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    How do you review a book you ve been waiting all your life to finally read I began the Unicorn Chronicles as a Second Grader, and finished them eighteen years later So much changed with these last two books A very strange but amazing thing happened as I dove into the final two installments Cara remained basically the same age, lending an air of timelessness to this tale It brought me back to my childhood, but the world of Luster expanded so much I felt like this series grew up with me It is larger than life and I m convinced no one can write epic Unicorn novels like Bruce Coville There really are no words to do it justice You ll just have to read it and discover the mystery behind the magic for yourselves I finished this book with a hint of sorrow and a sweet satisfaction in knowing our beloved characters will continue to have adventures If only we could break into Grimwold s cave and read them ourselves

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    Belle reflected on how odd it was that telling the tale of the Whisperer and the delvers had caused her to feel some sympathy for the delvers.what strange power did telling a story have, that it could open her heart like this Need I say really Coville hits the nail perfectly on the head with this comment The entering into a story, the walking in the footsteps of another through use of your imagination, can transform your sensitivities to another s plight.This book is the fourth, the final instalment of his epic story of the mystical land of Luster This is creatured, i can t say peopled for obvious reasons, with recognizable mystical creations such as unicorns, dragons, gryphen I think that s the plural and dwarves but there are also Coville s own creations which fill out this brilliantly imagined world.It is impossible to say much about the story without destroying the unfolding of the Narrative This is a truly impressive bringing together and explaining the anomalies and confusions and seeming contradictions of the previous three books Had i, as so many of the previous readers, had to wait patiently for each volume to be dragged from the imagination of Bruce Coville I may have lost the will to live or simply given up as the plot was a highly contorted and complicated one but I had the good fortune to only discover the series a few months ago after it had all been finished and so have been able to devour the 20 years it took Coville to reveal his whole story in a few months.To say anything specific about the narrative would have me having to pepper the paragraphs with spoiler alerts so instead I revert to the simple action of saying if you enjoy stories about unicorns.read it if you enjoy clever and ever twisting plots and storylines which gradually resolve and become clear through massive contortions and unfoldings and suprises.read it If you respect an author who is prepared to address big questions and not happily ever after resolve them all.read it If you are not too removed from your own youngsterhood to enjoy mystery and adventure and discovery from a young adult s perspective.read it and finally if you enjoy the stretching of the mind s possibilities into the idea of a world far bigger then we might otherwise countenance.read it There are things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy

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    I was a little girl when I started reading this series, and I finished it as a young woman It s been a journey of over a decade, but I still found this conclusion incredibly satisfying and just as rich as the first two books My little unicorn hearted self would have lapped this up Thank you, Coville, for finishing this.

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    Originally posted at my book review blog has finally broken through into Luster, the land of the Unicorns, and brought the Hunt with her As the Hunters start their genocide, the unicorns gather together and find allies of their own but if they can t find a way to get back their fighting fire, it could be the end of the unicorns forever But Beloved s mad Hunt has an unintended consequence the gate she opened is right in the heart of Luster, destroying the great tree that holds the world together, and now not just the unicorns, but all of Luster, may be doomed Not gonna lie I devoured this book I did a doubletake when I realized I d missed its release, bought it the next day, and had it finished in under 24 hours I had originally planned to reread the whole series first, but it was so new and tempting and right there in my bag, and look, I m only human and I ve been waiting for the series conclusion for, like, 16 years now It s hard for me to figure out what to say here, so I ll start with this it feels like the legend and worldbuilding behind Luster ran away with the story at some point I remember reading the second book, and I was utterly blown away by the twist at the end, when you find out the truth about the Wanderer But I didn t feel similarly about the reveal of the Whisperer in the third book, because the first two set it up clearly that Beloved is the series Big Bad Adding in the Whisperer, while intriguing and it says a lot of interesting things about the unicorns meant that the story was no longer about Cara and the unicorns fighting with Beloved it was about defeating a much nebulous villain.The fourth book takes it further It turns out that the Whisperer isn t something that can be defeated by Cara or the unicorns at all, which surprised me with the repeated talk about the unicorns needing to find a way to regain their fire after having tried for so long to be pure, I genuinely thought that they would have to reclaim their darker impulses, and in so doing, defeat the Whisperer that was created by those impulses Instead, there was a whole additional layer of conflict added To defeat the Whisperer, you had to bring in Elihu, Fallon, and Allura, and even though we barely got to know Elihu as a character, the whole conflict hinged on him There were pieces of it I loved I think the Dimblethum s backstory was awesome but that meant that the series was really no longer about Cara and Lightfoot and their friends Instead, it was about some godlike creatures and ultimately out of everyone else s hands, and that frustrated me a little.Actually, now that I think about it, very little of The Last Hunt was about Cara, and Lightfoot barely was in it at all Between her parents, the dragons, the centaurs, the delvers, M Gama, and other unicorns, her story was only one of many, many plot threads They were all woven together very well The book never sagged, I was never bored, and once I remembered what had happened in the previous book I was never lost or confused by having such an array of subplots And the fact that they came together in the massive final climax was nothing short of amazing just getting all of those characters together at one place and time couldn t have been an easy narrative feat, and the dual climax of the Hunt and Luster shaking apart worked really well But, as I said in my mini review of Dark Whispers, having so many POVs and so much going on means there isn t time for a lot of development for any of the characters I think the character who stuck out to me the most in this book was Rocky, because between this and the previous book he really did have the strongest character arch As a reader, I m really into story structure I love worldbuilding On a technical level, I think those aspects of The Last Hunt are brilliant But as good as they are, I don t think those things are really Coville s strength as a writer I ve always loved his characters most of all He has a rare talent of making characters feel very, very real especially tween and teen girl characters, which seems to be pretty rare from male writers and oh man, I can t tell you how strongly I identified with Wendy from the AI Gang as a kid, for example So as much as I flew through this book, and really loved the glimpse into Luster s history and aura of hope for its future, I also wish there had been of that character in it Still, I enjoyed it mightily than Dark Whispers, definitely and give it a solid four stars.

