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  • 415 pages
  • Zombies vs. Unicorns
  • Holly Black
  • English
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9781416989530

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    In a world dominated by Sparkling Vampires and Hot Werewolves, one dynamic duo dare to analyze the true question of our era Zombies VS Unicorns Twelve short stories each involving either Zombies or Unicorns provide ample evidence for both sides, it is up to you to decide which one is truly better The highest justice by Garth Nix Right off the bat we are toeing the line An undead queen carried by a unicorn of death has one last wish a kiss from her husband Macabre and fun Love will tear us apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson WOW Just literally wow This one is by far my fave of the set Stay with me here a gay zombie falls in love with the zombie hunter s son I know I know I m getting chills It was so well written and from second person to boot and the characters are flawless Alaya needs to turn this one into a whole story Purity test by Naomi Novik Our homeless heroine is recruited by a unicorn for some very dastardly deeds Very entertaining and for once, the virgin thing isn t so cut and dry Bougainvillea by Carrie Ryan Iza and her family control one of last zombie free islands on earth When a mysterious boy visits, Iza begins to wonder at what price her safety costs A thousand flowers by Margo Lanagan We start with one very drink man looking for somewhere to pee In his stupor, he managed to follow a unicorn and discover a passed out girl in a state of great distress Nine months later something very peculiar happens The children of the revolution by Maureen Johnson whewww, a mother s love knows no boundsbut even so, you d think she d draw the line at zombifying children Creepy and disturbing The care and feeding of your baby killer unicorn by Diana Peterfreund Unicorns are back, they are hungry and meat is on the menu Wen, a young girl, finds a baby killer unicorn and she doesn t have the heart to kill him Inoculata by Scott Westerfeld One of the last human settlements is constantly surrounded by zombies The teens in this one felt a little stereotypical YA winers but it wasn t too bad The ending didn t make sense to me too many plot holes Princess prettypants by Meg Cabot What do you a no nonsense 17 yr old feminist do when an aunt rich, but distant gives you a unicorn named Princess Prettypants Obviously go on the most badass adventure possible Cold hands by Cassandra Clare A town with a steady population of the undead A murder covered up by a family One, stunning conclusion The third virgin by Kathleen Duey A unicorn with a death wish and serious substance abuse problems Never thought I d read about a junkie unicorn Prom night by Libba Bray Hosting prom is stressful Hosting prom using generators, scavenged decorations and stale snacks because the stupid zombie apocalypse happened is even worse Audiobook Comments There were 3 readers for this one, which helped with high variety in tone character in the short stories The introductions to each story sounded wooden, but then again, they were a bit awkward to read too.Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Beatles vs Rolling Stones Cats vs Dogs Coke vs Pepsi.Zombies vs Unicorns Who knew Apparently this is the divisive question of our time And now, thanks to this anthology of stories, there s a handy rubric for determining just how you should answer.I listened to the audiobook, which was excellent Phil Gigante, who some of you may be familiar with as the voice of Jericho Z Barrons, delivers many an eargasm as master of ceremonies Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier provide their own rather nice voices for introductory back and forth banter at the beginning of each story, and the cast is pretty decent, with the major high point of Nick Podehl aka, Todd Hewitt , and the major low point of Ellen Grafton aka, Janie from Wake Fade Gone My Score Card The Mediocre The Highest Justice by Garth Nix Gruesome undead Queen with oozing pus and rotting limbs who just wants a kiss 2 stars Murderous Unicorns 2 stars I forget if this is supposed to be a unicorn story or a zombie story 1 star I think the author probably had his unpaid