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The Last Unicorn summary The Last Unicorn, series The Last Unicorn, book The Last Unicorn, pdf The Last Unicorn, The Last Unicorn 68660454e5 Adapted For The First Time From The Novel By Peter S Beagle, The Last Unicorn Is A Tale For Any Age About The Wonders Of Magic, The Power Of Love, And The Tragedy Of Loss The Unicorn, Alone In Her Enchanted Wood, Discovers That She May Be The Last Of Her Kind Reluctant At First, She Sets Out On A Journey To Find Her Fellow Unicorns, Even If It Means Facing The Terrifying Anger Of The Red Bull And Malignant Evil Of The King Who Wields His Power Adapted By Peter B Gillis And Illustrated By Renae De Liz And Ray Dillon

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    If you ve been following me on social media for any amount of time, you probably know that the Last Unicorn is my favorite book You also probably know that I m a bit of a curmudgeon So I went into reading this graphic novel with an unfair amount of skepticism I wasn t just expecting to be irritated by a less than true adaptation of my favorite book I was planning on it I was pre irritated.Much to my surprise, I liked it The art and the paneling were both complex and lovely It s very true to the story The depiction of the characters was just about perfect The pacing and the story were intact Was it perfect No But I think it s about as close as you could ever hope to get In fact, I d go so far as to say it s the best book to comic adaptation I ve ever read I d be delighted if an adaptation of my book turned out this well.

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    I m in love Ever since I was a child I was a fan of the story of the last unicorn and regularly watched the movie A few years later, I read the book though in the German translation I ve decided to do a re read of the English original this time with my group this month and when looking for a nice paperback edition, I found this graphic novel.The story is that of the book movie it s a mix of both versions yes they vary slightly a unicorn lives in a lilac forest and finds out that there are no others like it any It goes looking for them, thus encountering a number of people while wandering the country usually they are of the bad type, full of greed, malice and intrigue However, finally, it also meets a failed but kind wizard, a compassionate woman, an evil king and his idealistic son, as well as a true demon and discovers what happened to the other unicorns.Although I m sure most people know this classic fantasy story, I will not say any , just in case.Instead, let me tell you how utterly gorgeous this graphic novel version is Just to showcase The colours are alive on the pages, every setting has its unique colour palette, the art itself is as fantastic as the story and very recognizable distinct.As much as I love the story itself, I m glad I found this version that is actually even prettier than the art of the movie.

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    The illustrations are beautiful works of art and the story mostly keeps close to the movie Now, I haven t read the book yet, so I can t judge how close it is to the original Story, but for a graphicnovel I think they did a good Job Of course some of the scenes were cut short, but if again, you see it as a little treasure for fans of The Last Unicorn to have, it certainly will do the job to make you marvel over the illustrations What I felt a little disappointed in, was that especially in the beginning Schmendrick for example seemed kinda beautified For him it evens out a little later, but it felt like the artist first had to practise his looks Some like the Harpye or Mommy Fortuna were on point, but some other characters like the old man in the beginning who wanted to capture the unicorn were pictured as quite friendly looking in the graphicnovel, while in the movie they had outstanding Features that made them seem mean I think all those feautures for Schmendrick and the rest, were kind of missing I liked them in the movie, it made them look interesting and original But still altogether a nice little Addition to my graphicnovel shelf

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    Breathtaking.No words to waste Just gaze and gaze and gaze until the magic wells up inside you too, and springs forth.P.S Oh and beautiful than the movie I loved the movie to the point of deciding to translate the book into Bulgarian, and later having a host of wonders happen to my life , but this soars to another level.

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    The Last Unicorn The Last Unicorn 1 6 by Peter B Gillis Adaptor , Peter S Beagle, Renae De Liz illustrator , Ray Dillon illustrator is a wonderful graphic adaptation of the novel Gorgeous illustrations, easy to read fonts, followed story well, touching story, thought provoking, and I just loved it A nice change from a normal novel I got this book from the library.

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    The Last Unicorn was one of my favorite movies from my childhood, and a few years ago I got around to reading The Last Unicorn When I saw that a graphic novel version had been published, I of course had to read it.The story does not differ from the book or movie, but the illustrations alone are worth it The style is similar to that of the movie, but care was taken to make each image beautifully rendered, and the way several scenes could be placed on a page while not chopping it up into little comic book blocks was artful The entire book was so ethereal Fans of the book movie will enjoy rereading the story with the gorgeous art, and newcomers will have a wonderful introduction to a wonderful story.

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    Did I really need to check the graphic novel after reading the book and watching the movie YES I m really glad I did, because this adaptation has gorgeous graphics and follows the storyline very well The author was directly involved in the transcription, and one of the bonuses of the graphic novel is an extensive interview with Peter S Beagle about his start in the literary world and the genesis of the story, the difficult re writes and the unexpected jump in popularity, the enduring succes of succesive reprints and the numerous adaptations.I will not repeat the plot or analyze the characters, most readers are probably familiar with the story it works well for both youngsters and old timers like me If you are not, I would suggest getting acquainted with it soon.

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    I decided to read this graphic novel version of Peter Beagle s book after the strong endorsement from Patrick is he ever going to finish The Doors of Stone Rothfuss, who says its the best novel to graphic novel adaptation he has read True to the story, even to the extent of using the author s own words, The Last Unicorn goes off to find others of her species, with the help of friends and the setbacks of evil foes, eventually discovering what happened to her brethren Illustrators Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon, with adaptation help from Peter Gillis did an amazing job Beautiful illustrations, great use of color, and easy to read text In the end though, I did not like the story very much perhaps some of the richness of the story was lost in this format so I may read the original.

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    I wanted to read this graphic novel because I really liked the movie when I was a child.

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    Such an amazing addition to all my treasured memories of the movie The animated film, The Last Unicorn was the first movie I saw in the theater I remember falling head over heels in love with the unicorn and then bawling my eyes out over the intense face off with the ominous Red Bull This graphic novel captured everything I love about the story I loved it Too bad I checked it out from the library because I need to own it and will most likely buy it soon so I can leaf through it at random Stunning artistry and full of nostalgia.

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