend Dagg, And Their Mentor, The Female Warrior Tek, Into The Greatest Dangers Deadly Gryphons, Sly Pans, Wyverns, Pards, And Renegade Unicorns Yet Time After Time They Are Rescued, Leading Jan To Wonder Am I The Heir To A Special Destiny

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    THIS IS THE BOOK I WAS BORN TO READ I loved every beautiful moment, word, image, and character The writing is lavish, the imagery intense The writer uses archaic words to great effect, creating a universe that feels foreign but familiar, new but also ancient This story brings the world of the unicorns to life They are graceful moondancers and bearded warriors who have been kicked out of their homeland by cunning wyverns Intelligent pans, aggressive gryphons, and renegade unicorns also surround the Vale where they live The main character Jan is a princeling unicorn, colt of Korr, the prince of the unicorns Jan has a big destiny and an even bigger heart His friends Daag and Tek make wonderful companions In short, this book took my breath away All horse lovers, Guardian Herd fans, lovers of mythical creatures and fantasy novels should read this trilogy I m on 2 now, Dark Moon and it s just as gripping and exciting I m on chapter 6

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    This was the first true fantasy story I ever read as a youngster It was what led me to other authors, like McCaffrey, and my continued descent into UF and the entire paranormal genre.I still have the original mass market paperback that I bought from the school s book club.And yet I never even knew there were sequels to it.I think one of the things I liked about Pierce s writing, and this book in particular, the most was the worldbuilding The way she took a nonhuman sentient species and gave them an entire society and culture, a structure of religious beliefs and even racial taboos If I m entirely honest, I must lay the blame for the greatest influence on my writing right here.

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    I don t remember how this book ended up in my hands but I do remember the condition it was in, missing cover with pages torn and corners bent I found a sleeve of plastic and gently wrapped it up, deciding the best place to store it was nestled in the stuffed animal net hanging above the top right hand corner of my bed High and out of reach for a younger sister that couldn t keep her grubby paws off of anything I owned and especially treasured.I adored this book from the second I laid eyes on it and it is one of the few books I have read multiple times It captured and held my imagination like no other book I had read before it and whenever I look back to my childhood reads, it s one of the first to push to the front of my mind.I still have the tattered, well loved copy stored away and it is one of my dreams to get my hands on a pristine copy to place alongside it.

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    One of the best books I ve read in a long time.It starts off slow Typical misfit prince who doesn t see things his father s way As the story progresses there is increasingly a sense that things aren t quite what they seem The mythology is rich, the storytelling is excellent, and the characters are real enough that you rage when they rage, or feel wonder when they feel wonder.Earlier this week I asked a friend why I subject myself to things that inevitably leave me feeling what my generation is calling triggered , his response was that I appreciate beautiful things, even when they hurt me.Nothing captures that sentiment as thoroughly as this book.

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    My Rating 5 stars Book Series Book 1 of the Firebringer series 3 books My Thoughts I can t say much about this book because I read it so long ago I m giving it 5 stars because I loved it every time I read it Conclusion Hard core fantasy about unicorns Not for everyone, but I loved it.

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    I thought this would read kinda childish based on the concept, but I was v pleasantly surprised by the use of language and some of the beautiful sentences The plot was intriguing, the conflict exciting, and I am than excited to read the rest of the series.

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    This book long predates such animal based series as Warriors, and it far outshines them It was published back in my childhood, and is a three part series The first is the best and most interesting read, rife with a wonderful prophecy, very accurate animal depiction, and great fantasy elements It is set among a group of war unicorns, yet these unicorns are nothing like the white, virgin seeking typical story we see These unicorns are a varied, honorable, dangerous race that is in the middle of an age old battle with dragons There are no men in this series although something like them are mentioned at one point and the world is lovely Great, often overlooked fantasy book and one I often carry extra copies of so I can lend it to friends.

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    Though Meredith Ann Pierce has clearly thought through the rules under which her society of unicorns should operate, there is something about this book, the first in the Firebringer trilogy, that doesn t quite click Readers who can slip easily into the blatant personification of the unicorn characters will likely enjoy this book, but as a reader I would probably have enjoyed a novel that takes a further step away from writing about humans, and challenges the reader not only to empathize with non humans, but to empathize with non humans that actually think in a way different from humans.

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    Wonderfully imaginative and vivid, this book was a fantastic fantasy story.

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    Ok, I ll admit it I am definitely length biased when it comes to books I prefer any book I read to be around three hundred pages I am so glad that I didn t even look at how many pages this little treat had before I ordered it from the library This was a masterpiece She totally could have embellished the story and made a five hundred page book, just out of the first one But this book is perfection just the way it is We have a detailed history one and a half pages as the prologue , a dramatic plot complete with battles and inner conflict for our character and don t forget a budding romance , plot twists like crazy, and a total cliff hanger at the end I will also admit, that I read the prologue and then immediately ordered the whole trilogy from thriftbooks I ll be getting it this week This series is totally making my favorites shelf If any of you out there enjoyed The Mountain s Call, Green Rider, Arrows of the Queen, etc etc basically horse fantasy you will love this book I definitely recommend it Five out of five stars to Birth of the Firebringer

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