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    This is a story that centers around a huge misunderstanding The heroine leaves the hero because she thinks he cheated on her with a family friend Her sister in law tells her these lies and the heroine never confronts the hero except to leave a letter, which the sister promptly steals The hero thinks the heroine needs some breathing space in England after the death of their six month old child That s why he doesn t go after her When the story opens she s been summoned back to Italy for her beloved mother in law s funeral One of those old chestnuts of writing advice is don t be afraid to kill your darlings Well, Helen Brooks certainly got over any squeamishness The body count for this very short romance is 3 The H h s son from cot death The hero s mother The hero s sister.The first two occur before the action of the story and the last is there to put a damper on the end Why she had to kill off the sister and not just send her for some inpatient treatment is beyond me Yes, she was crazy and made the H h s life hell for a year, but it was a down note for the ending And there had been plenty of angst and action before that Thank goodness for the hero s sweet ten year old brother Who only contracted Scarlet Fever during the course of the story thanks for not killing him off, HB and the profanity spewing parrot who alerted the hero to the danger the h was in The hero in this one was a sweetie It was so obvious he was still crazy about her, even though she didn t give him a chance at all.I know a lot of readers didn t like the heroine and I can see why She was determined to be unhappy even when all indicators pointed to the hero being faithful I think the heroine was so stubbornly fixed on this betrayal because she felt guilty about her baby dying in his sleep while they were having sex It probably felt wrong to be happy after an innocent life was taken It s irrational, but I get it I probably would have gone off the deep end for awhile there, too.Thanks to Bubu for sending me a copy of this story I really wanted to read it Hopefully I can return the favor one day.