intern write this 1 starA very boring, soporific start to the anthology 2 stars Purity Test by Naomi Novik A nice play on the unicorn virgin mythology 2 stars A heroine who s homeless, tough, and realistic 2 stars Ellen Grafton makes her sound like she s a scrappy twelve year old 1 star Sounds like something I would write in a bout of silliness in one afternoon, and I m a horrible writer 1 starForgettable and not very funny 2 stars Princess Prettypants by Meg Cabot A unicorn who farts rainbows but can also turn into a fiery eyed vengeance demon when necessary 2 stars A cute, enjoyable story that is also about as deep as a mud puddle 0.5 starsSweet and funny, but barely scratches the surface of a premise that is actually pretty ripe with darker possibilities 2.5 stars Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare Even Justine Larbelestier the head of team zombie can t keep herself from using the phrase emo zombies when referring to this story 1 star A weird mish mash of Victorian England and present day America that makes no sense 1 star Zombies that actually aren t all that different from regular ol people 1 starA story about zombie civil rights in the same way that Disney s The Little Mermaid is a movie about human civil rights 3 starsThe Middling Bougainvillea by Carrie Ryan Everything up to the ending 1 star The ending 4 starsTeen angst, over descriptive prose, and lust love in the midst of a zombie apocalypse which is all mostly redeemed by that fantastic ending 3 stars The Children of the Revolution by Maureen Johnson Angelina Jolie as a crunchy granola, immortality seeking weirdo 3 stars A narrator that s likeable and amusingly clueless 1 star Ellen Grafton makes her sound like she s a scrappy twelve year old 1 starA genuinely hilarious mockery of globe trotting celebrities, their crazy religions, and their scores of adopted children 3 stars Prom Night by Libba Bray Teenagers running society 4 stars And they re actually succeeding there s bartering, a police force, the prom all the important things 0.5 stars Boy serenades girl and it s supposed to be sexy romantic 0.5 starsThis feels like an introduction to a novel than a short story It s very classic Libba Bray, with a lot of sarcasm and bluster I m starting to realize that I m not really a fan 3 stars Inoculata by Scott Westerfeld Half zombie teenagers inherit the earth 3 stars Lonely, snarky, independent main character who also happens to be a lesbian 0.5 starsThis one also feels like an introduction to a series than a short story AND, it s very classic Westerfeld, with a foursome of teenagers set apart by paranormal abilities and born into a frightening world My love for Scott Westerfeld is pretty much cemented by now so I would definitely read a full length novel featuring these characters 3.5 starsThe Masterful Love Will Tear Us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson 2nd person perspective used well 1 star m m zombie romance 1 star The fact that I needed to use quotes in the above tally because this isn t the gushy, I will love you forever type of romance 1 star Nick Podehl has the most wonderful voice in the world 1 starA gritty, emotional tale that breathes new life into the old I want you but I also want to kill you story 4 stars The Third Virgin by Kathleen Duey A sort of Interview With the Unicorn 1 star Creative twist on the unicorn healing mythology 1.5 stars Nick Podehl puts on a very mediocre but adorable Welsh accent 0.5 stars Use of the phrase in a trice 0.5 starsA very unique idea that also manages to sound incredibly familiar 3.5 stars The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund Venomous, human eating unicorns 2 stars Thought provoking religious and moral questioning 1 star A boy named Eve 0.5 stars Diana Peterfreund actually seems to know what a short story is 1 starThis is one of my favorites of the anthology The main character s incredible growth throughout the story is very moving The ending is a nice punch in the gut I wouldn t be surprised if Diana Peterfreund is an experienced short story author 4.5 stars A Thousand Flowers by Margo Lanagan Narration passed effortlessly between three points of view 2 stars Nick Podehl puts on vaguely English accent 0.5 star Beheadings, childbirth, suicide, and view spoiler bestiality hide spoiler