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    I ve been waiting 13 years for the final book in this series I hope it lives up to my expectations Fingers are crossed SPOILER ALERT Just finished I realized about a quarter in that Bruce has really expanded this series The first book was about 150 pages and had a single viewpoint This final book is about 600 pages and has close to twenty viewpoints Perhaps he meant to make this series an epic fantasy all along But it was not what I was expecting style wise.Also, I ve never read a middle grade epic fantasy before Does that genre even exist Despite having an epic battle to the death where the whole world is at steak, he still shies away from saying anyone dies or is killing someone else And this is a series that starts off with a Unicorn stabbing a wounded little girl in the heart Come on Bruce Live up to it Very strange but what else could you do in a middle grade epic fantasy Aside from my issues with the style, the ending was fairly standard for what I had envisioned Cara, now a unicorn, does not kill Beloved but simply tries to heal her and because she is centuries old she dies anyway Cara is sad about this Seriously She s an evil demented demon and you re sad Sheesh A lot of what made the ending work however, was not introduced or set up properly until this final chapter Yes, there was some foreshadowing with the Dimblethumb and the Squijium and a few hints in the 3rd book, The Whisperer But really, why couldn t this Whisperer have been around in the earlier books Would have been better.Of course, these books were written over the course of what, 20 years I guess ideas change.Also, he didn t even really resolve the major issue for me Yeah, Luster is healing But now that it s creator is gone forever, what is going to happen to the blank spaces that were never finished Will Luster forever be a half world That just seemed sad.As a kid, I kinda hoped Cara would turn into a unicorn As an adult, didn t like it so much And there is a hint at a reconcilliation between Martha and Amalia Ivy but none between her and Ian despite their huge fight in the middle We never really even get a reaction from Ian at Cara s transformation Adn why did Elihu the Dimblethumb have to smash the Amulet to transform her if he had the transformational magic in him all along Overall, the lesson here is to finish you series in a decent ammount of time and know what you are promising to the reader I still love and adore the first 2 books The second two however are just okay I only read them to know what happens.Bah I m probably far too cynical now I miss being A Cool Girl Who Likes Unicorns

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    When I first picked up Into the Land of the Unicorns Book I of the Unicorn Chronicles I was excited I was young Bruce Coville spoke to my generation, and seemed to put into words the kinds of adventures I d always wished I could have, magical and supernatural and otherworldly I tore through the first book in a day, found the second book almost immediately and ate it up in gulps as well.Then, years passed between the second and third books And when the third book Dark Secrets finally appeared, amid much anticipation on my part, it fell short It seemed to me that Bruce Coville, hero of my early childhood with such stories as Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher and Aliens Ate My Homework, had changed his mind about what story he wanted to tell Pieces didn t add up Whole chunks of the world s mythology were casually slipped in, as though they d been there from book one But they hadn t, and it was jarring.By the end of The Last Hunt Book IV, and the finale of the series , I was just ready to be done with it all I finished simply because I had to know how it ended, not because I was truly invested in the series any.It wasn t that I outgrew them There are plenty of books from my childhood that I can re visit happily and eagerly, and enjoy them as much if not than I did when I was younger No, it was that Bruce Coville did not deliver the story he promised And I, as a loyal reader, take such a break in faith very hard I ll will be very objective if ever my fingers wander over another Bruce Coville title.

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    A very satisfying conclusion to Coville s Unicorn Chronicles I couldn t put this book down until I finished it.I read the first book in the series when I was in 6th grade Shortly after, when I found the 2nd book I was ecstatic and read it nearly non stop Imagine my horror and surprise to find the rest of the series was not yet available Fast forward than a few years and I recently discovered that the final two books of the series were now available I sat down in the space of about a week and devoured the entire series How wonderful to reread and old favorite.This entry very satisfyingly wraps up the story or Beloved and the Final Hunt as the name implies as well as a few other morsels I won t spoil Needless to say it was a wonderful story from start to finish and I personally couldn t be happier with the conclusion The way all threads are brought together and wrapped up and yet just enough morsel left over to hint at the possible inclusion of other stories from the fabled Unicorn Chronicles is tantalizing and was worth every second spent reading.

