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The Black Unicorn files The Black Unicorn , read online The Black Unicorn , free The Black Unicorn , free The Black Unicorn , The Black Unicorn 0bb007e7d A Year Had Passed Since Ben Holiday Bought The Magic Kingdom From The Wizard, Meeks But Unbeknownst To Him, He Has Been The Victim Of A Trap By Meeks, Who Has Succeeded In Stealing The Paladin And Appropriating His Face Suddenly None Of Ben S Friends Know Him, But All Of His Enemies Do He Must Win It All Back Again Only This Time On His Own

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    The King of Landover has had his identity stolen by an evil wizard Everyone believes the wizard to be Ben Holiday, the King, and Ben Holiday appears to them as a stranger He is cast out of his castle by his friends Thus begins a journey searching for the woman, Willow, who in turn is on a journey looking for the Black Unicorn This is a tale of magic, demons, dragons, unicorns, self discovery and understanding, and love.This was a fun read When my ex s dad bought me the first book in the series years ago, when I finished it, I had turned to my ex and said, Wow, that was campy fantasy I hold by that assessment It felt like fun, campy, classic fantasy.My favorite character by far, was a Prism Cat from the fairy realm, named Edgewood Dirk Ben Holiday is not the brightest crayon in the box, by a long shot and Dirk spends all of his time cat slapping sense into him Of course, this sense takes almost 220 pages to sink in I had the twist figured out pretty quickly Ben, however, had to have it kicked into him by a talking cat The themes were strong though, from time to time, I felt like I was being bludgeoned by said themes with a brick, because Ben was just so oblivious.Ben spends the entire book looking for this sylph, Willow He obsesses over her at every fucking turn and yet, it takes him until the very very end to admit to himself that he view spoiler is in love hide spoiler

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    RE The Black Unicorn by Terry Brooks I recently finished reading this book, the second in Brooks Landover series I have also read the first in the series, Kingdom for Sale, Sold I enjoyed following up on the characters and story from the first book It was fun to read, not as compelling as some other books I ve read, but fun to read just the same I took it a little at a time because at times the plot seemed to be a bit slow So I d close the book and go onto another book until I was ready to relax again with this gentle fantasy It s a friendly read I d call it gentle suspense I enjoyed all the characters as well as Brooks easy style, dotted with little sparks of humor.

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    The Landover series continues in the mode of the first book, right down to the cast There s only one new character of real consequence fortunately it s a wonderful one The prism cat Dirk, with his aloof, obtuse, disdainful, maddening catness, upstages even Questor The latter has a few good moments accidentally on purpose producing a shower of poseys and butterflies and allowing the elusive unicorn to escape But when the inept wizard challenges the dragon to a contest of magical skill, the duel fails to deliver its potential hilarity.As for the rest the writing ranges from fair to terrible the tenacity of gastric induced stress There s a big information dump at the end, the Important Stuff is handled cheesily, and the characters spend a lot of time pondering the obvious One cannot help but feel a bit of Dirk s disdain for such bumbling bipeds Not even the all knowing cat remarks on just how shallow they all are There s a great little moment when the reluctant canine Abernathy is faced with destroying the magical books that may return him to his human form, but past that crisis, you realize that was the only interesting thing about him Brooks has wrung all of his characters dry And though Landover s future stretches out before it, there s nothing left to tell.

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    Un ingannomagicoBen Holiday finalmente re di Landover,ma le trame losche del perfido Meeks lo aspettano dietro l angolo.Di mezzo ci finir anche un povero unicorno nero che compare stranamente nei sogni di Willow.Un nuovo personaggio entra in scena Dirk,il gatto prismatico che si comporta proprio da gatto,anche se per lui quello il modo di aiutare il povero Ben,che non viene pi riconosciuto da nessuno.Si ritrovano anche la Strega del Crepuscolo e il drago Strabo,che con i loro battibecchi mi hanno fatto sorridere mentre il mago pasticcione,questa volta, un po messo in secondo piano.Anche questo secondo volume si rivelato abbastanza piacevole.