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    Zombies Vs Unicorns and who is the winner Zombies Thanks to Carrie Ryan s Bougainvillea Undoubtedly the creepiest, most spine tingly zombie story I have read since well, since Ryan s The Forest of Hands and Teeth Haters of that book shouldn t be dissuaded though This story is lacking the angst and lurve triangles found in Forrest Instead, we get complex, unique, sympathetic and believable characters in the midst of a zombie apocalypse And of course a healthy dose of the zombie horror that Ryan does so very, very well Notable zombie mentions include Maureen Johnson s wonderfully bizarre Children of the Revolution, where we see something akin to a mix between old fashioned voodoo type zombies, new age religion and celebrity culture Yeah, I know, it sounds like too much But trust me, Johnson makes it work Libba Bray s Prom Night This is the woman who wroteA Great and Terrible Beauty It surprised me, because although I liked liked, not loved the first Gemma Doyle book, this dark, post zombie apocalyptic story is not only better written, but so much emotional and thought provoking This one will stay with me for a long, long time Not so awesome zombie entries include Garth Nix s The Highest Justice I m not really sure whether this is Team Zombie or Team Unicorn, because it has a little of both Either way, I didn t care for it Alaya Dawn Johnson s Love Will Tear Us Apart I liked it but think Twillight The Zombie Version Granted, this is written so much better than Twillight However, I can t help thinking that the novel everyone loves to hate inspired this one Scott Westenfeld s Inoculata struck me as an introduction to a larger story, rather than a complete short Cassandra Clare s Cold Hands didn t even belong here Really Zombie light For kids Kids who are not very discriminating readers On the unicorn side, the case for their dominance and supreme scariness was very nearly won by Diana Peterfreund s The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn Silly title, no Oh yeah, I agree This is the first story I read from this collection I know virtually nothing about Peterfreund s writing although I apparently know lots about her author behaving badly reputation so I was than a little curious to find out what kind of writer she is This story blew me away For a short story, there was an amazing amount of depth to it Peterfreund created a complex and believable world in which unicorns scary, evil killer unicorns exist This was also a bit of a coming of age story, a romance story, and a little bit of religion thrown in as well Yes, I know it seems like way too much But it worked I was hooked from the moment the young protagonist Wen sees a live unicorn at a circus side show the unicorn growls it s handler grabs Wen s arm and hisses to her, You re one of us Oh gawd, I literally got chills at that moment and was reminded of the superbly creepy scene from Freaks when everyone is chanting, Gooble Gobble one of us, one of us Long story short I think I m going to have to read some of Peterfreund s work in the future Notable unicorn mentions Meg Cabot s Princess Prettypants had the feel of a silly teen movie, but I loved it anyway Just as light and fluffy as the title implies.Kathleen Duey s The Third Virgin is dark, thought provoking and almost creepy enough to be a zombie story Only there aren t any zombies Not so awesome unicorn stories are Margo Lanagan s A Thousand Flowers is very typical of Lanagan view spoiler What the fuck is it with this woman and bestiality hide spoiler