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    So I started this series as a kid when the first book was published in 1999 I read the first 3 as they came out, and then Coville didn t publish the 4th one until 2010, when I had given up hope and mostly forgotten about the books I loved so much as a kid But I finally got around to rereading the series, and after 18 years, finishing it It was everything I could have hoped for It s like Coville knew his audience had grown up a bit, because this book was intense I m rarely a vocal reader, but there were many gasps an laughs and tears as I made my way through Was that due to nostalgia It s very likely But I am so relieved to finally see these characters to the end of their stories after all this time.

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    I uttered a sigh of relief upon starting what I knew would be the last novel in this series I grew bored of it in book 2, although this book was much better than its predecessors, it still left me a bit flat.Again with the terrible brown text on cream paper The cover for this one is quite pretty, although I m not sure where the dragon s left arm went Looks like an action book and that s what we get.A lot of the negative reviews in young adult novels nowadays is because of how sexist they are The girl main character gets with a guy, is ok when he is abusive, and generally shows extremely disturbing emotions in a positive light Cara Diana Hunter, at the very least, can t fall into this category too easily Sure there are a couple instances of the men being overly protective or brushing over her much warranted need for a good cry and just say She is so brave quietly to one another But you know, at least she s not in an abusive relationship, and she s off having fun scary action times in a fantasy world.I had this complaint with the entire series and it was not to change for The Last Hunt all the events are incredibly convenient Every time a character would get separated from his or her party my immediate thought was No matter They ll find someone else wandering around the forest And of course they did, every time Coupled with the omniscient narrator, that left absolutely no suspense I didn t go through and count but another reviewer on Goodreads says there are about 20 viewpoints throughout the novel, and I believe it It becomes such a mess jumping around to practically every character we ve been introduced to, yet it doesn t even include a table of contents Now I m not saying a table of contents is what makes or breaks a good novel, but every other book in the series has had one It does include a very handy glossary at the back, but it unfortunately had me screaming at the book The glossary contained spoilers What When I didn t recognize the name of one of the human sorcerer people and went back to check who it was, it completely gave away his story line Ugh I was frustrated at that The unicorns are pretty ineffectual in this novel Amalia Flickerfoot seems content to send off envoys on missions and then stands around to be caught unawares of a war she knew was going to happen Yes I know she didn t know where it was going to happen, but there has got to be preparation than just traveling to the location for the battlefield of choice No sorts of armor were commissioned from the humans, the unicorns ride into battle with no protection whatsoever That just seems negligent This is war here people But of course Coville tends to shy away from any of the adult aspects normally present in a fantasy novel, as it is meant for young adult middle readers I m pretty far above the target audience here but so much of the story could have been fleshed out had we not had so many narrators in the soup Or is that cooks in the kitchen Whatever view spoiler A popular story telling cliche is the outsider coming in and saving the downtrodden natives See Avatar or Dances with Wolves I can t believe it but it happened here as well, when Cara becomes a unicorn I always thought that s where the story was heading when we found out Cara was part unicorn, but when it actually happened I thought it was pretty lackluster, and really a bit disturbing Just like Kevin Costner became native than the natives, Cara becomes unicorn than the unicorns, and it is only thanks to her that the unicorns win at all.All of the story lines go through an epilogue so we aren t left with many questions However, there are still two that left me shaking my head in bafflement First, the blind man that took Ian Hunter s sight Ian s sight isn t taken very many times in this novel but it does happen right at the very end, so I was reminded about it Sook That was a weird bargain in the first place, then it never got resolved for me And lastly, the dragons mention at the very end that there s another dragon around Wait there s another dragon around Is this a set up for another story Can you tell me.I WON T TELL YOU END THE BOOK QUICK QUICKER Wellfine then hide spoiler

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    I can t even begin to tell you how long I have waited for this book The Unicorn Chronicles was my childhood favorite, and it broke my heart that it was set up for a sequel and yet none was out I waited 10 years to finally finish my story Well, this book and the one before it finally arrived in the mail, so here s my review.My main issue with this book is all the years that went by between Book 2 and Book 3, because I blame that for the reason this story turned out the way it did When this story started out, it was a magical tale of a girl who had stumbled into Luster and met unicorns The second book preserved that, and even the third book managed to some degree But the fourth book, The Last Hunt, ruined everything.My first irritation at the book came with a disagreement of fact In the Unicorn Chronicles, when Ivy Morris runs through the gate to Luster, the first thing she does is touch another unicorn and speak mind to mind with them In this book, view spoiler Feng Yuan is unable to speak mind to mind with any unicorn other than one who has pierced her heart, and so it must be done to her multiple times hide spoiler

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