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Big Nuisance summary Big Nuisance, series Big Nuisance, book Big Nuisance, pdf Big Nuisance, Big Nuisance fdd9b4af89 Children S Picture Storybook Set In A Small Village Of Ancient Japan Sleepy Village Is A Very Slow And Quiet Place, Until Big Nuisance Comes To Stay And Starts A Lot Of Trouble Now The Villagers Must Come Together To Defeat The Big Nuisance Encourages Cooperation To Overcome Obstacles Author Illustrator Has Twice Received The Children S Book Council Of Australia Picture Book Of The Year Award Previous Works Include My Hiroshima , The Inch Boy And The Two Bullies

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    Big Nuisance, a giant, visits a sleepy Japanese Village and wrecks havoc on the inhabitants This folktale is both philosophical and humorous, like when the giant, who is having a bath in the lake, farts and the villagers run from the smell Big Nuisance decides to make the village interesting He reroutes the river into tiny streams He moves the the houses together on a higher side of the village Then, while the tired giant lay sleeping, a bird dropped a seed into his ear and a tree grew from it The tree created pain for Big Nuisance and he begged the villagers to remove it A deal was reached, and the villagers worked together to help him in exchange for the giant promising to not be a nuisance The tree landed on the roof of the sacred temple, but ends up bearing fruits that make the villagers happy In the end, the interesting changes Big Nuisance made in the village make the villagers life better In the final lines of the book we are left wondering who and what was Big Nuisance and did he really leave the village

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    This is the first Junko Morimoto book I ve read which she has written as well as illustrated Her previous work has focussed on illustrating adaptions of traditional Japanese folk tales As usual Junko s illustrations are first class.I don t think Junko nailed the story Part of this could be because she wrote the original story in Japanese, and it was then translated into English by Isao Morimoto This process makes it difficult to obtain many of the elements of a successful, amusing, children s book rhyme, rhythm and word play But given Junko s previous, serious, work it was fantastic to see a fart feature prominently I felt that the ending chosen for Big Nuisance lacked a certain something.Overall a valliant effort but I prefer her earlier work.

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    This is a cool book of epic proportions Light hearted and direct with super illustrations A giant, Big Nuisance, wanders into a lazy village and creates chaos before everything settles for the better I love a big bumbling giant who is clueless and a hoard of lazy little people who are forced into action Buy it I looked up Junko Morimoto, who is obviously a lady with a switched on sense of humour But she has been privy to hell She was there when the Hiroshima Bomb was dropped and has seen the appalling mess that humans can make of this world and themselves She moved to Australia in the early 80 s.

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    Reminiscent of the first part of Gulliver s Travels, this is Japanese so of course there is casual mention of a massive fart I also read it as a metaphor for earthquakes.The bit with the tree growing out of the ear is both weird and somehow grosses me out.

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