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    If you love someone, you re not supposed to want them to come back Better a peaceful sleep in the earth than the life of a zombie not really dead but not really alive, either Zombies Vs Unicorns, Cassandra Clare My thoughts Introduction Let us start off with the introduction in each of the story that was presented in the book Every introduction began with a heated conversation between Holly Team Unicorn and Justine Team Zombie Their conversations were mostly about how you should switch your team to Team Zombie instead of Team Unicorn or how disgusting zombies really are While I was reading the book, I looked forward on reading the introduction of each story because I enjoyed them and it made me laughed I am sure you will laugh as well if you read the book The plot of each story was unique and it proved how much time and effort the authors clicked the plot of their stories together Some of the short stories in the book make me wish for a whole physical book dedicated to the stories I really want to read about because some of them ended with a cliff hanger and Oh my goodness, that s not cool I need of them The pacing for this book was not at all fast It was slow in some stories and fast in the others It took me 7 days to finish the book and this book was definitely worth the time Even though I kind of failed my June To Be Read Piles Some of the stories in the book dragged and let me tell you this I did not enjoy the part where it dragged We, as readers, tend to get bored when a story drags So. Yes, I did get bored and yawned a little at some point but I forced myself through those parts and the result is I loved this book But I did not enjoy all the stories in the book Some stories that were written by Libba Bray, Garth Nix, Scott Westerfeld and Margo Lanagan felt flat to me The characters did not really appeal to me in any way and there were quite a lot of unexplained things that bothered me throughout their stories Bu , but, I loved their writing style which I will talk about later on, and I will, no doubt, be reading the work they published Now, let us get on with the writing style Writing For the writing style section, I will be doing it according to whose story was presented first, second, etc For example, Garath Nix s story was the first story that was presented in the book, so, I am going to talk about his writing style first.Team Unicorn Garath Nix s Story Name The Highest Justice writing style for this book was great It was simplistic, lyrical and articulate Even though his story felt flat for me, I still want to read from him and I can t wait to read his other work beside Zombies Vs Unicorns Team Zombie Alaya Dawn Johnson s Story Name Love will tear us apart writing style for this book was simply beautiful I found her story to be intriguing because she writes like none other authors She wrote Love will tear us apart in second person point of view you It was weird and pretty uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a while, my love for the story and her writing style started growing and I ended up really enjoying the POV.Team Unicorn Naomi Novik s Story name Purity Test writing style for this book was fabulous I don t think I can form a proper sentence word, I mean, for her writing style. So, I will just have to say that her writing style was fabulous.Team Zombie Carrie Ryan s Story Name Bougainvillea writing style was awesome I am going to read her other work soon Her story and her writing style pulled me in until her story ended And I still cannot believe it ended that way. Spoiler Team Unicorn Margo Lanagan s Story Name A Thousand Flowers writing style was rare, I would say Rare in saying how she changes point of views so quickly and professionally Her story felt flat for me but her writing style totally did not Team Zombie Maureen Johnson s Story name The Children Of Revolution writing style and plot were oddly beautiful and touching Firstly, Her writing style was as clear as the crystal If you get what I am trying to say Secondly, the plot of the story killed my heart and touched my heart with healing powers at the same time I just can t That ending definitely destroyed me Sorry, I can t tell you guys I would be spoiling you if I have told you about the ending Team Unicorn Diana Peterfreund s Story name The care and feeding of your killer baby unicorn writing style was very lyrical Her writing style makes me want to read her other work, such as, For Darkness Shows the Stars now Her writing style was truly a work of art Team Zombie Scott Westerfeld s Story Name Inoculata writing style was not my favorite in this book His writing style was a little inarticulate and a little too flowery but I am still looking forward on reading his other work even though I didn t really like his writing style and the story Team Unicorn Meg Cabot s Story Name Princess PrettyPants writing style was fantastic I did not really like her writing style in the beginning because I found it to be indirect, but I have grown to love her writing as the story progressed further Team Zombie Cassandra Clare s Story name Cold Hands writing style was great. As always Her story was bittersweet and I loved it I will be reading The Mortal Instrument Series soon Team Unicorn Kathleen Duey s Story name The Third Virgin writing style was clean and articulate Basically, the plot of her story was about a unicorn becoming suicidal Kind of weird because I have never thought of unicorns turning suicidal Now, the story sticks in my head ever since I finished the book.Team Zombie Libba Bray s Story name Prom Night writing style was consistence and fabulous I loved her writing style, but unfortunately, the story she wrote felt flat for me. But, I am still looking forward on reading The Diviners book trilogy by her Characters For the characters section, I am just going to talk about a few characters in the book that I loved So, let us get on with it Jess From The Highest Justice She was a character that was brave, badass and kind She is, no doubt, in my favorite characters list and I wish we can have a physical book fully dedicated to her and her trials in the throne Grayson From Love will tear us apart She is definitely the best character in the book She had a great character growth in a short story She was not kind and not a good person That s all I am going to talk about her because I do not want to spoil the surprise for you guys Iza From Bougainvillea She had a great character growth but the character growth came crashing down at the end of the story To be honest, I kind of died off a little because she had potential but she turned into what her Spoiler was But, all in all, I still loved her.Wen From The Care and Feeding of your Baby Killer Unicorn She was pretty weak in the beginning, but her character growth increased as the story proceeded Wen was kind, a little annoying, brave and adventurous I loved her character in this book Overall I am giving this book an 80% rating I loved it and I recommend you all to check this book out She feels like someone has planted a tree in her chest and then pressed fast foward on the world, branches growing and twisting and pushing her apart from the inside Zombies Vs Unicorns, Carrie Ryan This review is also posted at Maxxesbooktopia Zombies Vs Unicorns by Holly Black and other collective authors

