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➼ [Reading] ➾ The Lure By Felice Picano ➱ – Torrentindir.co chapter 1 The Lure, meaning The Lure, genre The Lure, book cover The Lure, flies The Lure, The Lure 2663e11e0f887 In , Felice Picano Rocketed To Fame With The Publication Of This Shocking, Controversial Thriller Riveting And Candid In Its Depiction Of The Gay Sexual Subculture Of The Era, And Praised By Stephen King As Explosive Felice Picano Is One Hell Of A Writer The Lure Thrusts Young Widower Noel Hathaway Into A Dark Universe Of Physical And Psychological Violence An Unwilling Lure Used By The Police To Unmask An Elusive KillerFelice Picano Is The Author Of Books, Including The International Best Sellers The Book Of Lies And Like People In History , As Well As The Acclaimed Literary Memoirs Ambidextrous, Men Who Loved Me And A House On The Ocean, A House On The Bay He Has Been Nominated For Several Lambda Literary Awards And Is A Recipient Of The Ferro Grumley Award For Fiction Formerly A Longtime New Yorker, He Currently Resides In Los Angeles

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    The NYC Gay scene in the mid 70s, a twisted whodunit mystery about a serial killer of Gay men, a coming out story of a young, hunky, sociology assistant professor, a platonic m nage trois, a deep conspiracy of undercover spooks and their patsy, the life and death of a European supermodel, sex, wealth, drugs, gangsters The plot is an apparent convoluted mess that somehow makes sense and resolved by the ending It is a page turner I loved it What appealed to me the most perhaps was being in NYC again in the 70s and learning about Gay life then, though at that time I was playing a straight guy la The Best Little Boy in the World It reminded me somewhat of Gay culture described in Dancer from the Dance which is the gold standard for the era The protagonist the sociology prof and the patsy is Noel pronounced know ul and not know ell except by the supermodel , I found difficult, almost having a love hate relationship with him He was physically appealing, could be personable, and I empathized with his sexual identity confusion But he could be a paranoid jerk with a temper and often missed offered help But then he had good reasons to feel paranoid and was generally exhausted and drugged up The evolution of his relationship with Eric was appealing In the end I decided we could be friends if not lovers Recommended 8 of 10 stars

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    Evaluating this novel poses a real conundrum for me It s so filled with implausibility that I could pick away at it for paragraphs on end especially at the loopy, and highly questionable, psychological tangles in which the MC becomes ensnared.In addition, the book is longer than it needs to be, the prose goes deep purple at times, and superlatives abound the MOST renowned or beautiful or sought after or well built or fabulous or crowded or drug and sex saturated or despicable person place scene ever.That being said, and as lost as I got sometimes in a labyrinthine plot too thickly strewn with red herrings, the damned thing really held my interest Somewhere at the midway point, I think, I just chucked all my irritation and disbelief, gave my eyes a rest from rolling, and went along for the ride and enjoyed it right up to the end.NOTE The paperback copy I read is from 1979 or 80, so I don t know if the novel has undergone any changes since then.

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    A friend recommended this book to me, and the version I have is blurbed by the unlikely but appropriate pair of Andrew Holleran and Stephen King The story is meant to be a psychological thriller mystery set in the mid 1970s of an exceedingly and often hilariously gay, drugged out, and discoed New York City The main character aka The Lure who is apparently straight witnesses a murder early on and is recruited by an NYPD undercover operation to infiltrate the inner circle of a gay nightclub owner who may or may not be murdering gays during which infiltration the character discovers surprise lol that he may or may not be as straight as he once thought Questions arise about who s actually pulling the strings and why The criminal psychology of this book and much of the double agent plotting make absolutely no sense, which didn t stop me from enjoying it quite a bit It s like the gay equivalent of a Pam Grier movie from the 1970s, so what s not to love about that

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    I had wanted to read this for years, and I finally had the chance after discovering a copy at Powell s It s a page turner full of lurid details about the New York gay community in the 1970s Picano certainly knows how to introduce the right level of gruesome detail and to engineer well organized cliffhangers By the end, though, I had found the whole thing a little exhausting and somewhat hard to accept, despite the excitement I felt The premise ended up seeming like a stretch maybe it would have been believable in a movie I m also not sure that the protagonist ever made sense to me as a believable character perhaps, though, Picano doesn t want him to make sense given his circumstances Also, I was a bit surprised about the sexthere was less of it than I expected This would be a great vacation read, though it falls short of _Like People in History_.