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    Re Husband by Contract Helen Brooks does a very nice second bite of the apple reconciliation romance in this one This is the start of two book HB miniseries called Husbands and Wives I should probably rate it higher, but the underlying causes of the big split revolve around the crib death of the H and h s baby and I am just not feeling happy about that I don t like reading about the death of a child in HPlandia and tend to put that trope way down on the scale of likability So take the mediocre rating with a grain of salt, because I am seriously biased.This one starts with the 23 yr old h, who lost her baby son to crib death and left her Italian husband in the aftermath, returning to Italy and her husband s family in the wake of her mother in law s death.The h s husband is waiting for her at the airport and quickly maneuvers the h into returning to the family manse Through a nice mix of HP H domineering behavior and the lure of the H s now motherless ten year old little brother, the h is quickly intertwined back into the H s life.The H s little brother and his beloved, but very naughty parrot Benito, are all about adoring the h and using any emotional coercion necessary to keep our sweet and kind h in their lives The H is just as adamant the h stay forever, the H makes it very, very clear that the h is the love of his life and he believes that it was just the very devastating effect of their child s death that drove the young and vulnerable h away.We soon learn that is not the case This h, like almost all of HB s h s, is a very nice, polite and loving girl But her parent s death at a young age and a failed adoption attempt that made her feel she wasn t good enough to be loved, has left the h with a huge inferiority complex.So when the H s adopted sister started insinuating that the H was having an affair with a young and nubile friend of the family in the aftermath of the baby s death, the h was too naive and too locked in guilt to rationally judge the situation and the H s sister s sheer nastiness forced the h to run away.The h left a letter behind when she left, but not even the H s very loving and managing Italian Mama could convince the h to actually talk to the H, nor could the h actually verbalize why she was running away Since the evil sister in law stole the h s explanatory letter, the H and his mother believed it was trauma over the loss of a child that caused the h to act so irrationally The h, who has established a new life back in England over the last year, is now seriously raging that the H just expects the h to resume a normal married life with him, with no mention of what she believes is his callous betrayal.There are a lot of roofie kissing moments and some treacherous body syndrome moments over the course of the h s stay, but it is the naughty antics of Benito and the sudden onset of scarlet fever in the H s little brother that finally convince the h that she needs to reevaluate the situation and the veracity of the evil sister in law s statements.Especially when the H and h reunite in a big blaze of purple passion moment and the h finally tosses out the accusation of the H s supposed affair and the H is completely believable when he aggressively denies it In fact the tables get turned on the h a bit, because the H is incredulous that the h would believe random gossip and rumors over her supposed love and trust for him He is also a bit miffed that there seems to be another wanna be OM in the h s life, a doctor that she works for, but he isn t going around accusing her of immoral adulterous behavior, mostly because he has had detectives keeping an eye on her for the last year Things finally come to a big showdown moment when the h confronts the evil sister in law The sister in law had once again implied that the h was second best and only being asked to return to the H s family fold because his young and nubile mistress is marrying another man The H s outrage over the whole notion convinced the h that something was off in the sister in law s accusations and the h finally corners the sister in law over her behavior The rascally parrot Benito overhears the first part of the h sister in law confrontation and repeats the initial confrontation to the H At the critical moment, when the sister in law is ranting and raving about how the h has stolen her family and her place and her unhealthy obsession with the H, the H s arrival at the scene enables him to learn the source of the h s beliefs The H quickly understands that the h was not just listening to random gossip and innuendo, but hearing a fervent declaration from a supposedly unimpeachable family member Since the H has always been very tolerant of his sister s terribly bad behavior, even when it involves the little brother and the h, he is very deeply wounded by his sister s accusations Even then, he does his best to summarize that the sister must be mentally ill and should be excused for her actions He instantly forgives the h and does a really, really nice apology for treating her so harshly over the infidelity accusation Since the sister in law has taken off in her Italian sports car, the now reunited H and h have to sadly explain the sister in law s bad deeds to her patient and long suffering husband In a big set up for the next book, the husband of the mentally ill woman explains that his wife is convinced she is barren because she will need surgery to have children This fear of corrective surgery and a basic neediness in her personality caused the sister to strike out at anyone she felt was usurping her place in the family and it is also hinted that she conducted a lot of extra marital affairs as well We won t get information on this and the effects on the husband until the next book tho HB has the sister in law crash her sports car and perish, cause HB is old skool vengeful on those characters that she allows to stray and the sister in law s behavior was too outre for HB to tolerate in her province of HPlandia Which is very ironic to say the least, because the sister in law is deliberately characterized as coming from a background very similar to the h s, with the same inner insecurities and the only difference is that her adoption attempt was successful in the direct opposite of what happened to the h So the implication that failing to be suitably grateful for life s second chances is punishable by termination is an underlying sub trope in this book The other one is that a character may have a setback and wander in the misguided belief wilderness for a time, but when the truth comes knocking, the character better let in the light and adjust their behavior accordingly, or HB will not allow them to continue behaving in any manner at all Which is pretty ruthless if you think about it For the most part, this is an engaging and entertaining HP drama that is built on the premise of a titanic devastation that would drive most couples apart The recovery from grief is well done and the unusual choice to make the classic HP evil OW a character whose life experience is so closely juxtaposed to the h s provides a fascinating contrast in what HB considers proper HP h behavior The H is just adorable in his adoration for the h as well, which makes this a very nice HPlandia outing and worth a read if you meet it.

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    I don t often give 5 stars, but this was an incredibly, beautiful story written by Helen Brooks For those of you that loved her The Beautiful Widow, I suggest you try this one The story opens with our heroine returning to Italy to attend the funeral of her much loved, but estranged, mother in law She and her husband separated 12 months ago after their marriage could no longer sustain the hurt and bitterness from the sudden death of their baby son.This was a very intense read, and though the heroine believed all the stupid lies perpetrated by an evil woman, it was totally understandable Her pain and anguish were very real Grief has a funny way of distorting life and she fell victim to the lies and manipulation that ended up destroying her, and her marriage But not quite It seems that love and patience from a good man, Donato, can heal all Phew, all I can say is I want a Donato of my own.I highly, highly recommend I m going next for the sequel, but I already know it won t be as goodI don t think anything can top this one