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    Probably the worst anthology I ve ever read The stories themselves weren t that bad, although some of them were pretty out there Not many of them made sense or kept to the overall theme of the actual collection And I don t mean that I expected the stories to be about zombies and unicorns having it out, but I expected the stories to at least center around zombies and or unicorns But the majority of the stories only mentioned unicorns or zombies briefly The zombie stories were the worst offenders, as many of them were just about people living in camps or compounds and the undead were only mentioned at the beginning or end of the stories The editors remarks were really what made the collection horrible, though Holly Black manages to write paragraphs while managing to say nothing at all, and Justine Larbalestier was an absolute harpy Just insult after insult all in good fun , I m sure to Team Unicorn and being an outright brat made me put down the book and shake my head numerous times Overall, the stories are lackluster, the editors incompetent, and the appeal severely lacking.

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    Zombies UnicornsHow could this possibly go wrong I mean, they re just so awesome I ll review what I ve read so far and update as I go.The Highest Justice by Garth Nix.Nix You re one of my favourite authors This story was kind of awesome in that I felt like this should have been the beginning to one of your amazing big adventure series Instead, just as it got started and became exciting, it ended It was too big an idea squeezed into too small a story that you just couldn t do it the justice it deserved Also the unicorn was a Dues Ex Machina Inoculata by Scott Westerfeld Blinks What theThe chic chic love was awesome and the CONCEPT of the innoculation was awesome but that was the beginning to an amazing story Not a short story I mean what was with that ending It wasn t even an ending The Purity Test by Naomi Novik Laughs and falls over Okay, chica, I m going to go find what you ve written and read it That s just win Bougainvillea by Carrie RyanNice Very nice Good and emotive writing too You re another one I might have to go check out Okay will update when I ve read .

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    I m a sucker for amusing zombie stories No really, I am And I grew up on The Last Unicorn, bad singing and all So when I heard of the concept of this book, what makes better fiction, zombies or unicorns I had to smile What a fun idea for a short story anthology.I cracked the cover thinking zombies for the win, all the way I never laugh when I read, crack a smile at most, but not laugh The introduction alone, a debate between editors Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier about the benefits of zombies and unicorns, had me laughing out loud Oh the stories that could fill this anthology So who won my heart Team zombies or team unicorns Here s the fickle trail of my loyalty 1 The Highest Justice by Garth Nix The most interesting thing about this story was the titillation of a zombie appearance It was okay, had the flair of a medieval unicorn story but without any of the mystique of the medieval creatures I think Nix should have stuck to team zombie and left the description of unicorns to someone who wanted to write about them.2 Love Will Tear Us Apart by Alaya Dawn Johnson The story started out crass with way too many f words I m not a fan of crass humor or the f word , not even a little The zombie POV with descriptions of his virus as a psychopathic disorder were awesome and the battle of love vs zombie feeding was good too Twilight esque without the cheese , but all that crassness made me feel dirty and I never recovered from it Plus, I m not a fan of same sex romances I know zombies are gross, but they can be funny or scary without the crass factor, right Maybe I don t want to be on team zombie.3 Purity Test by Naomi Novik Score one for humor Jokes about finding a virgin in NYC, Harry Potter, and how dragons are so much cooler than unicorns, which begs the question dragons or vampires Sequel, anyone Midway through it fizzled and got old, but a team unicorner who has a sense of humor about unicorns, maybe I m switching teams.4 Bougainvillea by Carrie Ryan We already know Ryan can write a best seller about the zombie apocalypse Couldn t she surprise us with a good unicorn story Or even a different zombie story Okay the story was interesting and memorable beside the tense shifts that drove me crazy , but zombie apocalypse, dictatorship keeping the last remaining humans intact, rebellious teenager, haven t we read this before, from her 5 A Thousand Flowers by Margo Lanagan The POV shifted in the middle of the story, dropping the only character I connected with Several vague explanations and descriptions later not a fan of the writing , we learn that the point of unicorns is not to save the wrongly accused, to heal the princess child, to avenge the robbery of her purity, but beastiality, and a romance that leaves a lot of victims in its wake including its readers with those graphic images in our head, not only beastiality, but with a child, nice What ever happened to the magical creatures that were supposed to be the point of this anthology Are they ever going to make an appearance Definitely team zombie at this point.6 The Children of the Revolution by Maureen Johnson A satire about celebrity adopted children cured from death by a zombie virus Tom Cruise on his no medication media rant, Angelina Jolie adopting yet another child, celebrities who don t actually raise their children, I ll let you decide what Johnson is mocking Either way, the satire made me smile I knew there was a reason I was team zombie.7 The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund If I can t get a magical unicorn the way they are depicted in medieval fiction, I ll take a killer, wild animal version with the vampire unicorn slayer who just can t kill them Another story that tied into the mythology and storyline of her novel, even so, but since I haven t read it, I didn t have the same expectation for new creativity I did with Ryan A strong story and protagonist I m not discounting team unicorn just yet.8 Inoculata by Scott Westerfeld I was into this story until it just ended, a flat, empty, quitting of words because it d already gone on too long Westerfeld tried to make a quick, enlightening statement, or maybe just make me think about zombies a different way, but it didn t work for me There s some girl on girl action, same girl later going for some girl on boy action It is in vogue these days The story was just developing when it ended, leaving me to wonder if maybe there just weren t any good zombie stories out there My loyalty is in limbo.9 Princess Prettypants by Meg Cabot Again with the sense of humor about unicorns None of team zombie have touched humor except Johnson with her satire that s not nearly as strong as this story Cabot says, yeah okay, so unicorns are the obnoxious fairytales of little girls, but if one showed up on your doorstep, would you actually turn it away or sell it on ebay or would use that fierce, magical power to intimidate your ex boyfriend Oh yeah, and happy endings aren t so bad either Mock all you want, you know deep down, you d love a unicorn Score one for team unicorn.10 Cold Hands by Cassandra Clare Not having read the Mortal Instruments series myself, I had heard that Clare s writing was atrocious, but I found her writing in this quite beautiful Her zombies aren t the brain sucking types, just undead cursed to return from the grave seeking out the company of their loved ones, making the love story not quite the moral dilemma of Johnson s story, but I still liked it It s a sweet zombie love story I m still open to either team.11 The Third Virgin by Kathleen Duey I liked the idea of this psychopathic zombie unicorn story than I liked the all tell, no show delivery of it I find myself wondering if any of the team unicorn writers actually like unicorns.12 Prom Night by Libba Bray A story about zombies on prom night I am so there Only, that s not what this story was about Another zombie apocalypse, this one where the adults got infected and only children survived, and as their food and hope runs out, they hold prom Not a bad story although Bray once again pushes the I know what teens are like display too far , but it wasn t quite the story I d wanted to read when I know Bray is capable of humor and zombies on prom night lend themselves to it.There was no zombie unicorn showdown None of the unicorns I d expected showed up and there wasn t enough humor in the zombie stories Each team had a story that left a bad taste in my mouth, but there were plenty that shined, which is rather difficult with a short story anthology So who won Team zombie or team unicorn I d have to say the editors Their commentary was hands down the best part of the book.