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    A sociology professor becomes a deep cover operative trying to suss out who is behind murders in the gay community in mid 70s New York He initially identifies as straight but his identity develops during the course of the plot Came out before the movie Cruising, which is somewhat similar The other comparison I would make is to Philip K Dick s A Scanner Darkly, which also concerns an undercover operative As in Dick s book, there are a lot of psychological games being played and it s unclear who is worse, the secret agency doing the investigation or the people they are supposed to be investigating.

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    The Lure by Felice PicanoNoel Cummings is an NYU student in sociology One day while riding his bike, he witnesses a murder He s so sick from it that when a mysterious police agent called Anton Loomis requests Noel s assistance in catching the killer, Noel accepts and becomes part of the operation called the Whisper Noel becomes the Lure that will help catch the criminal labeled Mr X Noel is told to leave his normal heterosexual life and infiltrate the gay subculture of 1976 Bars, bathhouses, discos, back rooms and all the achronisms of gay life become everyday life for Noel.But soon things change Another of the Whisper associates, Buddy Vega, shows Noel a dossier of his life In it Noel s life is summarized as someone who can be manipulated and he gets a label of latent homosexual one who will kill if managed appropriately Noel realizes he s a pawn in Loomis game, and Lommis may be behind a most sinister plot to overtake the gay businesses Soon Noel has no clue who he can trust and most importantly who s the real bad guy.Narrated from Noel s third person point of view this is Mr Picano s finest psychological thriller Noel is drawn into the two parts of his self He felt as though he were splitting into two selves One Noel was absolutely astonished, crushed by this final disaster, the last blow of months of confusion and pain and uncertainty, the knowledge that he was being controlled by someone else worse, turned into a robot with a deadly mission But the other half his professional, intellectual self was utterly fascinated Here he was, playing around with minority group social attitudes ans Loomis a genius was performing effective social modification behavior not on laboratory monkeys, not on children, but on him The book is also a study on gay culture in the late seventies Noel had always associated homosexuality with feminine gestures and speech But in here it was just the opposite an extreme manliness, unruffled, almost frontiersman calm as though all those Gary Cooper movies had come to life But most important, the book is a love triangle between Noel, Eric Hull Redfen owner of most of the gay clubs in Manhattan and his girlfriend, Alana de Vijt a famous model In the end, Noel chose Eric Noel had fallen in love with Eric as he had with Alana, expecting nothing back, not even desiring a return from either of them now I love everything Felice has ever written and find it hard to believe he has not gotten recognition.

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    The first half two thirds are intriguing enough, but the end just ruined it for me I really wanted to enjoy this book All the same, this must have been groundbreaking in 1979 80, and Picano s writing and structuring of the story makes for entertaining reading I just found myself tiring of the characters and story by the end Still, I ll read of Picano s work.

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    1970 s hay day of gay in New York City and an undercover detective that infiltrates the high end of society to get the inside scoop LOVED THIS BOOK Sounded a lot like the beginning of the Human Right Campaign Fund creation.

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    This book had me on the edge of my seat all the way to the very last word on the very last page A fantastic read It kept me guessing, but left me happy What a perfectly scary book, I have to say I loved it, and wished I d read it sooner

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    the plot s pretty good and remarkable for it s time but it s about a hundred pages too long and far too easy to figure out what s happen despite it myriad twists.