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    This is the last book in this series I ll read I really don t like the MC Ben Holiday is whiny and too stupid to have the history his author claims I coped with this during the first book because he has quite a lot to whine about, and while there s nothing novel about the concept of a hidden fantasy world that exists alongside our own, the setup was still mildly amusing In this book the whiner is back He s been king of Landover for a year In the time, he s learned nothing He s done nothing He s just as stupid and just as whiny The plot of this novel involves him losing his identity to an old magic and with it the throne of Landover sigh Better than half of the content of this book involves Ben Holiday, High King of Landover and former high power attorney from Chicago whining at and arguing with a cat Ben s problem a bad, bad man convinces him that he isn t himself The MC suffers from a run of the mill identity crisis rooted in nothing magical than simple anxiety The cat outright tells him that every sapient being creates its own reality Ben can t figure out what that means He s supposedly managed to get through law school, and has founded a successful law firm, yet he doesn t know that if he goes into court believing himself a failure, he will lose And the tedium grinds on for another 250 or so pages after this gem is dropped I could also note that this is yet another fantasy series with one female character to serve as bucket and prop for the hero, but what s the point I could grow old and die having done nothing than inventory victims of the male ego.That I didn t tear my hair out is the only thing good I found about this book And that wasn t about the book, at all So, yay Go me I still possess enough patience to spare a bit for bad fiction.

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    Because I live in a house with a science fiction fantasy library in the living room, I challenged myself to read the following three books 1 One Piers Anthony novel2 One Star Trek novel3 One Terry Brooks novelI started with this book and about 25 pages into it, I wondered about this challenge I wondered why I was wasting my time reading bad books when there are so many good books on my list I want to read.And this is a bad book Really poor writing Predictable character types, cliche metaphors, you name it.I got about a third of the way through and realized it just wasn t worth the unicorn book merit badge on my Nerd Scouts sash.

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    Le problematiche del sognare a Landover Seguito che non gode della stessa freschezza del capostipite, caratteristica forse insita al primo capitolo di una saga e convince generalmente pochino tutta la gestione approssimativa della componente onirica e del binomio realt allucinazione che si cerca di portare avanti in maniera fiacca.Anche sui personaggi troppo macchiettistici e fossilizzati su se stessi c davvero poco da dire.

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    Le do e 2003.7 10 Leed el comentario del primero de la saga En este contin a la historia m s o menos con el mismo grado de inter s.

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    Originally posted on SpecFic Junkie.In this book, everyone holds the idiot ball And so a lot of bad things happen Somehow, that s not entirely enjoyable There are mild spoilers in this review Look Exclamation marks So, the first thing Ben Holiday is told about being King of Landover is that the magical king amulet thing can t be taken away from him He has to give it away voluntarily So when bigBadEvilWizard says that he gave it away in a dream that Holiday can t remember, he just believes him So now bigBadEvilWizard is doing bigBadEvilWizard things and Holiday is just out of luck because no one recognizes him.In fact, no one recognizes that the person they think is Holiday, who they think is a pretty rad king, is doing bigBadEvilWizard things, rather than rad King things And Holiday can t figure out that when everyone tells him the magic that s making him not recognized as King of Landover is his own doing, all it means is that he s not confident in himself.So, why is that really fucking annoying Because the entire last book s premise was that he couldn t truly be King of Landover until he believed in himself Oh, hey, look Recycling The only person who s not holding the idiot ball the entire fucking time is Abernathy, the court scribe and resident dog Well, and maybe Willow, but we don t see her much until the end, where everyone figures everything out at once Okay, to give the plot some credit his biffles figure out the whole not King thing a bit before everyone figures out the sort of central plot McGuffin Abernathy, see, had the right mind to think that three people who feel compelled to do things they ve dreamed might be being manipulated and shouldn t immediately run off to do shit they dreamed Ha So clever, that dog Scribe.Blah, blah, blah unicorns and magic Seriously, though Who makes a unicorn a fucking McGuffin Unicorns totes deserve better.Readers deserve better Do yourself a favor skip this one I might have found it good when I was a teenager, but I know I can and will read better books Well, unless I start a bad one Also, there s a better book called Black Unicorn anyway.

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    Originally read Many years ago around 1998 Re read May 2016 4 1 2 stars Review in progress I really do love this series Easy and enjoyable Lots of magic, a bit of action and comedy and lots of terrific story and fantastic creatures We get a new character in this one Dirk the Prism Cat He is one of my new favorites in this series A cat and Fae creature in every way Ben is a bit dense in this one and he really plays the poor victim card but at least he doesn t fully give up This book focuses on several different members of the core group, which was different from the first book where all we see is Ben s perspective Although Willow s timeline seems off from other members for the first 1 2 of the book which bothered me a bit Meeks is a sneaky but cowardly man who drives me nuts And what is up with the River Master in this book I have no idea what to think of his character anyThe cover I almost hate First off, Willow s shade of green is too bright I think Unnatural A pale green is how I envisioned her but this image tries to ruin that And the unicorn looks like a donkey Why Just.No.

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