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    I m not a big anthology reader, because there are usually as many stories I don t like as ones I do, and it s easy to put them down between stories As far as I can recall, I liked every single story in Zombies vs Unicorns, and I couldn t put it down even between stories Chances are, if you re a YA SFF reader, there are at least a few authors in here you love there was only one name I didn t recognize.Special mentions to Naomi Novik s awesome New York set unicorn story Diana Peterfreund s contribution set in the Rampant universe and Maureen Johnson s creepy zombie baby sitting story, which I was reading on the subway when someone sat down next to me and I jumped about two feet in the air Oh, and Garth Nix s, which is the only one that actually pits a zombie against a unicorn The unicorn wins.

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    Wonderful anthology of unicorns and zombies Thoughts 1 Loved Holly and Justine s intro to each story Justine is hilarious.2 Surprisingly, a lot of mature content FYI.3 Loved how most of the stories were really dark.4 I really like unicorns now D5 Fav stories Carrie Ryan, Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot And awesomesauce goes to Diana Peterfreund, and Libba Bray of course.I DON T KNOW WHO TO CHOOSE __ Video review soon

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    There are so many great rivalries in history Ahab vs the Whale, Edison vs Tesla, Hamilton vs Burr, Coke vs Pepsi, boxers vs briefs Wolfe vs Mailer Goodreads vs Everyone view spoiler Hey, look what I found about author put downs Just a thing, no heated debate needed, thought it was neat is all hide spoiler

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Zombies vs. Unicornscharacters Zombies vs. Unicorns, audiobook Zombies vs. Unicorns, files book Zombies vs. Unicorns, today Zombies vs. Unicorns, Zombies vs. Unicorns 94628 It S A Question As Old As Time Itself Which Is Better, The Zombie Or The Unicorn In This Anthology, Edited By Holly Black And Justine Larbalestier Unicorn And Zombie, Respectively , Strong Arguments Are Made For Both Sides In The Form Of Short Stories Half Of The Stories Portray The Strengths For Good And Evil Of Unicorns And Half Show The Good And Really, Really Bad Ass Side Of Zombies Contributors Include Many Bestselling Teen Authors, Including Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot, Scott Westerfeld, And Margo Lanagan This Anthology Will Have Everyone Asking Team Zombie Or Team Unicorn

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