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    Another astoundingly stupid, color by numbers, story about a wife who lets a third party here, a psycho sis in law from hell convince her that her besotted husband is having an affair So OF COURSE, she flees without bothering to give him a chance to either confirm or deny, let alone know what he is being accused of.To add insult to injury, there is an infant crib death sub plot that is disgustingly exploitative and offensive The only memorable part of the story is that THE PARROT SAVED THE DAY Yup Lassie wasn t around to bark out that Timmy was stuck in the well but Benito, the irascible Italian parrot, was able to lead the hero to his psycho sister s house before she was able to drive his wife away for a second time So, one star for the story belongs to Benito

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    3.5 starsI enjoyed this book by Helen Brooks Yes, the heroine was very naive, but she was young and suffering tremendously after the crib death of her six month old son.I loved that the hero was totally and completely devoted to her despite their tragedy and separation I usually dislike books where the main conflict is a misunderstanding that could be fixed by a simple discussion, but it worked here One small item that bothered me The evil sister in law was actually suffering from a mental disorder and it was upsetting that she was simply killed off in the end And thanks to my friend Bukcrz for the thoughtful gift of this book

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    Now let me tell you something to justify my tags because NOTHING justifies my rating Backbone and TSTL are not mutually exclusive This heroine had a backbone or was stubborn which may or may not be two different thing.Trouble is we only analyse that for the female, we never question whether a male character s backbone is different to his stubbornness or not It s given a male is born with backbone Anyway, moving on.Heroine, had a backbone and she was also TSTL.And it s infuriating I wanted to kick, slap, asphyxiate her, and was very very scared of myself.Hero is also an idiot, I mean ffs, no one leaves anyone for nothing You know you did nothing, hell WE know you did nothing, but clearly she THINKS you did something, so DO something to resolve this idiocy No Let s sit back and relax so we give her time to think we don t care Then we go all OTT extraordinaire.And the SIL I mean HOW can your brother s wife take YOUR place Anywhere I mean your brother fucks her please pardon me, but I come from a culture where this you have taken my brother son away from me is all too fucking common and I am sick of this BS and surely THAT isn t your place I m sure your place is at the house is not the same as hers I mean you are MARRIED FFS And HOW would you have a better relationship with your brother if he fucks someone you have chosen for him I m just baffled at how her mind works Now I do agree with Naksed when she said no comeuppance for the evil She gets off WAY too easy.I genuinely felt sorry for the husband.I am completely freaked out by Benito the parrot.The 4 star is for the trainwreck

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    This started off good and angsty, and I was thinking that I m going to give it four stars Then it just went steadily downhill, dropping all the way to two stars But I love, love, loved Donato He s the only reason why I gave this book a 3 stars He is simply everything a woman can want from a man My heart broke for him for everything he d been through for the past twelve months Since the first day I met you I have never looked at another woman You filled my days and my nights there was no room for anyone else I thanked God every day that you had come into my life, do you know that, Grace And all the time you were watching me, expecting me to fail you I don t like Grace at all Okay, with her background I m supposed to feel sorry for her for everything she d been through as a child and when her son died I guess, I am But with what happened to her marriage Nope I am not I m all for Donato I don t feel any sympathy for her She had brought all those heartaches on herself She kicked him in the teeth in this story many times, but does she ever notice Nope She s too busy trying to protect her own heart to notice she s stomping all over his I hated her for that And her continuous monologue about the same thing over and over again grated on my nerves Ugh I wished he would just give up and divorce her and get on with his life.Overall, Husband by Contract was a very emotional, compelling read about second chance at love And I still enjoyed it despite the fact that I don t like the heroine.

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    I love you, Grace, he said softly I have always loved you and I always will Nothing you can do or say will ever make me love you less You are my reason for living, the heart of me Without you there is nothing Can you understand this, believe what I say He moved her slightly from him so he could look deep into her eyes which were brilliant with unshed tears Do you really believe it Yes, I believe that you are impossibly perfect husband.

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    This is a beautiful story I loved the hero and i loved the heroine Even if she believed all the lies it s understandable At the end it was a touching story

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    While much of the length of the story relied on the heroine trusting someone that she repeatedly identifies as evil, which really makes her seem like an idiot, I still quite enjoyed this Probably this was due to the hero, who sometimes goes through the motions of being macho but ultimately seems rather sweet 3.5 stars

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